Face shaving style. 6 Different Beard Styles that will make you stand out from the Crowd

Different beard styles for different folks. There are so many styles to choose from that you can literally spend days just poring through different beard galleries online, hoping to find the beard style of your dreams. Look no further, because we have six of the coolest and sexiest beard styles around. Common beard styles.

Beard Style # 1

So many different beard styles, so little time. Sometimes we wish we have extra sets of heads so we can all grow different beards simultaneously. But since we only have one, we can only pick one style of beard. So we might as well pick the perfect one.

But how do you pick the perfect beard style? To pick the perfect style from hundreds of different beard styles out there, you must know the shape of your face. Do you have an oval shaped face? Or is it more oblong or square? Maybe you have a round face, or even the uncommon diamond or triangle face?

There are different beard styles that look flattering on certain face shapes only. If you look at this guy right here, he has a slightly oblong or elongated face. The beard style of choice should be short and close to the skin so as not to make the face look even more elongated. It’s definitely a beard style that works, because it really gives the face a better shape.

Beard Style # 2

Different beard styles give the wearer a more masculine and more mature look. Even the most baby faced guys can instantly transform into sexy and manly creatures just by sporting a beard. Big beards can get you noticed, but so do small and well-groomed beards. Just like the beard on this guy.

The beard looks good and flattering on the somewhat elongated face. By keeping the beard and the mustache short and neatly trimmed, there’s no additional length to the face. The beard also looks perfect on the hipster hairstyle, so this is another thing that can enhance your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

It looks like a Hollywoodian beard, only less thick and less full. Still, it’s a pretty impressive-looking beard, more so when worn long and full. If you want quick and easy sex appeal, grow a beard and get this beard style now.

Top beard styles 2016

Beard Style # 3

This is another example of a beard style that looks flattering on a face that’s on the angular or square side. With the help of the tall hairstyle with a side part, the beard succeeds in making the face less square and angular.

It’s a simple and clean beard that looks short and full. It’s a very manly beard that gives the face a very mature and elegant look. You can wear a simple white shirt or an expensive black suit and it will still look elegant and sophisticated. There are noticeable patches on the cheek but they don’t really affect the overall look of the beard. In fact, they actually give it a more natural and scruffy appearance.

Keep the beard looking soft and shiny by using a good beard shampoo and conditioner. Even at this short length, you should start using beard care products to make sure that the beard grows healthy and good-looking.

Beard Style # 4

Some guys still prefer short and thin beards even if there are hundreds of different beard styles to choose from. Which is perfectly okay, too. Short and thin beards are not mediocre beards. When worn the right way, they too can be beards that will make you stand out.

To make the beard look sexy and masculine, you must pair it with a sexy and masculine hairstyle as well. Why not try a short on sides long on top hairstyle? This looks flattering on almost all face shapes, and will go perfectly with any style of beard.

Keep the beard short and close to the skin that it almost looks like a short stubble. It may not be the softest thing to touch, but it will definitely work wonders on your look. Remember, no pain, no gain.

Best dadhi style

It may not be the most impressive-looking beard when it comes to length and thickness, but when it comes to style and sexiness, this can be a pretty exceptional beard to have.

Beard Style # 5

When you have naturally thick and curly hair, that doesn’t mean that you should also have a thick and curly beard. There are many different beard styles that will look gorgeous with thick curly hair, just like this beard style right here.

The beard is so fine and smooth, but it gives the face such a nice coverage and a very sexy, manly, and mature appeal (without the beard, John Legend looks like a twelve-year-old boy).

Shaping or trimming this beard does not look at all complicated because the beard just naturally follows the shape of the face. Nothing that a good pair of clippers or trimmer can’t handle. If you have no patience to wait a long time just to wear a beard, this beard style can be the perfect one for you.

Beard Style # 6

What can be more dramatic than wearing a sexy and masculine beard with a totally bald head? The hair on the face provides a stark contrast for the head with no hair. Now this will truly make you stand out from the crowd.

It’s also a beard that’s not so hard to achieve. Give it a month or so and you can already sport a beard just like this one. Some may call it a short stubble. Others may call it a short beard. For us, if it’s hair on the face which effectively provides coverage on the cheeks, the chin, and the jawline, that pretty much sounds like a beard to us.

New beard style for boys

Finding the perfect beard style may require a little trial and error. But hopefully, by checking out the different beard styles here, you’ll be one step closer to finding your perfect beard!

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