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It’s easy to grow an awesome beard, just keep yourself way from the razor and trimmer and wait. Most men would have you believe that’s all, but actually there is a lot to learn about growing a beard. And about keeping it nice and tidy. Do you really want to know how to get a nice beard? Nice beard cuts.

After reading this article, you’ll have all the info you need to wear a beard that we’ll make you proud.

How to grow a beard

It takes most guys a month to grow a full beard, so patience is probable the first tool you’ll need. You must try not to over shape it in the early days.

Another big point during your first days growing a beard is the itching. It only last a few days, but it can be very annoying. A few drops of beard oil every morning will help to keep it soft and smooth. The reason your beard is itchy is because when we shave, we create little spears on the tips of each hair. When the hair gets long enough, they bend around and poke at the skin, resulting very irritating.

During the second week, you’ll start to see the patchy and the thick areas, and that we’ll help you decide what style is better for you, having into consideration your particular beard growth. Because it has to still growth, try to keep the trimming at a minimum.

By the third week, the horrible itch should be over, and your beard is starting to have some consistency. It’s time to start using a cleanser at least 3 or 4 times per week. You should also initiate yourself in the wonderful art of brushing the beard, to tame the hairs.

Now it’s week four and the itch is completely gone and the patches should be filled. It’s the moment to trim the borders.

Most new bearded men trim the neckline too high. The perfect location for the neckline is where the neck meets the head, so if your beard is parallel to the ground, you don’t need to trim. When trimming the mustache, it’s better to use scissors so you cut few hairs every time.

And with the cheek, don’t go lower than the bottom of your nose. Try to go with your natural line and only trim off the few hairs outside that line.

Best beard cuts

How to find the best beard style for your face

Now is the time to choose a beard style. Remember to always choose a look that suits you, your face and your style, and try to stick with it. Keep the maintaining up to date, so if you don’t have enough time to look after your beard, it’s better if you go for a low-key style easy to keep in shape.

We all have different face shapes, and want to grow the beard that brings out the best of us.

Beard for round face

Round face shapes are a bit complicated, because they don’t offer a definitive jaw bone structure, leaving the face looking softer and less masculine. The wrong style can easily make the round face look downright fat, while choosing the right one can help lessen the roundness of your face, making it look stronger.

If you got a circular shaped face with a round chin, you need to counter balance your curved face shape. Keep your beard trimmed at all times, because one of its most important tasks is to slim down your face. Any kind of full beard is going to make the face even rounded, so no matter what style you choose as long as you keep it fairly short.

Beard for square face

The square face shape boasts a very strong, masculine jaw line. In this case you need to choose a style that softens your bone structure. To complement this face shape you need to ensure that the chin is rounded or even triangular, breaking the square line.

The beard styles that fit this face shape best go from A FULL GOATEE TO A CHIN STRAP. You could go also for a FULL BEARD, but keep it short and close to the face.

Beard for long or rectangular face

Your face is thinner in the cheeks and pointed in the chin. Therefore, having your beard styled long, triangular or pointy will do you no favors. On the contrary, go for fuller cheeks that will give the impression or a slightly wider jaw.

The golden rule in this case: the longer your face is, the shorter your chin hair should be.

Beard designs 2016

Try to grow out the sideburns and cheeks while keeping the neck and chin short.

Beard for oval face

If you’ve been blessed with an oval face, it doesn’t matter what you decide to do with your beard, it will work. Actually, you can get away with a variety of beard types that other men can’t, mainly because you don’t need to balance anything out. All you need to focus on is keeping your beard tidy and well maintained.

How to maintain a beard

Shampoo your beard with a mild soap. Don’t use body product because they are stronger cleansers and will take away your beard’s natural oils. The best option is a good shampoo, and use it at least a few times a week. With a moisturizing shampoo you’ll prevent the hair from getting brittle. And then finish the wash with a good hair conditioner, even if you don’t use it for the hair on your head. Remember that beard hair is much more prone to getting brittle.

Afterwards, apply a good beard oil. They are specially formulated with conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, rapeseed oil and argan oil. The beard oil is also hydrating the skin underneath, and helps soften and tame beard hair. When apply right after the shower, your hair follicles and pores are open and absorb the oil. Rub the beard oil into your hand and then massage it throughout your beard. It will also help taming hair and eliminating flakes.

Some men even like to use a boar bristle brush to properly work the beard oil.

You need to comb out your hair before cutting anything. First of all, trim the side with a beard trimmer. It’s safer if you start with a longer setting on your beard trimmer, because if you cut too much there’s nothing you can do about it.

For the chin, most men prefer to use the scissors. Use a comb in between cuts to trim at equal lengths.

Sometimes the difference between an unkempt beard and a grizzly one is a matter of cleaning up the edges. The biggest way to compromise your beard is to ignore your beard neckline, or to trim it wrong. If you stop too close to the jawbone, it will make you look like you have a double chin. If it wanders too far down your neck, you’ll look like a night creature.

Go t beard styles

As for the cheeks, all too often the line is cut too low resulting in an unflattering beard. For some reason, there is often a fear among men of allowing their cheek line hair to grow too high up on their face.

But, as usual, the secret is to find a happy medium that makes sense for your facial features. You’ll have to let you beard grow out naturally. Then, you’ll be able to identify your cheek line by drawing an imaginary line from the top of your earlobe o the corner of your mustache. You can trim over that line, cutting off all hair. You can make this line slightly rounded if you want to avoid an extremely angular look, but keep it straight if your face is too rounded.

Remember that beards have a strong presence, and they’re the first thing any person you meet will notice.

Hope you enjoy reading this. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Thanks.
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