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I Need to Know How to Trim my Beard

I’m always looking for better ideas on how to trim my beard to get the best results. So, I’ve got a nice tutorial here to guide you through it. Whether you’ve reached the perfect length for your beard or you’re still growing it out, you’ll want to give it a trim once in a while. Full beard trimming.

A magnificent beard doesn’t appear with the snap of your fingers. We have to make sure we don’t make any mistakes to avoid a restart. Keep your facial hair well maintained for an easier trim. No one likes an unkempt beard.

Nobody’s asking for a full shave. We just want to clean it up a little bit so it looks tidy and fresh. A short trim on those difficult to style hairs that stick out and a touch up on the neckline will do wonders. This is the way I know how to trim my beard.

Make sure your beard is nice and clean

How to do it. Washing your beard will make things easier for us. You can’t trim with a dirty beard! Thoroughly wash your beard with a good beard wash/shampoo. A beard full of old product or dirt isn’t going to be easy to trim. Not to mention the fact that it can make a mess of our tools. We need to take care of those for a nice clean trim.

It’s important to make sure we’re using beard shampoo specifically. The regular old shampoo you use for your hair will more easily dry out our facial hair. That’s because it’s not meant for your face. It includes chemicals that are a little harsher than we should use. They can get away with that because the skin on your scalp is more durable. A beard shampoo will give us a nice clean beard and help us avoid the dry flaky skin that shows up from time to time.

We don’t need to wash our beards daily. Overwashing is something that can happen. The beard just gets a little drier. Rinse out the beard on days you want to avoid washing with beard shampoo. We can always cut back on how much we wash if your beard is extra dry. Just make sure you’re rinsing well and exfoliating with a beard brush. But, specifically, before we trim we should wash the beard.

Make sure your beard is smooth for an easy trim

For a soft, smooth, and well-hydrated beard I recommend you use either beard oil or beard balm daily. These are two different types of leave in conditioner for your beard. Both offer similar benefits with beard balm giving some hold for styling. You can use both if your beard is particularly dry. Your facial hair and skin will be healthier in the long run. Not only that but, it’ll be much more manageable for combing and trimming.

A soft beard is going to be way easier to brush for trimming. Bye, bye tangles!

Dry the beard carefully

It’s important that we dry the beard well after the shower. It doesn’t have to be completely dry. It can still be a little damp.

Do not aggressively rub the beard dry. That’s how hair gets pulled out. Gently pat down the beard with a towel to dry it until it’s dry enough for brushing.

It’s of the utmost importance that your beard is not wet when you go to trim. A wet beard appears longer and thus you can accidentally trim more than you wanted. We want our beard to look like it does every day when we trim so we can see exactly how it will look. When I’m figuring out how to trim my beard I make sure it looks like I’m ready to go out for the day.

Brush and comb it

How to do it. I’d recommend grabbing an awesome boar bristle brush and brushing it through your beard in a downward motion so every hair falls into place. Then, grab a good beard comb when you get to trimming to brush quick and easy.

Why do that? You want to be able to see what you’re doing so make sure you brush out your beard before you start. It’ll also make sure there aren’t any knots or tangles while you’re trimming. We want our trimming experience to be as smooth as possible. Brushing everything in the same direction will make it easy to see which hairs need to be trimmed.

Top ten beard styles

The purpose of using a beard comb while trimming over a boar bristle brush is the amount of control. Just like when you visit the barber and they “grab” some hair with a brush, you’ll be doing the same thing. More precision, more control, and you can actually see what you’re doing.

Figuring out how to trim my beard by picking a beard style

When I want to figure out how to trim my beard, I start off with a style I want to shoot for.

There are tons of beard styles you can go for out there. You’ll want to have an idea of where you’re headed with your beard before we get to trimming. This will help you with how much you want to cut off and what you should be doing as far as trimming goes.

Without a style, we’ll just be shaving in the dark and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Trim the beard correctly with the right tools

To trim your beard just right, you need the proper tools.

I want to know how to trim my beard without making mistakes

It can be scary to attempt a trim. You’ve worked hard to grow your beard out and one mistake could mean you have to shave it all off. With that in mind, we want to start slow.

What’s the best way to begin? Start slowly with the longest attachment on your clippers or trim the out of place hair with scissors.

