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There was a time when French Beards were a definition of being a suave man. However, the French Beard styles for men have evolved yet again in India. From Ranbir’s French beard style in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani to Big B’s all-time French stubble, Indian men are totally obsessed with their beard styles. But did you know that there are numerous French beard styles that could look good according to your face cut? Yes, you heard it right! Its time you experiment with some latest Bollywood French Beard styles that are bound to make you look like a dapper dude. Check out the top 15 French cut beard style photos and images. Basic beard styles.

15 Latest French Beard Styles For Indian Men 2019

1. Thick French Beard

A thick French Beard is one of the most trending beard styles in 2019. This beard style makes your face look elongated along with making your chin look more solid. If you have a sharp jawline, then remember to keep the side hair in your beard a little thinner. This style will make your French Beard look thicker while giving you a bold and classy look. Make sure the sideburns are perfectly aligned with the beard so that your beard style looks appealing.

2. Stubble French Beard

If you are thinking of going for a French Beard style for the first time, then you must try the Stubble French Beard Style. It gives a handsome blend of soft stubble with an edge. All you need to do is to grow a simple stubble and trim it in basic French beard style to get this clean Stubble Beard Look.

3. French Chin Style Beard With Patchy Disconnect

Are you too clumsy to style a French Beard? Don’t worry and try the French Chin Style Beard with a Patchy Disconnect. This French Beard Style makes your face look round along with giving your jawline a softer curve. Simply avoid the intense patchy disconnect between your moustache and the beard style. This beard style suits an oval or a round face structure. So, if you have another type of face structure, then you can choose some other look.

4. Square French Beard

Pump up your sex appeal with a Square French Beard this season. This beard style gives a bold look that strengthens the jawline along with making your face look elongated. Simply use a trimmer and style your beard with the best angular sections to create a square French Beard Look. The straight edges in this beard style will help your jaw look more defined and angular.

5. Tight French Beard

Tight French Beard is one of the most sought Indian Beard Styles. This beard looks perfect on middle-aged men who wish to create a suave look. Tight French Beard Styles are cropped close to the lip area that helps in highlighting the facial features. This bearded look intensifies the face structure and renders a manlier look.

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6. Soul Patch Wide Beard

This beard style is a unique conglomeration of Bohemian Facial Beard Style and a French Beard. All you need to do is surround the soul patch on your chin with a wide French beard born from a 3-Day Stubble. The masculine style gives a sharp look that can really spark your fashion statement.

7. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke is a popular American actor, singer and comedian whose beard style is as famous as he has been. The classic look makes the Van Dyke Beard the most spectacular one. The beard portion is kept separate from the moustache to give it an elegant edge. This French Beard Style makes the jawline more defined and elongated.

8. W-Shaped Beard With Patchy Disconnect

If you wish to create a French bearded look that looks ultra-effortless, then you must go for W-Shaped Beard with a patchy disconnect. Simply grow a soul patch on your chin leading up to your lip area in the shape of ‘W’. The patchy disconnect between the beard and moustache will prevent it from looking too heavy.

9. White French Beard

Turning 60 does not mean you will have to give up on your style quotient. Try this White Beard Style that gives a fuller look to your beard. This variation of salt and pepper beard style gives an eye-catching look. The best part is that this White French Beard Style looks great on all face types, be it oval, square or round.

10. Lazy French Beard

Lazy French Beard is one of the best beard styles for boys. This quirky bearded look is perfect to add boyish charm to your everyday look. Simply grow a patch on the chin and disconnect it from the entire beard. Let the sideburns be aligned to the beard. Give your hair a messy look to highlight the Lazy French Beard Look.

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11. Thin French Beard

Do you wish to avoid that intense bearded look? If yes, then simply go for the Thin French Beard look that adds a sleek look to your face. Simply remove the patch from the chin and align the beard into softer angles to give the beard a little round shape. This style adds elegance to your entire aura making you look gentle yet masculine at the same time.

12. Thick & Wide French Beard Style

Pick an intense look this season by going for a Thick & Wide French Cut Beard style. In this French Beard Style, the soul patch is connected to the beard that adds a masculine factor to your look. Even though the jawline is covered with beard, this intense bearded look highlights the bold ruggedness of the jawline in the best possible way.

13. Short Boxed Beard

This season, opt for a style of beard that makes you look trim yet trendy. Try the short-boxed beard that connects an elongated patch on the chin to your chinstrap beard. Neatly trim the sides of your beard so that they align with the sideburns. Short-Boxed French beard is one of the best short beard styles that is trending these days.

14. Balbo Beard

Define your jawline this season with a cool beard style. The Balbo Beard Style helps in making your face look slimmer after an angled-shave along your cheekbones. Simply connect your soul patch with the beard along with a floating moustache. This look does not have long sideburns, so make sure to trim them off to a regular length. Being one of the best beard styles of 2019, this style works best men with a round or square face.

15. Royale Beard

A French Cut Beard Style that looks perfect for a square face isn’t easy to find. With the Royale Beard Style, you can get an elegant look with just one strike of your razor. Get a floating moustache anchored with a chinstrap and you are done with the look. Don’t forget to connect the soul patch with chinstrap beard for the complete Royale Beard Look.

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