Boy dadhi style. 75 Short Beard Styles For Any Taste

Save your tears for someone else: we know how hard it is to grow a beard sometimes, especially with everyone around having it… still, that would be awesome to break it to you: any beard is worth growing out. You only have to look yourself at the mirror and accept whatever you are. And we are willing to help you out with a correct option – here’s our lowdown from Instagram with 85 pics to take inspiration doesn’t matter if your beard is at its best on the middle or on the sideburns, or covers different places of your chin, or even steals all attention due to its massiveness and credibility, we’ve got something to offer you. We only scouted for short variants, so you won’t have to grow the beard down your chest!We are sure that giving a name to a beard isn’t the very best idea, so, when you find the one, we simply recommend you to take it with you to a barber. They will be grateful for the rest of your business relationship. You can also try it at home yourself, if you have the balls to!By the way, don’t miss out on hairstyles too. Perhaps there is something that can steal your attention? Stylish beard look.

This beard requires some texture and neat trimming, but the beard line itself is great.

This job is extremely short and can be hardly called a beard, but, at least, sideburns don’t steal the attention!

Those barbers who always parallel their “before & after” results are the ones we are gravely thankful for. Just look at this curve!

This variant is worth looking at thanks to the messy beard and slicked hair contrast. The guy looks fun, and you wouldn’t miss a chance to know him, right?


There are people who think that pinpointed beard went out of fashion, but this guy proves it otherwise. His facial is patchy, but worth looking at still.

The accuracy of lines connecting hair and beard is something that you can easily miss out on if you try trimming your beard on your own.


Who said you can’t wear a short beard with a bald head? Show them this!

This guy, like, has facial all over his face! Somebody would call them a lucky one, a barber would call him a tricky one. The author of this haircut went stylish with his job: he made the gent look accurate without removing his unique facial hair! It looks way more nice, doesn’t it?

One more option for bald guys. Omit what haters would say and just enjoy the gaze of the Man.э

It seems like this beard has nothing to do with this hair, but it’s nothing but a first impression. If you look closer, the geometry is obvious.


We already mentioned that pin-point beard never goes out of fashion, and here you go. The intricate relationship between head hair and a beard is so promising, that we couldn’t have passed by this variant.

The relationship between this beard and this hair is quite interesting as well, for if you look at it, the fade of top hair is almost the same as a fade on sideburns, and it looks amazing.

What is obvious is that modern fashion constantly requires having lots of hair on a head and on a chin. This guy completed the task with flying colors!

Whether you wear glasses or not, this beard geometry will melt your heart.

We told you could find something to your likes up here, and here’s the proof! Maintaining both your hair and your beard in the same style is quite a challenge done beautifully by this gent.

Trimming can be tricky, but once you got the shape, everything else is just a question of your commitment.

Thanks to these relaxing eye patches, we can see just a perfect line of his beard. Straight, trimmed, contrasting with hair color… great, just great. Who said your first grey hair is your first step to ugly?

Latest men beard style

This variant is worth mentioning thanks to one tiny detail: a slight shade of grey in the beard. This man doesn’t look old, so we don’t think it’s a sign of aging, but more of an aristocratic spot to steal attention. Also, a hairstyle and a beard are very proportional.

We always thought wearing glasses is sexy. But, if we go deeper, wearing glasses above a decent beard is even sexier!

Bleaching your hair became a massive hit last season, and we don’t expect it to go down very soon. Which means, that if you haven’t tried that out still, now it’s your time!

Of course, this beard requires a full-time care. Trimming, brushing, washing – anything that comes to your mind. And a lots of facial too… but you aren’t ready to give up yet, are you?

We simply can’t get enough of gingers. They are simply amazing, aren’t they?

Another great way to show the contrast between the length of a beard and hair. And, let’s say, not the worst one!

As the story goes, this guy came to a barbershop (a barber was a woman) to get ready to a wedding reception, and the barber was not very content with what she got in the first place. But, then, she trimmed the guy a little and gave him a fresh clean look!

Don’t tell us this beard didn’t give you Jim Hopper chills.

And this one? The guy from “The Walking Dead”, probably?

Maintaining a swift line between your beard and your hairline is one of the keys to looking equally good for all the official and mundane events.

Even though this guy has a massive facial, well… you cannot notice an accuracy of his look!

Even if lots of facial is not your kind of thing, you can always go for a much simpler look, as this guy did.

You might say this beard is way too short, but this guy seems to be happy with it. Why can’t you?

We would say this is a clear look of a Scandinavian type.

It’s always given that, if you’ve hot curly hair, it’s hard to find a beard that doesn’t make you look scruffy, but this neat guy proves otherwise!

This guy rocks that-very beard that doesn’t cover all the face. And look how happy he is!

The style this guy goes for surely proves one thing point-blank: beard looks just gorgeous on any gent out there!

The way this beard is trimmed in different face parts makes us think this guy cares about his appearance very much… something that we recommend you as well!

You might not have the same complex body and anatomical correction, but that doesn’t stop you from having a slightly shaved and trimmed beard! We do crave these lines.

