Beard look. How and what to cut a beard. Beard trim.

Beard trimming is one of the types of compulsory facial hair care and should be performed regularly, with several different techniques for its implementation. How to trim a beard.

For many men, a beard is a symbol of courage and maturity, while today the hair on the face represents a certain fashionable trend that a large number of young people choose.

Someone chooses a beard in order to appear more manly, someone tries to assert itself in such a way, however, there are those who, due to the stylish hair on their face, are trying to attract the attention of the female half of humanity.

Meanwhile, in order for the beard to really look stylish and neat, it is necessary to constantly look after it, including cutting it regularly.

This can be done both at the barbershop and independently at home. Technique haircut depends on the type of beard.

It can be carried out using ordinary scissors, and you can use the machine. Of course, it is much more accurate and quicker to get yourself trimmed with a trimmer's beard.

In this case, it is better to pre-practice and learn some of the lessons that are detailed in the video below.

Currently there are the most different types and types of beards, in addition, there are certain fashion trends in this direction.

He who wears a beard and a mustache on his face, in order for them to look beautiful and neat, should be followed by regular care at home.

In each case, beard trimming is performed based on the type of hair. Currently, men prefer various options and types of beards.

So, quite often the representatives of the strong half of humanity opt for the Balbo style.

He suggests short mustaches and sideburn-free facial hair. Enough fashion directions - These are the styles “Canadian” and “ducktail beard”.

These types of beards also suggest not long mustaches and a short beard, however, in the second version, the face is decorated with light sideburns.

For men with an oval or triangular face, Lincoln style beard is perfect.

This option of hair helps to effectively adjust the shape of the face, due to the fact that it has a square shape.

It should be noted that the “Lincoln” style is also suitable for those who wear long hair. In this case, the hair and sideburns have a slightly elongated shape, however, like a mustache.

Modern fashion trends have a certain impact on the styles of beards. So, among young people in recent years, the royal beard is quite popular.

It can be recognized by a short cropped mustache and beard, due to which a rather restrained image is generally formed.

Many men today opt for the so-called short beard, which at first glance resembles a weekly unshaven.

This type of hair on the face is quite versatile and is great for both short haircut and for long.

Many middle-aged men prefer the style of "short boxed beard", which suggests average length hair, besides that, whiskers and mustaches are necessarily present.

Lovers show their individuality and excellence often opt for style - a long beard.

In this case, in addition to a rather long beard, there are also short mustaches and sideburns.

It should be noted that absolutely all types and types of facial hair require constant care and regular haircuts.

Only proper care and timely haircut will help to give a beard a neat and tidy appearance.

Peculiarities of care

When choosing a beard, young people should not imitate anyone. It should mainly focus on their appearance and its features.

A beard should be harmoniously combined with the shape of the face, emphasize its advantages and, on the contrary, hide all the flaws.

Also, facial hair should be oriented and look at the hair.

Modern fashion styles beards are presented today in a variety of options, and therefore to choose for themselves more suitable, is simple enough.

Equally important is the care of the scalp on the face.

Irregular and untimely care of a beard can spoil even the most fashionable directions in the worst sense of the word.

Facial hair should be regularly washed with special shampoos, in addition, it is necessary to use cosmetic lotions and creams.

If the beard on the face grows unevenly and rather slowly, then you can use some special preparations, the main action of which is aimed at activating the work of hair follicles.

Of great importance is the correctly chosen beard length. Mainly, its size should be comparable to the height of a person.

For example, if a young man is short, then he should not grow a long beard and vice versa.

The length of the beard should be maintained, and for this it must be regularly trimmed with scissors or trimmer.

If a beard is grown in one style, then you should not redo it under another, because you can achieve a result in which you have to completely shave the hair on your face and grow new ones again.

It is also extremely important to regularly maintain the selected shape of the beard, for which it is regularly neatly trimmed with scissors or an electric machine.

In general, the care of a beard is quite troublesome, which takes a lot of time and effort. In the video below you can see how to independently cut hair on the face in the style of "full beard."

Haircut order

Haircutting and caring for facial hair are mandatory elements and must be performed without fail by anyone who wants to have neat and stylish vegetation on their face.

There is a certain technique that allows you to cut facial hair properly.

It is worth noting that, despite the large number of different types beards, haircut technique always remains the same.

First of all, you should understand for yourself that the haircut is performed only after the facial hair has been thoroughly washed and combed. It is best to start to cut the cheeks and neck.

