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Facial Hair Styles On Men We Love

Facial hair styles and grooming have become all the rage among male celebrities in Hollywood. Sporting the right scruff can transform an actor’s appearance and give them a ridiculously hot look that just screams masculine! Not everyone can pull off a beard but for those who can, facial hair can absolutely crank up the hot! Facial styles.

We talked to Dr. Rick Harms, a behavioral scientist who studies celebrities and their impact on society in an effort to help us better understand why so many male stars are opting for the bristled look. “There was a time when actors needed to appear clean shaven in order to get certain parts. Those days are gone. Facial hair is in and it’s going to be that way for a while. Facial hair can give a guy a certain mystique in a subtle way” says Harms.

Facial Hair Styles

What follows are 7 celebrities that we think sport a super sexy, hot look with facial hair. Some of the guys listed here have more scruff than others. Our hope is to give you a wide variety of facial hair styles to choose from as part of your own scruffy look routine. When possible, we’ve added suggestions for grooming supplies to help you achieve the desired look. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Chris Pine “Prince Look”

We have covered Chris Pine in the past and explored everything from his sexual orientation to reasons why he makes the perfect prince. Unless a role specifically calls for him to appear clean shaven, most of the time you will find this actor wearing facial hair of some type. Pine appears to like the scraggly look and let’s his scruff grow out naturally – replete with grey hairs.

2. Colin Kaepernick “Chiseled Cut”

What’s not to love about NFL hottie and all around jock, Colin Kaepernick? He likes to change his appearance up from time to time with different styles of facial hair. Mostly, he keeps it short on the sides and a little fuller around the mouth. This look compliments his chiseled chaw line and muscular, tight body.

Credit: Enrique Iglesias website

New beard style for boys

3. Enrique Iglesias “Natural Look”

Latin pop star and ridiculously hot stud, Enrique Iglesias likes to bristle it up from time to time when preforming on stage or appearing shirtless while chilling on the water. Sometimes he has full on facial hair while other times he can be seen with a simple goatee. Either look works well on him.

Channing Tatum Facial Hair

4. Channing Tatum “Anything Goes”

Channing Tatum is the guy everyone seems to like. While rumors abound that he swings both ways, one thing that’s not an item of gossip is his facial hair. Depending upon what’s happening in this actor’s life, you can sometimes see the star running around with hints of facial hair. This look helps Tatum move away from a pretty boy and more masculine.

How to achieve look: Let it grow a few days and shape as desired.

5. Alex O’Loughlin “The Masculine”

This Hawaii Five-0 stud has the full package, replete with tattoos, short cropped hair and a woof-A-licious five o’clock shadow! The dark scruff compliments his hazel eyes almost perfectly. Most of the time, this actor simply lets the stubble grow on his face evenly. There’s really not a lot of maintenance here.

Beard styles pictures

How to achieve look: Simply shave your face 1 or 2 times a week and let it grow out in between.

6. Joe Manganiello “Wolf Look”

There is a reason people think of this actor as a wolf and it’s not just because he played one on True Blood. When it comes to facial hair style, this actor has actor has it going on! From ear to ear, Maganiello’s facial hair can be found. He wears it a bit long – to the point that it can be classified as a beard. Sometimes it looks darker than others. This may be because he uses coloring.

How to achieve look: Beard trimmer and Just for Men Beard Coloring ($7.00-$10.00) at drugstores.

7. Zac Efron “Noble Look”

This ridiculously handsome actor looks good in any situation – unless he is dressing up in drag. When you look at some of his photographs where he appears casual, you will notice a jawline that is covered in brown fur. We have to say this facial hair style fits Efron perfectly! The nice thing about his scruff is that it doesn’t require a big fuss.

How to achieve: Like other celebs mentioned here, just let it grow and shave every few days. It comes back!

Facial hair styles

Final Thoughts

Facial hair styles really can make a celebrity look extra hot. Think about some of the guys mentioned here when it comes to creating something for yourself. Remember that when going through the various facial hair styles, you choice will largely depend on the shape of your mug and how grows on it!

Not everyone is able to do it because of patchy growth. If you are looking for some practical advice on how to grow and shape your beard, check out this page on muscle goatees.
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