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What’s the best goatee styles? Where better to start than with the real thing. I’m not going to proclaim it’s the best goatee ever but I can guarantee you it’s the most authentic one you’re going to find. Our search for the best goatee is really more of a pick your poison kind of approach. Goatees exist for many reasons and are spread amongst many sectors of society that all have different motivations for wearing it. My position is supported by a question that was asked on Quora to the tune of, “Is growing a goatee ever a good idea?” Oddly enough, there was only one middle of the road response, “If you like goatees then I’d say yes it’s a good idea. If you don’t like them, I’d think they were a bad idea and question the reason you’d want to grow one.” So, we are going with the affirmative response and saying, yes, it is a good idea to grow a goatee. Mustache goatee styles.

I will inject some personal opinion before we start wandering through society. The left is a picture of what I consider being a perfect goatee. First, it comes with a connected mustache which I think is essential to keep the proper balance. Without the mustache, it always seems to me that the man simply made a mistake that morning and accidentally shaved it off. It made him look unfinished. Second, the goatee is substantial, thick and shaped to complement his face. Yes, I know, not every man can grow facial hair that’s thick and manageable. That brings up the third quality about this goatee. It’s well-kept, trimmed and paid attention to. That’s what the women in your life care about and the men respect when they see you.

Celebrities and What Goatees Not to Wear

If we’re going to talk about the best goatee styles, it’s always a nice diversion to set the tone and look at some goatees that do not belong in that category. Celebrities are notorious for their bizarre fashion statements as well as demonstrating that no matter what I do, people will still love me and pay attention to me. There is certainly some truth to that. Average people will applaud their brash and unorthodox shenanigans as well as their courage to do something different.

Apparently, Jon Stewart and Tiger Woods have learned nothing from epic examples of celebrities with bad goatees. If you’re going to have a goatee, then grow it. If not, shave it off or go with the full face of stubble that at least shows you actually did forget to shave. We can adjust to that and rationalize it in our minds.

This just looks scraggly as something grown as an afterthought. There is no commitment to excellence here and the semi-chin strap design does nothing to support the face shape and, in fact, makes his long face look even more stretched out and unbalanced.

Guy Fieri suffers from the same problem although the food does enhance his image. The straight lines of the mustache that connect to the goatee give the appearance of the chin hair hanging on for dear life. I’m sure he’s going for a unique look that people will identify with him. Just think what he’d look like with a dark, full bushy goatee that was nicely trimmed in contrast to the white hairstyle.

John Travolta is bucking the bad celebrity goatee trend with his offering. I’d like to see it spread a bit more beyond the mouth and assume a bit more girth to compensate for the lack of any hair but overall, it’s a dense growth that has a lot of potential.

What isn’t wrong with this goatee style? It’s uneven in density across the chin and below the lip that gives it a dual color appearance. The abruptness of where it starts and stops is a bit unsettling. The roundness of his face also does not support a goatee style of facial hair. Judging from his demonstrated ability to grow a beard, a full beard would be much more beneficial to his overall look.

Beard styles for men with short hair

Why bother? I’m not even sure I’d classify this goatee as a goatee although it does appear as he grew it that way on purpose.

The Brad Pitt attempt reminds me vividly of an infomercial for an induction countertop stove, “just set it and forget it.” He did. The sad thing is that it has so much potential to morph into a full Van Dyck goatee that would make an excellent conversation starter and would bring him respect and an air of elegance.

Types of Goatees

The purist of goatee lovers will probably scoff at what people consider the best goatees because the proto-typical goatee is a simple creation. An authentic goatee is a beard grow only below the lower lip that does not extend beyond the frame of the mouth. If it doesn’t cover the entire frame of the mouth or has a mustache attached to it, the purist will not consider that to be an official goatee.

The most notable “fake” goatees wander somewhere between being called a soul patch or s chin strip. The lack of full coverage to each corner of the mouth is what disqualifies them as a goatee. Back in the days of cowboys, another variation was the thin chin strap that stopped at the mouths edge but had a mustache that was unconnected to the chin strap. Many times, the mustache was styled into handlebars which gave the cowboy a distinctive and stylish look. Connect the mustache and goatee and you have a Van Dyck, which, more often than not, is considered the quintessential goatee for both its style and manicured appearance.

Thus, as we have seen in many other cases in history, words are co-opted to mean something they were never intended to mean and that is the case with the goatee. In fact, if you search for goatees online, you find many pictures of Van Dyck’s since that’s what has become the de facto standard for goatees of today. The image is of the “perfect goatee” of today.

The Best Goatee Styles

For the purist at heart, we start with the authentic best goatee styles just to show you how it’s done. The length is negotiable so long as you pay attention to its shape by consistently trimming and combing it. Beard hair can be stiff and wiry which means you may need some specialized products for beards to keep the hair supple and manageable. Beard oils, balms, and conditioners will do the trick. While those items may be difficult to find where you live, they are available online from any number of sources including Amazon.

This next goatee is a short Van Dyck that is neatly trimmed and suited to the facial shape which is rounded due to the absence of hair on the head. The Van Dyck carries that roundness through to the chin and cheeks adding continuity and symmetry. The kind of balance makes a good combination.

Hairstyles with goatee

For the black man, the chin strap goatee seems to be the best goatee styles of choice. Please note that this fits the morn modern version of the goatee in that the mouth only is framed by the goatee in a classic way. The style fits with the man’s hair style that is also well-defined with the edges distinct. The goatee here mimics that look and establishes continuity and masculinity.

We haven’t talked about this one specifically as a style but this is a variation of a variation. In this case, the Van Dyck has been converted into a Fu Manchu by limiting the chin growth to just the chin while keeping the mustache disconnected. The length of hair for the chin is then left on its own to grow to extended lengths. As you might suspect, this style is familiar with the Far Eastern countries as it fits their heritage. The Fu Manchu, when allowed to go to full maturity can be quite the center of many conversations.

It seems with age, comes the desire to establish one’s masculinity. The gray-haired, peppered look appears to do that for the middle-aged male. They are generally able to grow facial hair in the right density and with the required fullness that demands respect. The fellow in the next image has taken that concept to perfection with a goatee that is substantial as much as it is trimmed and maintained. Here we have a man with an inverted triangle face shape that needs a little fullness returned to the lower part of the face. While a full beard would do a more complete job, the thick Van Dyck goatee that extends beyond the corners of the mouth does the trick for him. It’s a nice touch to show the chest hair in close comparison to the best goatee styles and gives this guy a distinctively masculine look.

Where to Now?

You have as many options as you could possibly want in growing your own version of the best goatee. It’s a matter of commitment and motivation to develop it and then keep it clean and taken care of on a consistent basis. Invest in the right tools such as trimmers and brushes to help train the hair and get it to lie down in the manner you want. The oils, balms, and conditioners are your right hand in making that happen. I wish you luck and happiness.

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