In these places, you should carefully shave off all the excess and protruding hair, while controlling the overall thickness of the cover.

Only after the correct shape has been formed on the cheeks and neck, are they transferred to a mustache trim.

The length and thickness of the whiskers depend on the chosen style, while it is necessary to control that they do not contain separately protruding hairs.

When performing haircuts, it is necessary to constantly monitor not only the length of the hair, but also their thickness.

When performing a haircut cone beard, you must carefully control that its sharp part is strictly in the center.

After the haircut of the main part of the scalp on the face is completely finished, they go to the temples.

In this case, it should be remembered that the shape of the temples largely depends on how visually the facial features will look.

Beard trim styles 2016

If the owner of the beard has a round or square face, then it is best for him to opt for long sideburns.

In turn, those who have a narrow or triangular shape faces, it is recommended to make the whiskey short. This will help them to visually slightly round the face and make it more complete.

In order for the hair on the face to look as neat as possible, it is necessary to remove hair on all hard-to-reach places, including in the nose.

The most convenient way to do this is with a trimmer, which cuts even hairs that grow separately.

At the final stage it is necessary to remove absolutely all attachments from the trimmer and carefully shave off all the extra stubble on the face.

If there is a need to emphasize the contour of the beard, it is recommended to use an ordinary razor, which will help to give the hair on the face the desired shape.

The video above shows in detail how to independently perform haircut on the face in the style of "Canadian".

Hair on the face, as well as on the head, require regular care.

Such care should be carried out using professional cosmetic products, but only those that contain exclusively natural ingredients.

It should be remembered that a haircut will not help if the hair on the face will grow unevenly.

In order to give the vegetation on the face the necessary shape, it is necessary first of all to properly and regularly take care of it.

Currently, you can buy a variety of tools that will help make the vegetation longer and more dense.

However, many of these tools should be used carefully, as many of them contain sufficiently active ingredients in their composition that can damage the skin.

In any case, before you start cutting a beard, it must still be properly grown.

In the video below you can see how the hair is cut on the face using an electric trimmer.

To haircut on the face should be approached with full responsibility, as the form depends on the quality of its execution.

If the facial hair is long enough, then use the trimmer should only for the formation of the temporal region and mustache.

The rest of the cutting done with scissors. Do not forget about regular facial hair care.

A beard will look neat and stylish only in the case when it is regularly washed and trimmed.

The idea to radically change the image sooner or later comes to mind of almost every man. Fortunately, nature has rewarded the strong half of humanity with such a gift as a beard, and if the daily shaving of the bristles can be attributed to unnecessary trouble, then growing, choosing the shape and length, and also taking care of the beard turns into a kind of hobby for many. A beard is able to completely change the appearance of a man, give her masculinity, and also hide a weak-willed chin, sunken cheeks or other shortcomings of the lower half of the face.

You need to take care of the beard and then your appearance will become attractive.

Beautifully cut the beard and give it the desired shape can be in a regular barbershop, and in specialized salons (barbershop), in a variety of opening in large cities. However, to maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance It is necessary to periodically trim and trim the beard at home.


The first barbershop, hairdressing salons, focused on serving exclusively the male part of the population, appeared in Western countries more than a hundred years ago. Such establishments represented not only a barber shop where one could shave, get a haircut and trim a beard or mustache, but also became a place of meetings and socializing, turning into an improvised private men's club.

Today barbershops are gaining popularity in the cities of our country, and the Barber profession is becoming more and more popular. A true professional in his field will not only be able to cut his beard and mustache, but also choose a hairstyle style that is in harmony with the type of client’s face.

A hike in the barbershop does not belong to the category of cheap pleasures, and in fact the facial hair requires constant care. Wizard services can be used to choose the style and first haircut, as well as get professional recommendations for the care, in the future to maintain a neat appearance on their own.


Making a beard at home in addition to skills and skill requires a certain set of tools:

Trimmer, typewriter or hairdresser's scissors (choice depends on personal preferences and length of vegetation).

Long comb with frequent teeth (for a comfortable haircut it is recommended to purchase a comb separately and for a mustache). Manufacturers also offer special combs for facial hair, such accessories are already easier to use.

An ordinary large mirror or a more comfortable cosmetic mirror with magnification.

