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An Affordable Luxury. I suggest you join the movement How to maintain a beard.

This King is serious about his Beard. His Beard is thanking him


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Do you have a nappy beard? A beard you dare not comb Because it’s virtually impossible and tears might follow. All you can do is brush brush and keep brushing. It is time you remedy that, CLEAN your beard, remove the tangles, ensure it’s soft and conditioned. Let a comb become your beard’s new best friend. Our EJ’S Care Package (EJ’S Beard Oil, EJ’S Beard Shampoo and EJ’S Beard Conditioner) - N8500, will get rid of the nappy beard and turn your beard into a glorious LION’S MANE. A HEALTHY MANE.

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Beard with short mustache

Growing stubble is easy…. You just dodge the razor! However, maintaining the follicle forest is a different story. If you don’t want to have the grizzliest of beards and would like a properly styled one that is nice to touch, admire and Kissable you will need to get yourself some grooming products. The Dopp Bearded Kit contains no razors, just products for grooming your beard which works great on shorter beards too! So, if you're on the fence on which way to proceed with your beard grooming, take no risks and invest in this kit, Revitalizing and nourishing your beard doesn't get easier than this! 1 x 50ml your selection of Beard Oil 1 x 30g Beard Butter 1 x 200ml Beard Wash & 100ml Vinegar Rinse Off 1 x Pocket Comb, 1 x Boar Brush & 1 x trimming Scissor all packaged in a Handmade Travel Size Dopp Bag. As with all our products, we focus on quality and attention to detail. This kit will live up to the Nsana Lush reputation and we are excited to offer it as the full urban beardsman package.

SAC Pro Beard Oil SPECIAL is to make your beard Darker, Stronger and Heavier. PRO SP is made with purest Herbal Oil, to nourish and flourish your facial pores and hair. With a new combination of stronger ingredients we try our best to serve you with the best and natural. Pro SP is more effective for the people who wants to grow beard, by empowering your pores. For people with facial hair, it nourishes them such, making it thicker, darker, softer, shiner and straighter. N5000 #beardoil #naturalbeardoil #beard #beards #beardgang #beardgangnigeria #beardoilnigeria #beardgrowth #beardgrowthoilnigeria

Beard Butter generally comprises of oils and butters. #nsanalushbeardbutter is the perfect blend of rich nourishing butters such as shea,cocoa,kokum & mango butter combined with carrier oils like palm kernel oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape-seed oil and essential oils for fragrance. Combination of this butters will give it a light creamy texture and provides much deeper nourishment while the oils will seal in the moisture on your facial hair and skin underneath. Beard Butter locks in a deep condition for your beard beyond what a beard oil can do alone, especially with longer length. It will leave your beard soft and manageable, smelling great, and has a light to medium hold which allows you to style your beard to perfection and have it last all day.. It is important to note that it is not a replacement for your beard oil which will help keep your skin from flaking, dryness and itching. The butter works in conjunction with the oil to lock in the benefits of your natural moisture and prevent water from evaporating.


Choosing the right beard style for any man depends on a variety of factors. It's possible to like a particular style, but the question is, “Will it look Good on ?” I will say the answer to that question often take many things into consideration, which range from facial shape to hairstyle to your working environment. For instance, a lot of men feel pressured from an employer, spouse, family member, or friend to shave off their beard. Yes, We've all been there. But the best thing you can do when considering your options is to choose the style that makes feel best, and rock it with confidence if you decide to keep the beard. A little maintenance and grooming can go a long way in taking your to the next level, giving you the confidence to wear that beard like a champ in all aspects of your life. So, today take a step - Groom and Shape your beard with the right Beard products & Tools and your with ...... #nsanalush #beardstyles #beardnaija #naijabeardgang #beardgangnigeria #abujabeardgang #beardganglagos #lagosbeardgang #naijaboy #naijamen

Truth is,most men don’t believe they need to use any products at all when it comes to their beard.. I have seen some men tell me, "look sis,its not necessary,its the hair that requires such energy". Hello brother, it is so necessary, men should take care of their facial hair as much as they take care of the hair on their heads.. Just so you know,beard oil is hydrating to the skin and it helps to soften and tame beard hair.. A little beard oil is just enough to tame those flyaway hairs and eliminate flakes also known as beard-druff.... Beard oil helps to boost your beard growth,and not only that,it smoothens all your tangled up beard.. So what are you waiting for,click on link in bio to order.. Price: #1,500 ONLY... #beardgangnaija #beardgangnigeria #beardnigeria #beardganglagos #nigeriamen #nigeriamenkillingit #meninlagos #lagosbigmen #lagosmenfashion #lagosbusinessmen #menfabricsinlagos #naijamenstyle #naijamenwithstyle #naijamensfashion

The Ancient Greeks regarded the beard as a badge. And it deserves ONLY THE BEST.

