Ways to style a beard. The Latest Beard Trends, 8 Best Short Beard Styles

It might seem like having a long luscious beard is the only way to go. Best dadhi style.

Yet, there are a lot of guys that either through necessity or personal preference are looking for a short beard style that is right for them.

You may want a yeard or Viking beard styles, but you work in a conservative office setting and can only get away with a short beard.

Maybe you don’t have the patience to grow out a long beard, or just feel that short beard styles are a better fit for your personal look or personality.

Whatever the reason for keeping trimmed facial hair, we got you covered! Different beard styles work for different guys and I believe there is the right beard out there for everybody.

Check out these short beard styles with pictures to get inspired!

Keep reading after the list of the best short beard styles for some tips on how to maintain your beard and what products you should be using.

Following the edges of the jawline, these short beard styles resemble the chinstrap from a helmet.

Thin and angular, it gives your face some definition while not limiting you to having a full beard.

It isn’t always easy to pull off and it definitely should be an accompaniment to your personality and individual style. For example, a hipster type of guy may not look right with a pencil-thin chinstrap.

If you have to ask if you can pull it off, then you probably can’t.

For guys with a round face, you may want to try out a thicker chinstrap beard but keep the angular shape of it.

For guys with thinner faces, then you can pretty much go as thin as you like. Or, as thick also.

The stubble beard is great as a permanent look, or just as a way to keep your beard looking neat while you grow it out.

No matter the reason, it is easy to maintain and rarely looks out of place. Unless you don’t trim the edges. Then it just looks kind of scruffy and doesn’t end up looking like the result of a thought out style.

Outline the beard where you want and then just use a good beard trimmer to keep it the length you like.

Hairstyles with goatee

That really is all there is to it.

Yes, you can have a short beard and still go Viking beard styles, complete with a braided beard!

If you don’t want a long beard, you can achieve this braided beard with just a couple of inches on the chin at least.

This is a great short beard style as it gives you a lot of room for creativity. You do do different braids for your beard, use different materials to tie the beard up and in some cases can even dye the braid.

This braided Viking beard style is particularly suited for guys that don’t want to have too rough a look but want to exude some extra masculinity. Even though the term braided beard might not sound like the most masculine thing in the world, when it is executed properly, it can look downright awesome.

Very similar to the faded beard, this beard style can work even when your hair is longer.

Yes, if your hair is short the beard should be faded into the cut, but with these short beard styles the beard can be faded a lot further down towards the chin.

The point for this different beard style is that the beard itself is the star of the show and is faded.

As you can see in this picture, the beard is not just the sideburns tapered into the hairline. It is tapered almost all the way down to the chin which is left slightly longer.

There are many different handlebar mustache styles. Some are refined, some are quirky and others, downright comical.

Whichever handlebar mustache with beard style you are going for, you can still keep your beard trimmed and neat and let the mustache be the main attraction.

It will take some patience to grow out your mustache while keeping your beard looking good, but after some time, and plenty of mustache wax, you will be able to rock the handlebar.

The key though is really to use mustache wax. Otherwise, the ends of the mustache will point down. That might be a cool looking mustache, but it is not a handlebar.

If you think that goatees are a little too 90’s style for you, or you just like having your beard short on the sides, then the full goatee with short beard styles should work for you.

It’s relatively easy to maintain, but as your mustache and chin start to get longer, you may need the help of a barber to make sure everything is looking up to snuff.

Style of beared

It’s easy to get started, though.

Just decide where you want the actual goatee part of the beard to start and trim your cheeks to that point only. Every once in a while, just touch up the ends of the chin and mustache so it doesn’t look scraggly without taking much length off.

After a while, it will look like a goatee, but with the benefits of having a beard.

Tips for Short Beard Maintenance

Keeping a short beard is actually pretty easy, but to make sure you are getting the most out of it, it helps to follow a few guidelines when doing your beard care routine.

Keep the Bottom Edges Low

You may be tempted to trim the bottom edge of the beard way up to almost the jawline. This is essential when creating a chinstrap, but not the way to go for a short, trimmed beard.

A basic rule of thumb is to only go an inch or two above the Adam’s apple.

You kind of want the bottom of the neck to stay covered so it doesn’t look much bigger than it is. Besides, even if you don’t have a double chin, you want the attention drawn to your beard and not the flesh underneath it.

Probably the worst thing you can do with any beard is to let the edges grow out naturally. Typically those strands get wiry and are patchy so it kind of looks messy and unkempt.

Follow where the beard starts to get thin and trim there, making an even line from your sideburns down to the edge of your mouth.

If this is the first time growing a beard, it may seem tricky and overwhelming to determine where the lines should be. And, then to keep them straight.

To hedge your bets, go to the barber as it starts to come in and have him edge the beard for you.

Then, as it grows, just follow the original line he made for you.

This takes all the guesswork out of it for you.

It is a common misconception to think that you only need a beard grooming product for long beards.

Beard style guide

You need to be using a beard oil for short beard styles, too. Unless we’re talking about stubble. In that case, you don’t need it but a good face moisturizer would work out.

Different beard styles need different products to keep them maintained. You can use a beard balm for a short beard, but they are better suited to long beards to help style them.

A beard oil will replace the natural oils that are stripped when you wash your face and are essential to keep your beard from getting rough and scratchy and leaving it with a natural shine.

Wrapping It Up

Different beard styles for different folks.

Short or long, wild or tame. There is a beard out there every personality.

Whether you love the idea of braided Viking beard styles, but don’t want to look too pillagey, then a short one works, too.

Other people might just want some stubble to give a bit of flair on an otherwise barren face.

There are loads of ways to wear a beard and none of them are wrong.

Just find one that suits your personality.

Got any tips for guys that are trying to grow out a beard but want to keep it short?

Drop a line in the comment box below. Or let us know if you have any questions about different short beard styles.

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