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As a licensed barber, I do understand that the beard trim is a statement of pride for the client. When trimming the beard, full or sparse, take your time because you are creating a desired fullness and design line that shapes the face. I am writing this article for your Home Use. My approach to creating a design line will utilize an outliner. Full beard trimming.

Start in the center directly under the chin and outline the under part of the beard using short downward strokes. Work to the left or right under the jawline or desired length on the neck creating a clean line back to the ear. Once at the ear, you may desire a clean vertical line for the edge of the sideburn. The outliner is an excellent tool to use due to its size, balance and efficiency. I use a cordless and a full cord outliner. Luxury Barber provides you with quality outliners all affordably priced.

Next, I outline the cheek areas from the upper lip to the forward section of the sideburn you may wish for a curve or straight design line, both are easy to accomplish. Here's a little trick to get you comfortable with the outliner in your hand. With the power turned OFF hold the outliner and run it over a line on paper, keeping the line on target with all of the teeth touching the line. Then angle the outliner with only 50% of the teeth touching the line this will show you that the outliner can mimic a paintbrush when trimming the beard.

After the jaw and neck have been attended to, brush the beard in a downward motion to see if a clean line has been established. Repeat the same for the cheek, upper lip to sideburn.

Best small beard styles

Slowly comb out the beard, holding the comb in the beard trim off the desire length with the clipper. I try to stay parallel with the jawline when running my clipper over the comb. Always keep the comb running in the same direction allowing a uniform line. Trimming a beard takes time and patience but you can do it.

Now If you wish to remove bulk from the beard I prefer an electric clipper which will have guards ranging from 1-8. 1 is closest to the skin and 8 allows for the maximum hair to remain. If you are proficient and confident you may wish to use shear(scissor) over comb, or clipper over comb. I always brush the section of the beard that has just been trimmed, the mirror will always show you an area that has been missed or needs further attention.

I will address one very important fact about clippers: if you make a mistake you will create a patch. The good news is that in a week or two it's gone. Whenever using a tool spend time with it (power-off) and rotate it in hand holding it in different trimming angles. Today's beard lengths have been become fuller creating a trimming approach that is more bulk related. Depending on your desired result you may wish for a clipper over comb technique.

Mens long hair and beard styles

The tremendous variety of styles we see is a testimony to creativity and expertise. The Luxury Barber Site will provide you with the tools needed to accomplish the look you deserve.
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