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Once a man starts shaving he has the ability to grow facial hair and create a facial hairstyle for himself. However, the willing to let the facial hair grow and then for a man to shave and manipulate it into a particular design makes it a distinctive facial hairstyle. The facial hairstyle designs range from the traditional mustache to the full beard and everything in between. The most popular facial hairstyles consist of the goatee with handlebars as the mustache links with the goatee, the shadow beard and the full beard. Good facial hair styles.

Not every facial hairstyle will look good on every man. For example, if a man has a square face than he will likely look best with a closely groomed beard. This look is usually worn by a young professional who has just finished university and wants to present a more mature look. This look is an actual beard that has been trimmed so that it lies close to the face but it is a beard that encompasses the total face. To maintain this look an individual needs to groom the beard with clippers or go to a barber to have it professionally tended to.

Now if a man has a diminishing hairline and a rectangle faces than he should shave every two to three days and wear a shadow beard which is also referred to as a five o’clock beard. This type of beard is worn by middle aged men who are not comfortable with the fact that most of their hair is disappearing and not growing back. This facial hair design takes the attention away from the top of the head and people focus on the man’s face.

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Another common facial hairstyle for middle aged men or even young men who may be carrying some weight in their face and have a round face is the groomed horseshoe mustache and goatee. This particular look is very common as the mustache is shaped so that it descends downward and connects with the cluster of hair located on the chin which is considered the goatee. Many young actors and athletes wear this facial hairstyle and it has become increasingly popular with young college aged men.

If you are a man with a triangular face than you are likely have a very young, baby face with a distinct chin. A medium beard is ideal for your face as it will make you look more mature and yet still enable you to not look too old as if you are trying to hard to look older. This is a very popular look for men between the ages of 25 and 40 years old as they attempt to define themselves at work and home.

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There are some men in the world who have a pear shape face and without a facial hairstyle the chin of these individuals is very prominent and almost seems out of proportion with the rest of their face. A full beard complements this face very well and can make a man seem much more distinguished and at ease with his status and his physical appearance. Full beards are generally worn by older men who are in positions of authority at their workplaces.

At our website you will find an assortment of facial hairstyles and we can help you choose the one that will best suit your face so that you are comfortable in whichever social or professional environment you may encounter.

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