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Who says you can’t start over and do what you want to do your own way? New mustache and beard styles.

After decades in sales and operations management in the newspaper, plastics, and oil industries I decided that Act 2 would be on my terms.

I’d do something I wanted to do.

Initially thinking I would be an art major, I wanted a creative field.

I wanted something social, allowing me to both interact with my many friends and acquaintances more often and where I could meet new people and make new friends as well.

Top 5 beard styles

Community based? Flexible? Earnings ties directly to effort?

Thanks to my good friend Gabby Venturo, who went back to barbering himself after thirty years away from it, I decided barbering could be the right fit. Check, check, check, check, check. It hit all the marks.

Barber school was great. Great group of peers from all walks of life and all different ages and lifestyles. One better than the next. All creative and passionate about what they do and what lies ahead. A great and varied group of instructors that prepared me with the basics, good habits, and a ton of knowledge and then helped refine what skills I had. Some taught different techniques and approaches. Some, how to spot trouble areas or area that could be improved. Some reinforced the basics. A great group of instructors and I truly appreciate them all. Thank you NEHA.

I cut and shaved wherever I could get experience. I cut in the shop, at home, on vacation... on a beach. Friends, relatives, the elderly, children. As many types of hair and as many styles as I could. Thank you to all that showed up, especially in the beginning when the cuts were likely not as good as they are now. Your support was noticed and is instrumental in any success I may have.

Types of modern beards

What's next? Becoming the best barber I can be. Helping to raise the barbering standards and expectations of clients. But not 'just' cutting and shaving. I want people to have the best products they can to care for and maintain their look and style. To that end, I have been continually learning and studying and researching.

After much research (and not a little trial and error!), I've started blending my own small-batch high-quality beard oils, beard balms, a mustache wax, and skin conditioner / tattoo oil. They've been surprisingly big hits and have received great reviews and are being sold here on-line and in numerous barbershops and stores. I've designed my logo and have some artwork on my merchandise for those who've asked to support the growing brand. Again, its all very appreciated and humbling.

We'll see where it all leads... It’s time to keep stepping up my game.
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