Beard shapes. Varieties of male beards. Men's beards.

Recently, men began to use more the gift that nature gave them and which can make almost every one of them more beautiful and attractive. Until this very time in our heads, beards and mustaches were associated primarily with hipsters, priests, and homeless people. Mens shaped beards.

A beard and mustache can make a man more masculine, brutal, testosterone.

How to grow a beard?

And so... Where to start? Of course, first you need to grow a beard and mustache. Much depends on the hair color. If you are blond, the length of your stubble should be three times longer than that of brunettes. Why? Just because it will look no less impressive.

First you need not shave a couple of weeks to grow good-quality bristles - the foundation of your stylish mustache and beard. If hair grows in different sides and uneven - use elemental wax. Apply in the morning wax on problem areas of the bristles and heat the hair dryer. About six months later, you can become the owner of a luxurious beard.

How to care for a beard?

To care for your beautiful beard, you can use a variety of balms, lotions and other means. But the main tool of care is the trimmer for a beard and mustache trimmer. This device performs all sorts of functions - from daily shaving to trimming facial hair once a week or two. The trimmer for cutting beard and mustache is very simple - the work of two moving knives, nozzles for adjusting the length of the bristles and all.

Moser beard and mustache clippers are a real brand in the trimmer market. They are distinguished by the highest quality haircuts and reliability at the level of the rock.

Learning how to work with a trimmer is quite simple. No need to sign up for a beard and mustache cutting course.

How to choose a beard and mustache haircuts?

This business is purely individual. The shape and length of the haircut of your mustache and beard depend primarily on your tastes and the parameters of your physiognomy. It works principle, similar to the principle sunglasses - a certain model fits a certain type of face.

Owners triangular face It should visually make the chin more massive, using a horseshoe-shaped beard, a square. Such a decision will make the owner of the beard noticeably more brutal and courageous. Also do not interfere with the mustache average size.

For those who got a round face, the beard from temple to temple is the most suitable, which will help to visually lengthen the physiognomy. Also chubby, the classic goat beard is perfect.

Owners oval shape persons really lucky. They can try all types of beards and mustaches and everything will do. This face shape is in harmony with any form of facial hair.

But the type of beard and mustache depends not only on the shape of the face. Tall men will go bulk and fluffy beards, then as short, we recommend to stay on minimalism. Dark-haired more suitable compact beard without stubble on the cheeks, and blondes can afford a wide beard.

Types of haircutsbeard and mustache photo

Let's start with the classic types that will always remain in trend. Fashion haircuts mustache beard look like this

Now consider the most important new trends in the world of mustache beard trimming.

Short beard with lengthening

Modern bearded men call it "Rasputin style". Indeed, the model of a beard and mustache haircut very much reminds us of the aforementioned historical figure. Everything is very simple here - the entire haircut is short, only the tip of the beard is made twice as long as the other parts.

Universal thing. A peculiar combination of brutality and sexuality. Very easy to cut and care. Such a beard will fit a variety of styles of clothing, without conflict with the official one.

The fashion for wearing a mustache comes back to us from the distant seventies, when every star of the screen was the owner of this unique accessory. Here it is necessary to properly balance the mustache and beard, or the lack of it. Just properly groomed mustache is no less sexy thing than a beard.

If you do not want or for some important reasons can not wear a full beard, you can always make a choice in favor of elemental bristles. It is easy to operate and with timely care can look very, very decent. Fashionable beard and mustache haircuts photos do not end there.

Beard without a mustache

This trend has migrated in our days since last year. Everything is very simple here - just shave off your mustache. But keep in mind that without a mustache, you can use only certain types of beard haircuts.

You can make an even bigger leap in time to return to the era of sideburns. Owners of a round face shape will be very useful, because whiskers have the ability to visually lengthen facial features.

Particularly popular in 2016 will be a full, or Russian beard. And it will not soon lose its popularity, for it very well emphasizes the manliness of the face. It combines the features of minimal care and maximum attractiveness for certain representatives of the fair sex.

Full male beard involves the growth of stubble on the neck, chin, lip and cheeks. The length of the beard owner chooses. In the process of growth, the beard must be trimmed, creating its own unique beard and mustache trim. Full Russian beard photos can be viewed below.

Fast and safe! Cordless multifunctional beard trimmer, hair clippers, it will help you trim and shape the beard and hair.