High-quality haircut can be performed with scissors and trimmer, but when choosing a tool, you should pay attention to some features and try how convenient the chosen model is in the hand.

Haircuts should be used for cutting. Unlike household tools, such a tool has a more convenient shape, asymmetrical rings, a different blade sharpening angle, and a specific fastening design.


The frequency of cutting vegetation on the face depends both on the individual characteristics of the organism (after all, the growth rate of hair in different people is significantly different) and on the chosen shape and length of the beard. The need for a hairstyle is indicated by a change in the shape and symmetry of the beard, separately sticking hairs and simply untidy, sloppy look. It is quite simple to learn how to cut a beard, just purchase a set of high-quality tools and follow the following sequence of actions:

Carefully wash and comb the hair in the direction of hair growth (from the temple to the center of the chin) from the roots to the tips. Remove residual moisture with a towel and wait until it is completely dry.

Prepare necessary tools and a place for a haircut. To cut hair do not clog the sewer, drain bath or washbasin cork. The floor area adjacent to the cutting area can be covered with plastic wrap or newspapers.

Choose a nozzle suitable length and shave off excess hair from cheeks and neck, moving in the direction from ears to chin.

Correct the shape of a mustache, remove sticking hairs.

Cut off the excess length on the side of the face.

Give the selected shape to the temples. The form is selected based on the type of person. Long sideburns fit chubby men, and short whiskey - people with an elongated head shape.

At the final stage, shave off the extra stubble (if the beard has a clear edging) and gently remove excess hair in hard-to-reach places (under the nose and in the ear area).

For shaping and fixing the form after the end of the haircut, special wax and other care products are used.

To maintain a respectable and well-groomed appearance, it is not enough to cut the beard regularly; you should also follow some simple rules:

To select the style of the beard, taking into account the individual features of the appearance (shape of the face, hair color and structure, hairstyle and other factors).

Wash the beard regularly with a shampoo.

After washing, be sure to carefully comb the vegetation.

If necessary, use air conditioning, wax, nourishing masks and other means.

As rarely as possible apply for drying hair dryer.

Make a beard gorgeous hairstyle

With proper care, a stylish beard will become an important part of the image of a courageous and elegant man.

Beard trimming is one of the most important components of caring for your appearance, and it is not so difficult to do it at home. It is not necessary to contact hairdressers or stylists, look for barbershop reviews, when you can do everything yourself. To create the right image you only need to know a few subtleties.

New beard styles 2016

Choosing the right shape

A beard is not just a symbol of maturity and masculinity, but also fashion trend. With its help, you can profitably emphasize individuality, create your own unique style. Today, there are about thirty different types of beards. Consider the most common options.

The vegetative cover has a square shape; therefore, it corrects the shape of the face well and gives an external image of masculinity. It assumes slightly elongated temples and whiskers.

It is a short beard and mustache. Universal option, which is not only full-bodied chubby men.

It is an inverted T and a mustache. Very common type, suitable for men with square shape faces.

Sideburns are connected to the mustache vertically, and the chin is shaved smoothly. Suitable for rectangular and oval shape faces.

Involves vegetation around the lips and along the lower jaw. This type of beard is worn by George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and other American celebrities.

Sometimes it is also called "Russian". This type is suitable for owners of very thick facial hair, thin hair here will not work. Classic beard does not require special care, it just grows naturally. But if you wish, you can give it the desired shape at any time.

It has an appearance similar to a Russian beard, but it looks more neat and has a pointed end.

It resembles a light unshaven, combined with short and long haircuts.

This is a short cropped beard and mustache. Popular due to its brevity and restraint.

Despite the unattractive name, is in demand among modern youth. It is a strip of hair from the bottom lip to the chin.

Hair in the middle under the lower lip, no mustache. Universal option for any face shape.

Maybe after a good haircut You will want to play with your bearded image, like Isaiah Webb (Mr Incredibeard), who became popular on Instagram because of his beard.

The process of self-creation of the above types of beard can be viewed in the training videos on the Internet, as well as get acquainted with the schemes and photos of other options for haircuts.

Preparing for a haircut

Before you start cutting, you must first wash the beard. It is desirable to use a special shampoo or moisturizing soap in order not to overdry the skin. Then you need to dry the hair with a towel and carefully comb through. Remember that combing is recommended for hair growth. Thus, they will straighten up, and it will be easier for them to give the necessary form. For a haircut, it is better to choose a polygonal type mirror so that you can see yourself from all sides. Pay attention to good lighting to avoid cuts, bald patches or missed hairs.

