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Hair by Joey, an upscale men’s hair salon in Prescott— where hometown meets high-end city sophistication.

Hair by Joey is a brand-new experience in downtown Prescott ready to be enjoyed by men who desire a moment to recharge, refresh and regroup with a revived haircut, beard trimming or hair color. Men's hair beard styles.

This private salon Prescott brings the big-city urbane salon studio vibe to your favorite hometown. Joey, owner and operator of Hair by Joey, knows men carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, thus he created a unique, high-class escape to take the load off, unwind and replenish. Joey exceeds the typical barber in Prescott. A men’s stylist with over 25 years’ experience, he takes his clients’ grooming needs to the next level. Give him a call directly to schedule your next beard trim, haircut or buzz, men shave or hair color—it’s like he’s your very own personal barber. Easy-made appointments online ensure you get your much-needed downtime and an upgrade to your look.

Hair styling Prescott just got raised up a few notches with a hint of luxury and elegant appeal.

Our Hair Salon in Prescott


A private salon in Prescott created with the working man in mind. Welcome to the Zen-inspired, not-your-typical barbershop Prescott. Designed to immediately take the edge off as soon as you walk in the door—relaxed lighting, chill music, comfortable chairs, a fridge stocked with microbrews or a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee. Let the world melt away as you sink into the massage chair. It’s a little piece of extravagance in a world of craziness. Joey knows that when a man takes care of himself, allowing a few minutes of serenity as your mane gets a remake, it can be a night and days difference. Located 5 minutes from downtown Prescott toward Thumb Butte your man cave oasis awaits.

Our Services

Hair by Joey is your full-service hair salon Prescott just for men. Experience the skill of the talented Joey who’s been a men’s stylist for over 25 years. He’s got you covered from head to chin, taking off a few inches or giving a buzz, beard trimming it up or giving a clean-cut shave – Joey is elite at men’s grooming.

Refresh an old look or off the top with the usual, Joey provides an experience tailored just for you with a quick cut to a new you with a youthful or mature color – your preference. Kids are welcome to get a spiffy new look too! What’s better than a father-son bonding moment than at the local barber Prescott!

Cool short beard styles

Not only do you get all your grooming needs taken care of, but Joey has been working with clients for so long that he enjoys the time he gets to know you too. He makes this time all about you, ready to listen, offer friendly wisdom, or give you the peace and quiet you’ve been needing – this is your time, embrace it!

Men’s Haircut

Hair styling Prescott never looked so good! Men’s haircuts by Joey—you’re in the big league now! Coming from the city-life experience, Joey has tailored his knowledge and expertise to stand out in this hometown, just like he wants your new or refreshed look to be a cut above.

Joey specializes in mod styles that mimic the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s classic looks. He’s also perfected military styles, tight fades, tapers and classy + sporty styles. He’s even got something in his tool belt for every head of hair. Even for the man whose hair isn’t as thick, full, or dark as it used to be – he’ll fix you up all nice, no worries!

Joey offers a quick cut for the in-an-out dude, as well as a little extra TLC with a wash & cut for the “I got time” guy. Using the finest tools in the shed, your hair is in a master’s hands!

Beard Trimming or Shaving

Bringing back the old school barbershop days to good ol’ Prescott where you can hang with the boys and get the finest men’s grooming around. From a warm towel, to a horsehair brush lathered in cream, to the smooth, clean two-pass straight razor men shave you’ll ever experience. Same service in a totally upscale, high-end venue to make you feel like a million bucks.

Beard style guide

Bring the daily paper and kick up the boots as Joey brings life back into your contour with precise beard trimming skill. Your day just got a whole lot better with a beard shave by Joey. Call the wife and kids because Dad is coming home a new man!

Hair Color

Sometimes getting older is no fun and hair can contribute to looking an age you’re not ready to be. To maintain a pep in your step with a boost of confidence, camo hair coloring for men may be what you’re looking for. Men’s hair styling Prescott is entering a new level of sophistication. Joey, experienced men’s stylist, works to turn heads with the popular and sexy camo hair color for men.

Joey helps to keep you hip with the trends. Guylights are making a comeback with subtle hues and natural blending to keep you on the up and up. You can trust that Joey knows a thing or two with a revamp of the same old. Throw a curveball in your “usual” and step off the mound feeling like an ace.

Step up your game with Hair by Joey, leading stylist for men’s hair color Prescott.

Hair Styling

Your hair says a lot about you. It has the power to leave a lasting first impression, whether you’re going for fly & classy, cool & laid back, “I’m meeting her parents tonight” and want to ooze confidence or presenting before the board and want to gain trust…yeah, Joey’s got talent. Year of experience styling men’s hair have left him with many happy good-looking clients.

Beard and mustache designs

Give a call or set up an appointment online with Hair by Joey, hair stylist Prescott. Joey listens to the look that you’re going after or works his talent to create something fresh whatever the case, he gets you on your way looking sharp and dapper, ready to conquer the world.

About Joey – Your Local Professional Hair Stylist

Joey is a one of a kind hair stylist. He comes to Prescott with over 25 years of experience in the salon industry. Driven with passion to create the perfect style and look for his clients, his portfolio exudes satisfied clients with classy, fashionable and stunning looks. Making a name for himself in Seattle and loving the city life and its vibe, he felt called to bring the big city to small town Prescott.

Integrating his prestigious private salon ambiance into Prescott, he puts a spin on his unique offering to his male clientele. He desired to create an atmosphere to welcome in the working man to take a load off, the retiree who appreciates style, or the young man or boy who respects appearance. Joey takes the barbershop experience up a notch, just like he does with men’s grooming.
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