We hope that our advice on the selection of the type of beard and mustache helped you. This business is very responsible and requires a certain and considerable time. But, if you follow all the rules of beard and mustache selection, achieve a good growth of the beard and take care of it regularly, you will become a real bearded handsome man.

In 2016, men's beards will be at the peak of fashion. Moreover, they can be completely diverse. With their help, guys and men can emphasize their individuality and masculinity. Although it is very sad sometimes to see a man walk with a long beard, but he behaves improperly. But what to do, many now wear a beard just because it is possible and stylish. But let's lose sight about what kinds of beard cuts exist at the moment.

Style of all fashion hairstyles and haircuts have now changed significantly. Significant unshavenness and the presence of a beard in the modern world have become an integral part of the brutal style. A large number of stylists have revised their views on the fashion world. And they came to the conclusion that it is time for men to forget about smooth-shaved skin on their face. The image of a confident hunter for women or the adventures of a man came to replace this style.

Initially, it is worth deciding on what kind of beard men can wear, depending on the shape of their face.

If you have a square face, you should pay attention to the option of a small short beard, which will be distributed throughout the face.

A rectangular face can be slightly lengthened with a horseshoe beard.

A round face may slightly align due to the beard-trapezoid connecting the right and left temple.

A triangular face will be rescued by a thick beard on the chin, which will smooth out a small disproportionality.

An oval face is considered to be the most successful for a beard, since any form can be used on it.

How to beard designs

How to grow a beard?

In the event that a man decided to change his image and grow a beard, he needs to take into account the following:

Each representative of the stronger sex has bristle growth in the area of ​​the neck and face, therefore, it is necessary to take into account the thickness and type of hair in order to choose a haircut for your fashion accessory. Those who have bad hair growing around their necks are best suited for a fashionable beard 2016 - an anchor.

Blond men more beard fit middle length. Dark stubble wins by the fact that it looks much more voluminous hair vegetation.

Before you start to get this fashion accessory, you should determine your hair type. In addition, it is worth listening to the advice of a hairdresser stylist.

Beard needs care. It should be laid with the help of various waxes, they should be applied in a minimum quantity. Otherwise, the effect of brutality will be lost.

Fashionable light bristles 2016

AT fashion trends again brutal light beard. This light stubble is today found in many celebrities. To get such trendy look, it is enough not to shave for several days. But you need to be careful. To impart beautiful view stubble, it is desirable to cut it. It will give her stylish shape. Light stubble from Bradley Cooper, Sergey Shnurov, Hugh Laurie.

Fashionable Beard - Anchor 2016

Among the haircuts in men enjoys beard anchor. It has a certain zest. On the chin the beard begins to lengthen. As a result, it really looks like an anchor or has the shape of a triangle. Even in the supplement can be a mustache pencil.

Fashionable men's mustache 2016

The mustache will be very relevant this season. The men who wear them have a rather impudent look. Wearing a mustache in all ages was considered quite prestigious. Not many men know that it was in the seventies that the whiskers had direct sexual overtones. It is believed that men who wear a mustache love life very much and have considerable power over women. Currently, almost all men who wear a mustache emphasize their individuality.

Fashionable Beard - Espanyol 2016

Among men, this type of beard trimming is considered to be one of the most popular, and the situation will change little in the coming year. Needless to say, it is precisely Espanyol that is preferred by creative individuals who are trying to express their individuality in a similar way. By the way, it is this haircut that will look very good on the triangular shape of the face.

Men's real "beard" 2016

I think that many people associate with a person from the scientific community, as many scientists often have a beard. Such beards are also inherent in religious associations (for example, Moses or Jesus). Thus, we can assume that this type of beard has great historical weight. This is a little old-fashioned style, but we still see young men who prefer this form of beard.

We offer you a selection of the brightest and fashion options. But do not forget that you need your face for yourself. So, for example, if you are the owner round face then the best option you will be a gentle, neatly cut beard and preferably with a mustache. Feel free to choose the option "" and experiment with it.

For a narrow type of face, on the contrary, “full beard” is more suitable. This image will give greater brutality, solidity and significance.

In order to achieve harmony for an elongated face, we recommend lowering the sideburns and do not cut them off strongly; they must be lush.

And of course, we advise the owners of the triangular oval to achieve the effect of weighting the lower part; you can try out the so-called "horseshoe" shape.

Types of male beards

Suvorov's beard

Its beginning comes from the temporal region, gently stretches down, passing along the cheekbones, emphasizing them and smoothly moving to the corners of the mouth. Not having a sharp change in direction and just gracefully turns into a mustache. Chin and cheek shaved clean.


