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Hola everyone! How y’all doing? Looking for BEST BEARD STYLES? I being a boy I know how much beard matter to the “men community” and how badly some of us want beard but aren’t able to grow it! So if you want to grow whiskers really fast, click here. Stylish beard look.

Have you ever noticed what all the popular and so called “Attractive” lads have in common?

Yeah! You got me right bro! The BEARD!

Their amazingly inspiring whiskers are the reason why all the girls go nuts about them!


Come. Let me tell you a story. When I was in the school, there was a boy having an amazing beard (may be puberty hit him too early) and as an advantage he knew how to play guitar and he could also sing. All the girls were so freaking mad for him which I don’t understand why! He was one of the personalities of our school.

Now let me tell you a secret.

Anyway, moving on. A man’s stubble is the reason behind girls going nuts for him! Also, personally I’ve noticed that men with beard are considered “S-E-X-Y!” NOW if you’re looking for a change in your late look or your crush likes men with classy beard, I have something for you!

Now, let me be a beardologist and tell you the TOP 10 BEARDSTYLES which you can opt to #SLAY this year!


Full beard is something which will give you a pretty mature and ‘the classic of all’ kind of look.

Facial beard

It not only gives you a manly look but also helps you look more appealing. The full beard is not-so-long and at the same time not-so-short too!

If you’re trying to add a new look in your look-book, then this is a must!

The classic beard style is a unique way to portray your innocence and at the same time all the hotness you have! It is a bold kind of stubble which will give you a royal yet modern look both at the same time.

Now this, is the current obsession not only for men but also for women (if you know what I mean!). This is a medium length, thick and full beard.

It will give you a mature look once you get it on your face. It is mostly preferred by men of middle age and take efforts to be maintained.

The long grey beard is for those who are die heart moustache fan as well because it best suits with moustache. It will suit you if you have thick facial hair and obviously patience to maintain it.

Once you get both, the beard will give an ati-uttam look!

This imperial gives you simple yet so dashing to have look. Since it does not require too much efforts to keep, it is recommended for boys of mid to late teens and early twenties.

Latest beard design

But don’t worry if you don’t fit in the age list you can still acquire it and of course look pretty decent.

This type of beard style goes best for a man having an elongated face cut.

It will make your face look more neat and will give you sleek and sassy look!

Also, it will make you worth to stare at!

The super comfy yet super cute and sexy beard style is just for you if you’re looking for beard of low maintenance. The facial hair are kept extremely short and hence are easy to maintain.

So, if you love beard but don’t want to do more efforts, Bang on with this stubble!

This whisker is full beard type with thick hair. Its also not-so-long and not-so-short kind of beard. It looks best with a moustache on. And generally has high length up to the ear. Also for experiment, you can shave your head and see if it can compliment you.

This look is for boys becoming men. This will give you a decent look even if you don’t have so much of facial hair.

Beard cut 2016

It is also very comfortable and yet stylish and classy. So, a good option to choose fo sho!

This one so far have been my favorite beard style. It is a top styled beard which has near shave at the cheek and a considerable amount of hair on the lower chin and is phantasmagorical to look at(women beware).

So, above were the top 10 beard styles for you to have in 2019 according to me. Please try telling me in the comment section if you have any other awesome beard styles in mind.
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