If you want a balance of the two you can use your beard comb to “grab” hair and trim it that way. Just like they do when you go for a haircut. Then you’ll run the trimmer or scissors across the comb to trim. Again, make sure you are taking it very slow to start. Be very conservative. Just the hairs that stick out!

Should I use clippers or scissors?

We’ll probably want to use a little of both. Investing in a quality set of clippers is paramount for quick and easy trimming. And a nice pair of scissors will ensure we get the accuracy and control we want for beard maintenance.

For a short beard, you can almost exclusively use clippers. Keeping the same guard on your clippers throughout will guarantee an even cut.

But, for a longer beard, you’ll want to decide what you are more comfortable with. An excellent pair of scissors will be much slower but, they’ll give you more accuracy and control. We’ll probably want to use a mix of both.

One way to get better control with clippers is to use the method I mentioned above where you grab a bit of hair with the comb and shave it that way.

Cool short beard styles

If you decide to go for a fade on the sideburns, neck, or cheeks, you’ll want to be using clippers for the best results. To start, use the longest guard on your clippers/trimmer. Trim the longer hairs that stick out first. Slowly switch down to your smaller guards to achieve the desired length according to the beard style you’re going for. Make sure you’re pushing for beard symmetry. Lopsided beards are no fun.

Continue brushing your beard and trimming the outlying hairs until you’re satisfied with the look. Trimming the longer whiskers down to an even length will make your beard look thicker and tidier.

How do I know how to trim my beard? Clippers or scissors? Ultimately it’s your personal choice whether you want to stick with just scissors, clippers, or a mixture of both.

Trim the Mustache

The main thing you’ll want to be trimming for the mustache is the hair that goes below your lip.

The same method can be applied as for the rest of the beard. Brush the mustache into place, trim the out of place hairs, and trim it very slowly to avoid mistakes. Just a little bit at a time until you’re happy with it.

With an extra long mustache, you can place a white piece of paper behind it so you can more easily see what you need to trim. Sometimes the mustache blends in with the rest of your beard and it’s tough to see what’s going on.

Trim the cheeks

There are a few ways we can go about this. We can go for a defined cheek line or a natural cheek line.

The natural cheek line. This can be more difficult to achieve because it requires patience. You’ll feel the urge to shave the cheek line before it fully grows in. It’s because some of the hairs will take a bit longer to fully grow and sometimes it doesn’t look like the most well-groomed beard in the world.

You need the confidence and patience to wait it out. Once it’s fully grown in, the only thing we really need to do is trim the straggling hairs. If it’s grown in completely and still looks untidy, you have the option of going for a fade. Progressively switch to smaller guards while shaving and moving up your cheek to taper your cheek line.

The defined cheek line. Choose a height on your beard to start with. I’d recommend starting as high as possible. Then, you can trim down further if you’d like. Think of a line from the mustache to your sideburns and trim along that line curving upwards once you get to the sideburns. Once again I recommend you start off very slowly. Just a little bit at a time until you’re happy with what you have.

I need to know how to trim my beard – specifically the neckline

To trim your neckline you should start trimming just above your Adam’s apple and make a curved line up towards your ears. It’s up to you if you want to go for a faded neckline or just trimming it straight.

When you trim the neck you’ll want to stretch out the skin to make sure you’re getting a clean cut.

Different types of beards

What in the dang blazes do I gotta do to find a neckline around here? If you still need help you can use this special tool to trim a nice clean neckline.

Detail with scissors

Once you’ve completed trimming the beard, you’ll want to brush it out again and trim up anything you’ve missed with scissors.

Take care of your tools

A nice clean cut comes from tools that are well taken care of and properly sharpened. Make sure your blades are clean and oiled when you’re finished to keep them ready for next time.

Specifically for your clippers, a good product to use is Andis Cool Care. It cleans and oils your blades and you can even spray it on while the clippers are running. Washing with water can cause rust so that’s a no-no.

Final tips after you’ve trimmed

Rinse your beard out just to make sure you get any excess hair out from trimming.

Beard oil has many benefits. Use beard oil to keep your beard healthy and keep away itchiness.

Brush your beard again to spread the oil throughout.

Now you can say, I know how to trim my beard.
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