Nowadays, a man can grow a mustache just to create his own image. And at the beginning of the 20th century, absolutely everyone had to wear a mustache in the ranks of the Russian army. Surely for this reason the stereotype still lives in us that if a man grew a mustache, then he is military, well, or close to them!

Now, if a man wears a mustache, then it reflects him as an independent person from society. Surely this is what this person wants. In addition, in our opinion, a mustache adds a certain exoticness to a person. Mustache fashion is back!

Her appearance resembles a full, neatly trimmed beard. But the difference is that there are no sideburns in the balboa look. The beard is massive and wide. You can supplement it with a mustache and a base under the lower lip, the main thing is high-quality care.

To create such an image will require no small experience and excellent skill. When switching to this style, use the services of a good specialist, do not be stingy. In addition, beard styles do not change so often, and you will eventually be able to learn the skill of watching the technique of your master.

Full beard / russian

Such an image emphasizes in the man as much as possible the kind for which the ladies love so much. Masculinity in our time is not enough. We do not argue that there are ladies who prefer smooth-shaven men, but a full beard is already obviously attracting the attention of the majority. The naturalness of such a look at the maximum and does not require much control.

The length you can control how your heart desires. The line on which the beard grows is always unique, and, as they say, nature is not mistaken! If you want, you can make the edging with a beard machine. Would you like to leave a natural outline? You are welcome! Natural beauty do not spoil. The mustache is the same story. Any kind of care will do.

Hollywood beard

In the thirties, this image was very popular. Everything new is not new at all, we just forgot about it well. Otherwise, it is also called "Brett". The form of a beard received such a name because of the heroes of the films. More precisely, if a Hollywood man considered himself “cool”, then he wore just such a style of beard.


Such an image came to us from the near 90s.. It should look neat and shortly cropped. If the haircut is done correctly, the beard will close the chin. With the help you will easily achieve an intelligent look and your image will be more subtle. For a perfect look, make the contour evenly rounded from the lips to the chin. She's supposed to continue the mustache line.


Despite the unflattering name that this type of haircut has received, such a beard is found quite often on the faces of our contemporaries. Usually bohemian personalities, subtle musical natures and unrecognized geniuses resort to it. And it should be noted that it goes to many.

She received such a name in antiquity, when people firmly believed in demons, and they depicted them just the same with a similar beard. These types of beards in men are also different, you can add your own elements and thereby emphasize their individuality.

A curtain

For this type of beard, sideburns need to grow along the bottom of the face. The chin area should be shaved smoothly. If desired, add a mustache to your look.


Increasingly, there are guys with overgrown stubble, a similar image betrays a certain charisma to a person, gives courage and attractiveness to appearance. Nowadays everything that is more practical is becoming fashionable. Such a beard helps to be stylish but at the same time does not take much time to care. All that is required to the maximum is to control the length. Cut it with a trimmer for a beard and mustache, leave a short layer of hair on your face, so you create the impression of well-groomed.

You have familiarized yourself with the main list, now you know the most current types of beard trimming and can determine your personal image.

In 2016, men's beards will be at the peak of fashion. Moreover, they can be completely diverse. With their help, guys and men can emphasize their individuality and masculinity. Although it is very sad sometimes to see a man walk with a long beard, but he behaves improperly. But what to do, many now wear a beard just because it is possible and stylish. But let's lose sight about what kinds of beard cuts exist at the moment.

A few years ago, a beard was worn except for hipsters and believers parishioners. But the real dude had to be always clean shaved, thus showing the ability and desire to care for their appearance. Now we return to the "primitive" fashion direction. 2016 is a time of natural beauty, which in men is manifested by the presence of a beard. But is it worth wearing a beard just because it is fashionable and stylish?

How to grow a beard to do it?

Everyone has their own type of beard. If you saw on television how the actor has stubble around her chin and cheeks smartly, this does not mean that it can grow like this for everyone. Each beard has its own peculiarity of growth.

If you have blonde hair you will be harder than black-haired. They only need to grow 3-6 mm to look solid, but you need about 12 mm.

Start by not shaving for a week or two. Determine what type of beard you have and care for it. If you are serious about this issue, it is best to contact the barber. He will certainly tell you how best to grow a beard.

Choosing a beard style

If the beard is still small and the hair sticks out in different directions, then use wax. In the morning, apply wax and heat it with a hair dryer. If the beard grows unevenly and ugly - leave places where it is thicker and experiment.