Beard trimming can be done with a machine, scissors or trimmer. It is worth to approach to the choice of the tool responsibly as the result of work and own safety depends on it.

Scissors should be sharp, preferably professional hairdressing, rather than the usual stationery. Otherwise, the tool in the process of cutting will not cut the hair, and pull it, and give the beard the desired shape will be impossible.

When using a trimmer, check the battery charge level. It is advisable to have an additional battery in case one fails or is discharged.

The machine should be chosen with ceramic knives that do not require lubrication. It is desirable that a sufficient number of nozzles be attached to the tool for competent modeling of the beard shape. Useful function of the work of the network in the event of a low battery.

Remember that tools for beard trimming should not be saved. Prefer proven manufacturers with a good reputation. This is a guarantee that the device will last a long time and will not fail at the most inopportune moment.

Beard beard properly

So, the beard has dried out after washing, and you can start cutting it with a typewriter. To do this, you can not only use the following algorithm, but also view a detailed video. Also make sure that the tools are clean before work.

To give the vegetation the necessary thickness, the hairstyle should be started from the places where there is most hair - from the neck and cheeks. In this case, well suited machine with a laser pointer. Decide on an imaginary line on the neck and remove excess hair from the bottom.

Now you can start modeling mustache and hair from the side. Remember that mustache must be combined with a beard. Start the haircut from the nose to the corners of the lips, removing the protruding hair with sharp scissors.

Next - whiskey. They need to be cut in accordance with the selected type of beard, so that they completely complete the image. With the help of sideburns you can simulate the desired oval of the face. For example, short whiskey will suit owners of a narrow or triangular face and the long ones are chubby and those with a square shape.

Shave off all unnecessary stubble. It is advisable not to go through the apparatus several times in the same area. It is better to stop, comb through the hair and remove individual hairs with scissors. Unnecessary vegetation on the cheeks can be removed by removing the nozzle. Hair should be cleaned with soft smooth movements, moving from ears to chin.

The trimming procedure is no different from working with a typewriter. To cut a beard is also necessary to symmetrically, with soft movements along its growth. Nozzles will help control the length of vegetation, not allowing to cut off the excess. Scissors can be used to trim separately growing hair in remote locations.

Pay attention to the safety regulations. Cutting with electrical appliances should be done in a dry place away from water to avoid shorting.

The beard should be regularly washed with shampoo or moisturizing soap. However, every day this is not worth doing, otherwise you can damage the natural fatty layer of the hair and dry out the skin. Despite the fact that the vegetative cover on the face is much more rigid in structure than the hair on the head, it is advisable to use an air conditioner after washing. It will make the beard softer and more docile, and also prevent the appearance of static electricity. For thorough combing, choose a comb with wide teeth, so as not to jerk your hair.

Looking courageous and attractive today is very simple. It is not necessary for this to go to the barbershop or to the stylists, because enough daily timely care for their appearance. Only 10-15 minutes of free time will help you look beautiful and stylish at any time!

Beard - a stylish and fashionable part of the image modern men, giving its owner courage and attractiveness. But it looks beautiful only with proper care and neat design.

Care also necessarily includes a haircut.

Regardless of the length of the beard, it must be cut regularly, so that when the hair grows it will not lose shape and neat appearance.

One of the most affordable ways to trim a beard is a haircut machine.

Before proceeding directly to the haircut, it is necessary to prepare facial hair for this procedure.

To do this, follow the following procedure:

For a high-quality haircut beard alone machine is not enough.

You will definitely need the following additional tools:

Nowadays, a huge number of various tools of the most different quality from the most different price categories have appeared on the market.

You should not strive to buy expensive professional machines and trimmers, however, it is unacceptable also to spare money for the purchase of high-quality equipment.

After all, it is known that the miser pays twice. The ideal option is to find a quality and at the same time inexpensive machine and trimmer. And in extreme cases, instead of hairdresser's scissors, you can use sharply sharpened stationery scissors with small narrow blades. Such tools are quite suitable for home use.

For various reasons, it is not always possible to cut the beard of a master barber. If the beard has a short length, which should be maintained and adjusted from time to time, this can be done on your own with the help of a clipper.

