Best beard designs. Hottest Beard Trends of Today

Since the beginning of time, men have grown beards as a way to show their manliness, strength and power. Evidently, not much has changed. A well-groomed beard looks super suave and goes a long way in impressing the fairer sex. Hottest beard styles.

Here are 5 beard styles in vogue right now:

1. The Shadow:

For men whose facial hair grows really quickly, this style comes automatically at the end of their day, and is known popularly as a 5 o’ clock shadow. It even works if you can grow a decent stubble in 2-3 days and looks best if you have a strong chin. The point is to look like a rough, sexy man who can’t be bothered to shave all the time and yet manages to not look messy or sloppy. Let your beard grow for a couple of days and then trim it carefully every day to maintain the look.

2. Short Boxed Beard:

This beard style works for people who want to go a step further than stubble but don’t want to keep a full beard. This beard has to be carefully sculpted and requires work to maintain. If you don’t have a particularly prominent chin, this style can help your face look a bit more robust. Since it is closely cropped and has defined edges, it shows off your cheekbones and outlines your jaw. Even a professional office worker can sport this style and look well put together!

Long hair and beard styles

3. Tight Beard:

This style is similar to the short boxed beard butextends up the cheeks a little more. It needs to be trimmed carefully and regularly to look good. This beard gives your face strong definition and is cropped really close to your face. A definite favourite amongst the ladies, this beard style stops midway to the cheek and connects evenly with the moustache line.

4. Olde English:

Maintaining this style requires lesser maintenance which is probably why it doesn’t really go well in a professional setting, unless your office is particularly chilled out!Olde English provides full facial coverage stopping just short of covering the cheekbones. It’s common among musicians and authors and leaves quite the impression. It incorporates several beard styles into one rugged and manly mix that will get anyone weak in the knees.

5. Full Beard:

Arguably the most popular beard type currently, this one is a timeless beard that never seems to go out of style! This beard requires almost no maintenance since you can let this beard grow out to any length. You will need to have some patience if your facial hair grows slowly though! The full beard completely covers the upper lips, chin, cheeks, and the neck and for those who can grow it, it’s a much recommended style!

Cool beard designs

Once you know how committed you are to maintaining your beard, choose a style that works well for your facial structure and run with it. And remember, any beard is better than no beard!
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