Short beard styles for young men. 12 Latest Beard Styles for Men to Achieve a Dapper Look

What really separates the men from boys? It’s the beard. A well-groomed and sleek beard style adds dimension to your face and take your style game to the next level. Over the course of time, we have seen a colossal evolution of the beard styles. From the age-old mustache beard to the ultra-stylish hipster beard, there is no dearth of unique beard styles for men. Best dadhi style.

If you are longing to attain a fresh and dapper look, we have compiled some trendiest and unique beard style for men that looks amazing on every face and make you stand apart from the boys. Choose your favorite beard style and spruce up your look in no time.

Latest Beard Style for Men

1. Medium Beard Style

This type of beard style is ideal for middle-aged men. Medium beard style comprises short and less thick beard which best suits the men with round faces. If you don’t want to put much effort to maintain the beard, this beard style is just for you.

2. Professional Beard Style

This beard style goes quite well with the short hairstyle. In professional beard style, mustache remains unattached to the beard and gives the individuals a perfectly professional look they covet for.

3. Classic Beard Style

When elegance meets uniqueness, the outcome is the classic beard style. If your aim is to attain an out-of-the-box manly look, this latest beard style for men will never disappoint you. The best part of classic beard style is even the professionals from certain industries can opt this style.

New beard styles 2016

4. Circle Beard Style

Circle style beard is another name for the French style beard. This beard style is preferred by the individuals who want to acquire the new look with the beard effortlessly. An ideal beard style for the men with a long and oval face.

5. Anchor Beard Style

If there is someone who nails the appearance in anchor beard style, its Robert Downey Jr. In this beard style, the beard is pointed towards chin and not attached to the mustache. Anchor beard style is easy to grow and groom.

6. Mutton Chops Beard Style

The thing which separates the mutton chops beard style with horseshoe beard style is the sideburns that connect straight to the mustache. It is one of those rare beard styles that unleashes your manly look like nothing else.

7. Chin Strip Beard

One of the simplest beard style for the Indian men to consider to attain a dapper look. In this beard style, a vertical line of facial hair runs to the chin end. This beard style is most entertained by the man in mid-twenties.

Best goatee styles 2016

8. Full Beard Style

For all those bold and rugged men who covet for the picture-perfect manly look, full beard style is the best option to go for. This beard style will give you a refreshing look and can be carried for a long time.

9. Hipster Beard Style

A hipster beard will establish your image as the rugged and macho man among your peers. This beard style is also ideal for the men who work in the stringent environment.

10. Petite Goatee

This beard style is a re-defined version of the anchor beard style. In this beard style, the mustache is absent and a thick and small beard elongates the chin.

11. Short Boxed Beard Style

Transform your mundane look to sensational with the brilliant short box beard style. In this beard style, side beard hairs are trimmed and the mustache is attached with jawline hairs.

Goatee cuts

12. Chevron Beard Style

This beard style is massively popular among the middle-aged men. In this beard style, mustache covers the entire upper lips and remains downward. Spruce up your audacious look with chevron beard style.

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