Independently adjust the shape of the beard is quite difficult. It is necessary to have not only the skill of using a typewriter and trimmer, but also a certain hardness and manual dexterity to do everything without mistakes and shortcomings.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to a professional barber, you can try to adjust the beard yourself with a hair clipper. Also, do not neglect the help that the closest people can give you: for example, you can trust your girlfriend to trim difficult-to-reach areas.

In order to correct the shape of the beard with a machine, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

prepare your hair for cutting and carefully comb it to hair growth.

Depending on the desired length and shape, designate for yourself the lines that will be cut.

Look in the mirror and insert the comb into the beard along the desired line repeating the outlines you have drawn.

Run the machine along the comb, cutting the hair sticking out between the teeth. This allows you to cut off excess hair and create a clear outline of the selected beard shape.

When performing a haircut, insert the comb at the desired angle relative to the chin line and lower jaw. This angle depends on the shape of your beard. For example, when adjusting a beard "duck tail" the comb should be kept at an acute angle to the chin line, so that the result is a sharp wedge.

Long hair and beard styles

If somewhere too sharp angle, it can be smoothed with a typewriter or scissors. At the same time, you should try not to make a mistake and not to cut off too much, otherwise the length of your beard after the adjustment may significantly decrease.

Trim the mustache on the comb.

When the beard shape is finally adjusted, mark the upper (and, if necessary, the lower) contours, you should shave off the excess stubble.

Besides haircuts and shape adjustments, beard care includes many other items.

beard combing is a mandatory daily procedure. Without it, the hair will go awry, the beard will get an untidy, wild look.

From time to time the beard must be washed. Use special shampoos for this. Do not overdo it: wash should be carried out as the hair is contaminated.

To give hair softness and obedience using various tools, such as oil-fluid.

If a beard during the day is often disheveled and tends to lose shape, do not neglect the styling. For these purposes, use soft fix wax.

Useful video

Features beard shaving can be viewed in the video below. Enjoy your friends!


So, now you know, whether it is possible to cut a beard with a hair clipper. You can carry out such an important procedure for the care of facial hair on your own at home.

However, a hairstyle and especially the adjustment of the shape of your beard will be much more qualitative in a barbershop. If you have the opportunity, it is better to seek help from professionals.

However, if you do not have such means, and if you are confident in the hardness of your hand and the accuracy of the eye, then it is possible to try to cut the beard yourself. The main thing is not to be afraid, be patient and complete the work begun. Then, with proper skill and some experience, self-care will provide you with a stylish, neat look. After all beautiful beard - the pride and dignity of its owner.

Beard tears do not believe

Hello dear present and future bearded!

In this article, we will not talk at all childish conversations that smell like well-done steak and lube. It will be a question of the present man's advantage - a beard.

We will touch all the burning topics and tell you about how to grow a beard and how to take care of it: cutting a beard with a machine, trimmer and other tools.

For starters, Mr. Beard, listen to practical advice:

1. Leave the beard alone and do not wash it every day. This is not necessary because daily beard washing makes it harder, as you wash out all the natural oils that give hair, grouped into a beard, obedience. So remember: wash out the oil - you harm your girlfriend, making your beard a tough, insensitive cattle.

2. Once a week you need to use hair conditioner. He will give your magic beard controllability and flexibility. If you suddenly, for no reason at all, are trying to sell a special conditioner for bearded men and their darlings, then know that you and your baby are being cruelly deceived.

3. Train your beard to grow properly. Gentle praising combing in the right direction will give it the right shape, it is enough to repeat these manipulations for 10-15 minutes a day.

4. The beard should have pomp, but such as cream on the wedding cake. After you have redeemed your beard for good, comb it in different wrong directions, as it usually does not lie.

Then, after it dries, comb it as it should, and smooth it with moist, gentle, but confident hands. You'll see, the beard will be much more magnificent than usual.

5. My beard is soap - this can give your beard an unprecedented airiness.

6. Be patient and don’t bother with a beard. If you are tired of a naughty beard so that you want to forever or at least temporarily remove it from your life, so that she would think about her behavior, you should think about it. It is possible that your beard has a transitional period. Soon she will go crazy, grow up, and if you are lucky, then after a while everything will return to its place, and you will live in harmony.

7. If the beard does not obey, then change the style of his beard. Perhaps she wants to change, try to change its shape and cut off the disobedient areas.

