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Beards have been on trend since the beginning of 2017, and with various ways men are sporting them, it seems beards are here to stay well into 2018. Facial hair area great way to highlight your best facial features. When properly trimmed and styled, beard adds dimension and contrast to your face. Gents beard style.

Let’s give you a roundup of the top 7 beard styles currently trending for every face shape:

1.) Bandholz Beard Style | Diamond, Oval & Triangle Face Shape

Named after the founder of Beardbrand, Eric Bandholz, Bandholz beard style is the maximum beard you can grow in the natural shape. It needs quite some patience to grow this beard as you can’t shave for 6-7 months. After you’ve grown the beard to its full length, you may trim it according to your preference.

A staple in beard growth, this old-school look is basically a large uniform beard without a mustache.

Short hairstyle with beard

3.) Sideburns or Mutton Chops | Circular or Square Face Shape

Sideburns are also called friendly mutton chops. Grow your sideburns and mustache till they meet, then shave the chin hair just below the lower lip area to achieve the look.

4.) Garibaldi or Short Bandholz | Oval & Rectangular Face Shape

Garibaldi is basically a shorter Bandholz. It’s perfect for you if you don’t have enough time to maintain a long beard. Naturally, grow your beard till it reaches 15-20cm. Then trim the lower area for a round shape.

Trimmed facial hair styles

This beard style is for those who love to wear a mustache. Grow mustache in the inverted U-shape and grow your beard close to the jawline with thin sideburns. This beard should be properly trimmed for a neat look.

You can never go wrong with stubble, and according to your choice, you can sport short, medium and long stubble. However, a maximum stubble length is around 6mm. Keep your desired length and then trim away the stray hair.

A mixture of a goatee and a mustache, this beard requires precise trimming. After growing long stubbles, shave off neck, cheeks and sideburn hairs, make an inverted T and keep the chin hair.

Several beard styles are in vogue nowadays but not every style suits everyone. Chose the beard shape and style according to your face shape and beard growth and then decide how you can make the best of both. Timely trim and maintain your beard for a ravishing neat look.

Lower beard styles


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