Men's short hair and beard styles

Happy new month favorite people.... We have a lot of special things lined up for you this lovely month and especially for the ladies too!!! No we are not here to say April Fool!! Lol. Yes we have lots of exciting things in store for you.... Also watch out for the exciting deals we have lined up for you this month and our beard oils are selling fast!! Don’t forget to get yours. Slide in our Dm now!!! Our awesome ÀDÌGÚN PACKAGE DEAL Package consists of: Beard oil Beard/Hair Butter Detox Facial Bar Soap Beard/Hair Shampoo All for N7,500 Slide into our DM now! #beardgangnigeria #beardisbae #theadigunman #adigunng #haircareformen #naijabrandchick #karenthebrand #hustlersquare #beardedmen #menscare #gq #gqmen #naijamen

Our products doesn’t perform magic.... Beard growth takes time and consistency.... Above is a picture of one of our trusted clients after 3 months of consistent use.. what are you waiting for... ÀDÌGÚN PACKAGE DEAL Package consists of: Beard oil Beard/Hair Butter Detox Facial Bar Soap Beard/Hair Shampoo All for N7,500 Slide into our DM now! #beardgangnigeria #beardisbae #theadigunman #adigunng #haircareformen #naijabrandchick #karenthebrand #hustlersquare

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For the Big Bearded Brothers . EJ’S Beard Balm - N3000

You think it’s a game?? LOOK AT HER BLOSSOMING EDGES!!!!!

BEARD BUTTER Unlike its big brother beard oil, beard butter seem to sometimes be forgotten-There is a small misconception in the beard community that you have to choose between these two, when in fact, they work best together for intents and purposes, beard butter is a leave in conditioner with the same benefit as beard oil. Beard butter creates a second layer of protection on your beard that is easily washed away at the end of the day, with four distinctive butters: Shea in order to help mold your beard even better than beard oil, Kokum is a natural emollient that possess healing properties which helps prevent drying of the skin underneath the beard, Cocoa is a wonderful, natural moisturizer which improve skin moisture retention and elasticity and Mango has skin softening, soothing & moisturizing properties. Beard butter works effectively and penetrate deeply into your facial hair, nourishing your beard and skin underneath. It gives your beard a soft, silky and healthy feel. Beard butter deep condition the skin underneath the beard without the clumsy or greasy feeling most balms create, helps you tame flyaway hairs keeping it style to perfection and leaving it smelling great all day..⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀ #nsanalush #purenaturemagic #naijaboy #beardbutter #beardgrooming #nsanalushbeardbutter #menskincare #beardgangnigeria #portharcourtmen #abujamen #nigerianbrand #9jabeardgang

BEARD BUTTER: (Beard Oil’s Cousin) -------- Even though beard butter isn’t as popular as beard oil, it’s slowly becoming an indispensable beard softening product in a beardsman’s beard care kit. And there’s good reason behind this. Beard butter is a great beard care product that is boasted with natural ingredients.. *Nourishes the skin *Prevents beardruff *Soften your beards *Reduces split ends *Easier to travel with due to its solid form *Deep moisturizer for your facial hair *Your beard smells amazing *Shapes noticeably the unruly beard even if it’s not the main reason to use a beard balm. --------- From the list above, I believe it’s important to own a beard butter or at least, give it a try and see for yourself. Shop via link in bio @nsanalush......... #nsanalush #purenaturemagic #beardbutter #beardgrooming #nsanalushbeardbutter #beardproducts #mensgroomingproducts #beardgangnigeria #portharcourtmen #beardgang9ja #nigerianbrand #vendorsexposure - #regrann

Cool facial hair styles

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Valentines Is upon us people. Treat the men in your life to the best Beard Oil on the market.

It’s that time of the year where facial hair is in full swing to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Gift the men in your life our all natural Beard oil to help nourish their beard during the month-long campaign. Link in bio to order...... #nsanalush #purenaturemagic #beardgangnaija #naijabeards #beardgangnigeria #vendorsexposure
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