"Baby and Me." How to grow and bring up your beard

The key to success is the right time for growing a beard. The best time to grow a beard is a vacation. This is actually perfect option especially because none of your colleagues or classmates will pester you with the questions “Why do you grow it?”, “What, did you decide to become Santa?” and will not spoil the process with your “Shave, you are not going”, “Do you have a tomato".

No matter how silly it may sound, but start growing your beard by stopping shaving. Totally. This is the most useful and correct thing you can do for yourself and your future gorgeous beard. Even if you need a small beard, stop shaving your manly face anyway, try to trim the hairs and touch the razor altogether. You will surely squint too much, but no one is exactly interested in this. The biggest mistake committed by beginners is the formation of a beard at its initial growth stage. The effect of the final result depends on how long you will not touch your beard. The recommended abstinence period is at least one month. So we do not disband our hands, we sit and grow with all our strength.

Well, your beard has grown and matured, and now you can give it shape. For this, it is better and more convenient to use a beard trimmer. So, already at the initial stage, it makes sense to think about such a useful acquisition. In order to use the trimmer you need at least a little experience, and therefore at its first triumph you should be especially careful and try to avoid a strong shortening of the beard.

The main places that need to be given special attention when shaping a hair ring are the lower border on the neck and the upper border on the cheeks. Of course, not all men can do this, because for some, the beard can be pretty naughty and she can even think of anything: for example, grow or stick in different directions. But with this you can easily cope. There are many specialized tools for the care of your beard, and with their proper use it is quite possible to tame the beard. Usually it is all sorts of conditioners and beard oil (Beard Oil).

At the first stage, when your beard is just starting to hatch, your beautiful and gentle, like a princess's look, face or neck may well be itching, and how! But you need to understand that this happens only because so far the hair on the face is too short and sharp after the last shave. That is why the skin of the face feels their ends, but when the length of the hairs becomes longer, you will forget that something bothered you. It remains only to wait (about a month) in order to decide whether you are a bearded man or still refuse it.

It is almost impossible to achieve a perfectly even beard at home, and even without special knowledge and skills. So, until you get freaked out and do not shave, shake your head, how to approach the process of cutting your beloved and so dear and also not to spend money on the hairdresser.

For beard trimming at home, a mirror is a must. big size. Perhaps you may need a mirror with zoom function. If you prefer a trimmer, then a good option would be to purchase a wireless model. Your mother will not be happy if, at the crucial moment of the haircut, the wire turns around your thin neck.

You should also get a good, wide comb. This comb is best suited for use, in which the teeth are located close to each other. There are, by the way, special combs for mustache and beards.

1. Lightly wet the beard with water and carefully comb it with the very recommended comb for hair growth.

2. Neatly and gently trim the protruding hair sticking out of the general system with sharp scissors.

Of all the tools for trimming a beard, most are accustomed to using a trimmer. Having carefully combed the beard, it is very convenient to pass with a trimmer over the entire face, slightly touching the hairs.

3. So, after manipulating the protruding hairs, it's time to tame the length of the bristles. For this procedure, you will definitely need a comb, sharp scissors, the same trimmer or hair clipper with a set of attachments (ideal).

In hairdressing and beauty salons you probably had to notice how the masters of their craft work with hair. So, with your beard and mustache, hairdressing is doing the same thing - with a slight movement of your hand you brush it along your hair, fixing its length, and then you take scissors, “chik-chik” and voila.

Notabene: Trimmer should touch the stubble very, very carefully, so as not to cut too much.

4. Now that everything is over, wash your face, wash all the trimmed hairs from your face and dry your renewed beard. Then, a little disheveled vegetation and gently cut the sly hairs that were hidden from you during the first entry with scissors.

Everything. Now you have a perfectly smooth and elegant beard.

Regularly, but by no means daily, my beard is the same shampoo that you use to wash your hair.

As soon as you wash off the shampoo, apply conditioner on the beard. Just do not forget to rinse the hair well with water, if this is not done, then apocalyptic irritation on the skin may begin. Of course, the hair that lives in the beard is tighter in nature than that on the head, so in this case the conditioner may have less effect on the hair, but it will still make them a little softer.

After bathing the beard, wipe it with a soft fluffy cloth. It is not recommended to dry it, because it can cause a strong irritation of the demon. However, the process itself can be quite funny.

Diligently, with diligence comb the beard with a broad comb with rare teeth (as they said).

Now your magic beard looks just gorgeous, and you look like a real pure bearded man!
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