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For those who want to show confidence and embrace their natural hair, here are some of the best haircuts to rock a receding hairline.

A receding hairline or thinning mane is one of the most common sources of insecurity for people starting down the dreaded balding path. Way before most men even have to think about complete baldness, they'll have to deal with the slow loss of their hairline as they try to look for suitable hairstyles to look good. Ways to style a beard.

And one of the single best ways to deal with receding hairlines is to embrace them outright. Doing this right will turn an apparent weakness into a strength, as you'll look good and scream confidence to everyone around. So, how should you go about it?

As a general rule, you'll want a haircut that's short on the sides and back, while maintaining a short to medium length on the top. A fade on the sides will greatly help diminish the undesired effects of a receding hairline by drawing attention away from your bald spots and making your top look fuller in contrast. Fading away the balding areas always helps, and maintaining a well-defined hairline will ultimately give you a clean, fresh look whatever specific hairstyle you choose.

Also, shorter cuts are great to compensate for thinning hair. In most cases, if you have fine hair and a receding hairline, stay away from long hairstyles at all costs: not only will you not actually hide your balding, but you'll make matters much worse by making your deep hairline much more noticeable.

Still, if you're a sucker for long-to-medium lengths, you can certainly go medium for the top. This allows you to comb over, brush back, try the faux hawk, or sport almost any other fashionable hairstyle out there. A medium length is a really good compromise, and it will certainly give you that extra edge of confidence if done correctly.

Those are the general principles. What about specific examples? Here are some of the best hairstyles & haircuts to rock your receding hairline.

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Slicked Back

The slicked back or ducktail hair was pretty popular in the '50s, but it's made a fashionable comeback in recent years—especially when combined with buzzed sides. This hairstyle allows you to keep the top pretty long, and combing it back, which makes you look confident and your hair fuller. Again, having the sides shorter shifts the focus to the more voluminous top. As with any medium-to-long cuts, this style works better for those whose hair is not too thin (regardless of their hairline).

Faux Hawk

Arguably one of the most convenient styles for balding men given its natural design to exploit the v-shape hairline and push all the hair to the front. With this hairstyle, a section of your hair should stand straight, similar to the famous Mohawk haircut but without actually shaving the sides altogether (hence, the "faux"). This style works better with a clean fade on the lower head while retaining a full top.

Comb Over

This infamous hairstyle has gotten a bad name throughout the years for all the times it's been done incorrectly. After all, the comb over is the go-to measure for any desperate balding guy trying to conceal their otherwise non-existent full head of hair—and if that's what you're going for, it'll never work. But there are good, proper ways of actually sporting a fashionable comb over. It does help conceal balding, but if your hair is almost completely gone or too thin, you should never, ever, try any medium-length cut anyway. That's how you get comb-over messes like Donald Trump's.

Textured Casual

When sporting a medium length cut throughout your head, you can always go for the highly textured look to try and casually push your hair towards the front in order to compensate for the receding hairline. This works better for men with moderately thick hair.

Crew Cut

This style relies on cutting the top moderately short with a graduated length (longest at the front, shortest at the back) to produce an overall top horizontal outline when seen from the side. The sides are usually pretty short, but not so much that it'll ever actually come close to showing your scalp.

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High Taper Fade

One of the most stylish types of fades, the taper fade slowly becomes shorter as it moves down towards the neck, providing a good compromise between a typical crew cut and a bald fade. This goes well in combination with a longer top, which allows for anything from a faux hawk to a slicked back.

Buzz Cut

One of the oldest and most popular hairstyles for balding men, the buzz cut is a clean solution for those worrying about thinning hair. Short of actually going completely bald, this hairstyle is the single best way to completely handle the thinness of your otherwise healthy mane. If medium lengths look odd on you for the fact that you cannot style them properly, the buzz cut is probably the way to go.

By Carlos Figueroa Rojas

Clean Shave

The clean shave cuts right through your hairline and thinning hair and embraces baldness full stop, without compromise or insecurities. It helps if the shape of your skull complements your face shape, of course—which unfortunately you won't know until you take the leap. You can of course start with a buzz cut to get a feel for how you'd look completely shaven, and work from there. This look works best if you can sport a full beard to compensate for the lack of hair on the top.

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