When six months have passed, the beard should already look impressive. Or very close to this result. But you should watch it every day: combing it, washing it as often as you wash your hair. And then it will serve you even longer than your hair on your head.

Fashionable full male beard 2016 photo

The most common and popular and all-encompassing beard is a full or as else it is called Russian. It is precisely because this beard emphasizes masculinity that it enjoys such popularity. The style of this beard is to make the appearance of the minimum control over the growth of the beard, but the maximum of its routine and naturalness.

Full male beard implies the growth of stubble on the neck and cheeks, as well as the chin and lip. The length of the beard in this style is controlled by its owner. In the process of growth, the beard must be dubbed, thereby you can create your own unique beard haircut. Photo fashionable full or Russian male beard can be viewed below.

Fashionable brutal beard 2016 photo

This type can be called the most brutal type of beard. And if you pay attention to the photo in fashionable glossy magazines, it is easy to see that every second guy has a light bristle. Only here some people think that this effect can be achieved very simply - do not fight for a couple of days and that's it. But in reality, this is not at all the case. In order to create this image, you need to work hard and spend a lot of time.

Fashionable men's beard - anchor 2016 photo

The 2016-anchor beard differs from other types of this accessory in that the bristles on the cheeks are neatly trimmed, and the hair on the chin is decorated so that it visually lengthens the face. In addition to this beard, thin mustache-pencils are necessarily worn.

Fashionable men's mustache 2016 photo

A man who wears a mustache looks a little cocky. Historically, it was cool. Then in the 70s, the mustache had sexual overtones. This meant that the man is a swagger, loves porn, experiments in sex. Many gays and bisexuals wore a mustache, and this was a hallmark of free thinking. I think the young guys who wear a mustache confidently enough do not care at all that you can assume their preferences.

Fashionable men's beard with biker mustache 2016 photo

A man who can be described as stubborn. This style has always been considered a biker mustache, and then a fighter. Or when a famous person as Hulk Hogan adheres to this style, the mustache of this form is associated with it.

Fashionable men's beard Espanyol 2016 photo

Among men, this type of beard trimming is considered to be one of the most popular, and the situation will change little in the coming year. Needless to say, it is precisely Espanyol that is preferred by creative individuals who are trying to express their individuality in a similar way. By the way, it is this haircut that will look very good on the triangular shape of the face.

Male beard is a symbol of brutality. More recently, a sign of success and stylish men there was a smooth shaven face. And today, more and more representatives of the stronger sex prefer to grow a luxurious thick beard. Those who think that this is a manifestation of laziness (they say, not to shave every day) are deeply mistaken, because a beard requires careful care.

Why are women attracted to a beard?

Wearing a beard is not just a tribute to fashion and principles. For many, this is a way to attract the opposite sex. Male beards, stylish and brutal, have always attracted women. Anthropologists have conducted some research on this issue. It turns out that a beard is a powerful tool not only for humans, but also for many representatives of the animal world.

Scientists who conducted research in primates have shown that some males have distinctive features that make them more attractive to females and ensure competitiveness over other individuals. So, depending on the type of monkey it can be big cheeks, an elongated nose or a growth on the lip. Scientists have concluded that a person’s beard performs a similar function.

Confirmation of this guess can be found in the UK 1800-1900. Then the number of young women was significantly less than the male population. It was then that the British began to wear intricate mustaches and beards to attract the attention of girls.

Main types

Speaking of the beard, many do not even imagine how many varieties and forms of such a "decoration" are known today. Everyone can choose an option that is suitable for a particular appearance. Here are the most popular types of male beards:

Full beard - takes up space from the temple to the temple, and also implies the presence of a mustache, which smoothly into the bulk of the hair.

"Goat's beard" - a small bezel near the chin with an island in the middle.

"Island" - a small amount of hair under the lower lip.

"Van Dyk" - goat beard in combination with a mustache.

"Suvorov" - small antennae in combination with curly sideburns.

"Anchor" - goat beard, elongated and pointed downwards. Implies the presence of a mustache.

"Chin" - a wide continuous bezel, which from one temple through the chin passes to another temple.

"Duck ponytail" - an elongated full beard with a pointed end.

"Insect" - two tails hanging from the sides of the chin.

"Franz Joseph" - a mustache lowered down and turning into sideburns. Chin free.

"French fork" - a full beard, the long part of which is divided in two.

Garibaldi is a full square beard.

