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Short beards Styles are elegant and clever if you can grow and fashion with them. A common trend among men who play the ” classic ” look is to keep a full beard with a relatively shorter length. Although this look can not be achieved by some, men who can grow their beards fully in the styles shown in this list will give them a variety of looks. Amazing beard styles.

1. The Shape of Your Face

Short beard doesn’t fit all face shapes. If you are unsure about the shape of your face, a barber can help you identify it. You should start looking for your short beard style only after that.

2. Skin Type

3. Facial Features

To cut your beard evenly, you should set the beard trimmer to 5 or 4. If it looks too much, you can bring it down to 3 or 2. Remember, however, that it is better to set the length slightly longer than needed at the start and cut your beard in stages. Your beard may vary in length in different parts of your face depending on the short beard style of your choice.

Shaving style 2016

You can set the razor to 3 for the jaw and mustache and 2 for the cheeks, for example. The cheeks are then mixed with your neckline and jaw. Again, this depends on the style you follow. It can be hard to cut the corner of your mouth around your ears and nose. Good beard comb can be a great ally together with the scissors.

Using a comb, you’ll slowly lift the hair that has to be trimmed against the face’s lie and trim the hair one by one, be careful not to cut too much. Finishing touches cut the neckline and describe your beard. It can be done in two ways when it comes to the neckline. You can shave it completely or else you can fade it out. It’s not that hard to cut the neckline, but beginners often make a mistake and cut the neckline too high.

New beard hair style

However, if you prefer to fade your neckline rather than trim it, set a trimmer to 2 if you trim your jaw. When Adam’s apple is reached, switch to 1.
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