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Facial hair has the ability to radically alter the way a man looks. Beard is the primary physical asset that separates the men from the boys. A variety of beard styles can be attained by black men who are interested in honing the perfect beard that goes well with their facial attributes. The biggest advantage that black men possess is that black men beard styles can be complemented with their skin tone and hair texture. Therefore, selecting the right kind of different beard styles to bring out the best in your face is an essential tool in your grooming arsenal. Hottest beard styles.

A full beard goes really well with a bald head. Drake and Rick Ross have been sporting this combination for a long time. The style can be differentiated by giving it a clean sculpted look or a complete messy guise.

This is probably the simplest of all black men beard styles. All you have to do is make sure that there is no beard growth in any area apart from the area below your lower lip. Many different variations can be tried with this style by varying the width of the beard. A moustache can also be used to complement this soul patch beard.

The classy goatee works amazingly with a square or a round face. Goatee places more emphasis on the mouth area and the chin. Kanye West pulls off this style by carrying a goatee which is slightly tapered at the chin. This black men beard styles can be used to highlight a strong chin. A clean goatee also works wonderfully to give a classic appeal.

Beard styles for men with long hair

Shaquille O’ Neal has been sporting this look since time immemorial. Chin strap can be also being scruffy to give a messy look. The goatee can also be used to change the perception of the size of the face. A low chin strap goatee can be used to make a large face to appear small.

Sideburns add some real punch to a sharp jawline. Face shapes like oval, triangle, rectangle and oblong can use this bear grooming technique for placing more emphasis on their jawline. Thin sideburns can be used for this but they are difficult to maintain. Jason Derulo has been known to have adopted this style during his early days.

The chin area, moustache and soul patch must be shaved clean for attempting this look. For those who want to showcase a good amount of bravery and commitment, mutton chops are the way to go. These can be achieved by growing out the hair at the jawline and the cheeks.

Chin facial hair styles

Things are getting quite serious as we move on to this black men beard styles category. Ducktail beard sounds like a farce, but in reality, it is for the sophisticated gentleman. James Harden has been able to command the respect he deserves, both on the basketball court and off it.

The main aspect of a ducktail beard is to allow the chin hair to grow out as much as possible so that it resembles the shape of a ducktail. Regular use of beard oil and beard shampoo is a must for this style.

These were some black men beard styles to try this year. Black men are blessed with amazing skin color and the beard styles that compliment them so good.

Beard face shape
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