As you can clearly see from the pic, this guy has a slightly short beard hair above the longer ones on both sides of his face. What does it give him? A clear fresh look, rather original, let’s say.

Beard man

Have we already mentioned how much we love guys with a Scandinavian look? Yes, we have. Well, that doesn’t change the fact that all the guys with blonde hairs and massive facial are a clear example of how well you can look with this set of features.

This lad shows us one more variant of a fading beard. And, as you can see, his chin is rather clear, and it doesn’t cover the neck at all.

If you like your hair lose, let this Danish guy be your inspiration!

Or, if you like yourself to be more slicked and styled, take this beard for a matter. The model’s got great hair too!

You wouldn’t expect to see Chris Hemsworth here, would you? There he is, anyway. If you go to your barber and show them this beard, they will do everything they can to get you this look, left alone all the fact that this was achieved by the team of professional stylists. Who cares!

We already showed you an option for blondes with long hair, but here’s the one for brunettes. Although, you have to have massive facial to have this one.

This look, according to its owner, a Norweigan, was inspired by Ryan Gosling. However it is, it proves that you don’t have to have lots of hair to attract attention to your beard – especially when it’s the only distinct feature of your face!

This guy wished his followers a good morning with this post. What is satisfying for our eyes here is the way his short beard mixes up with his cheekbones – a perfect option to underline the pertinent shape of your face.

The major part of this guys’ body hair spreads on his chest, but it doesn’t mean he has nothing to do with his face. See, not very much hair, but, indeed, a very nice look.

If you wanted to know how your special one feels every time they wake up next to you, here’s the reveal. Not the worst view, hah?

Here’s another option for those who are in immanent scarce of facial. Trimmed in several areas, this looks quite… well, let’s say good, if we don’t want to sound biased!

It’s always good to remember that beard isn’t a Christmas present, and it doesn’t choose between the good boys and the bad. It all comes from your biological matters, from the capability of growing hair in specific areas. You only have to embrace what you have and find a perfect variant for your face. For example, this guy doesn’t care about covering all the face contour, but look at his chin!

This gent probably has a fertile moustache area and uses it as his best asset.

You might have your issues about the clothes and pose choice of this guy, but his beard does look impressive. And very well thought-out.

Here’s a variant with not very much body hair at all. And this guy still looks good and self-confident – enough to look in the camera with a happy gaze!

The work of a barber is no mistake perfect here. Just look at how well he stretched a beard line, leaving the ear unharmed!

One more variant of a neat haircut with adding a nice haircut. This guy looks stylish indeed.

You’re never too old to try out something new and something… unexpected?

This option is way more foreseeable. The beard covers the whole part of a neck and looks very good connected to sideburns.

You might say the haircut itself and the beard don’t mix, and you would be right, but it doesn’t look like the matter here. Such trimming performance makes your face visually small and is very convenient for those who have long faces and massive foreheads.

Beard styal

This is one hell of a perfect performance of a fading beard. Small dots on the neck remind us that this was, probably, not the easiest job to do.

We probably shouldn’t talk about this beard left alone a haircut, but it’s still worth the try. The area above the upper lip is quite expected, but a round on the face… wow. Just wow!

This pic shows one more variant of how a round trimming might be performed.

The picture is a little blurred, but you can still see the empty line dividing a moustache and a beard. Intriguing decision.

We already saw beards in which the main accent was made on the face itself, without covering a neck, but this guy made a reversed decision. So, perhaps, it all depends on your face shape as well.

The room for your fantasy on where to put patches in your beard literally has no boundaries.

This guy from Uruguay has a long face too, and here’s what he came up with: his beard takes the major part of his face, covering it slightly.

This guy decided to play a little with his face shape as well. Everything on his face looks rather sharp if you look at his eyes, his thin lips and even his years that don’t stuck to the face… it makes the beard to be tightly performed as well. And a barber did his job well: the line totally resembles with the face shape.

Cleaning your face up is always a good idea.

We’ve already discussed how good can you look if you have your hairstyle and a beard, but here’s the style in which they simply add up to each other, existing like two separate face parts.

Here’s another evidence of how a beard can be nothing but a fancy detail to an intricate hairstyle!

This Pole seems to be unhappy for some reason, but we urge him not to be so sad! His hair color glows in the rays of sunshine, and his beard looks accurate!

And here’s the variant for guys with wide faces and big face parts. Say whatever you want, but we think this beard only finishes the macho look.

Another great idea for the ones who likes their hair on their chin.

Caring about a client’s ears is one of the features that distinct a good barber from a bad one.

Another way of outlining or hiding your long face line is to cover all of it with hair. Your beard connects with your hair on sideburns, and the silhouette makes your hair look more accurate.

What did we say? A beard doesn’t always have to be a separate element. It can also be an elegant detail. Nicely done.

Here’s your final idea on how your beard can look like. Geometrically perfect: a curved line on sides and a square for a rather large chin. Say whatever you want, we think that a good barber can make this work on any face… or at least tell you why it wouldn’t work. That’s not very easy too!
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