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Looks like beards are really trendy nowadays and for some guys it can be hard decision what bear style fits best on them or what style beard is popular and fashionable. Of course, a real man doesn’t care about is his beard style popular or not. It is just a way how they are and they know that beards are cool. Stylish beard look.

So if you are new to beard world and can’t decide what best fit you or just want to change your beard style, you should know that you are in a right place!

The Beardastic team is this article shows you latest beard styles. If you want to look stylish you should consider growing one these beards this year.

1. The fade to beard

This is one of the most popular beard styles today. Probably you know what this beard style is. Basically, this name says what it is. It is just a beard that gradually fades out from a thick bristle to a thin shave. That's it. Everything other is your personal opinion and style choices.

Cool goatee designs

2. Lumberjack beard

In my opinion, lumberjack style beards are most classical and most beautiful beards what a man can have. Basically, lumberjack beard styles show how manly you are and your ability to grow a huge pile of facial hair. Lumberjack styles beards are very popular between hipsters but if you are not hipsters you should not be afraid of growing this style beard because this beard is classical and you never go wrong if you choose to have this beauty on your face!

3. Very short beard

Having a short beard is the most conservative style of beards you can have ever. It doesn't matter what you are or what your job is. It's good for you. Sometimes maintaining a short beard can be a hard task. Because sometimes it is hard to tell if a man is growing a beard on purpose or he is just a lazy. The main disadvantage of short beard styles is that it takes a lot of time to maintain. If you want to look fresh you need to take care of beard at least couple times per week. If you want to have a short beard you should know that you will need to trim it! And trim it often! Unless you decide to grow a bigger beard!

4. Beard with Undercut

Having a beard with an undercut can be one of the coolest styles ever. Yeah, this style goes mostly for guys if having a nice thick beard for them isn’t enough. So, you can always do a hairstyle which makes a good combination with your beard!

Shaving style for boys

5. Beard with big mustache(handlebars)

This beard really fits for a man who wants to bold his mustaches. Because in many beard styles mustaches isn’t very highlighted, but in here as you can see in picture mustaches standouts from this beard. So, if you can’t decide to be bearded or just mustached, do both! And on the way, you will figure out what you like and what fits best for you.

So, that's it for this post. I think you got a basic understanding about latest beard styles and now you can decide what’s fit you best. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself which these styles because there are a million styles and your task is to experiment and find the best for you!

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