"Sails" - long sideburns with a mustache.

The choice of the shape of the beard by type of person

Male beard is not just an element of style. With this detail, you can emphasize facial features or hide flaws. So, depending on the shape of your head, the beard can be arranged as follows:

Holders of a square face will go a small beard under the lower lip. Well, if she will triangular shape (this will help make the oval more correct).

The triangular face may somewhat adjust the rounded broad beard that goes from the temples to the chin.

The task of chubby men is to lengthen the oval, here will help spectacular mustache, turning into a beard. It should be square.

If the shape of the face resembles a pear (a face with an extended chin), it is undesirable to wear a beard. However, if you want to join the general trend, focus on long sideburns.

The classic oval face gives unlimited opportunities to experiment with a beard. Even the usual three-day stubble will look spectacular.

Cool mens facial hair styles

Men's hairstyles with a beard

A beard is not an independent element, but only part of a common ensemble, which also includes a haircut. They must be in harmony with each other. So, men's hairstyles with a beard imply the following basic options:

If you have beautiful shape skull the best option will become shaved head (or a small "hedgehog"). Such images will suit both young, self-confident guys and men over 30.

Long hair looks great with both beard and mustache. Especially stylish your hairstyle will look if you collect the hair at the top with gum.

Blend well male mustache, a beard with hairstyles, implying an elongated top. It can be laid back or left strands casually falling on his forehead.

Some rules

Many people mistakenly believe that a male beard is good in itself and does not require any additional care. Pay attention to the following rules:

If you plan to constantly wear a beard, you will have to purchase a special machine. Of course, you can use a razor, but it is less effective.

Beard requires daily care. Therefore, every morning you need to adjust the length of the hairs, preventing overgrowing.

If you are not satisfied with the color of the beard, or gray hair appeared on it, do not try to paint it with female hair dye. For the male beard, special dyes are provided that provide rich color and safety.

If you combine a beard with sideburns, you will have to carefully care for the ear area. From the shells you need to remove all the hairs with tweezers or a special machine.

How to care for a beard

Fashionable men's beards require regular and thorough care. You should follow these basic rules:

every day, adjust the length and borders of the beard with a typewriter, razor or scissors;

after each meal, you should carefully examine the facial hair to see if there are any food particles left in it (ideally, you should wash it with shampoo, especially if you ate something fat);

use special gels, varnishes and waxes that will help give your beard the desired shape and fix it for the whole day;

for washing hair, choose products on a natural basis, which will not cause skin irritation;

if you have a long beard, you need to comb it regularly (to facilitate this process, use special conditioners);

do not use a hair dryer for drying hair, because it will negatively affect the condition of the skin (just use a towel);

to beard beautiful and healthy, periodically process it with natural oils (burdock, castor or coconut);

if your beard is too rare or does not grow fast enough, get a dermaroller and a special serum for home mesotherapy.

Beard benefits

Male mustache, beard have a lot of advantages. Reviews allow us to highlight the following positive points:

there is no need to shave the grown stubble daily, which saves a lot of nerves and time;

considering that you do not need to use the machine, the condition of the skin is significantly improved;

a beard allows you to hide the lack of appearance or adjust the shape of the face;

if you have a youthful type of face, the beautifully designed "vegetation" will add to him courage;

a beautiful and well-groomed beard creates an aura of success and high social status around its owner;

such decoration attracts representatives of the opposite sex;

the beard is growing fast enough, and therefore you can constantly experiment with its forms;

if you are tired of facial hair, you can shave it in minutes.

Is male beard dangerous to health?

More recently, American scientists conducted a study, the results of which shocked the representatives of the stronger sex. It turns out that men's beards, stylish and brutal, are a breeding ground for bacteria. Analysis of microflora allows you to compare it with the one that is contained (sorry!) Under the rim of the toilet bowl.

Scientists have concluded that the largest number of microorganisms is concentrated around the mouth, as well as on the whiskers. That is, owners of lush vegetation are more vulnerable than others to skin diseases, intestinal bacteria and colds. Thus, the owners of the beard should be treated several times a day with antibacterial soap (especially after meals).


Men's short beards, long or decorative sideburns and antennae - all this is at the peak of popularity today. However, to look spectacular, you will have to put a lot of effort. Do not think that a beard is a way to get rid of daily shaving and other related problems. Care will only increase, because you need to keep fit, good texture, and also carefully monitor hygiene. But the right beard will help you hide the flaws in appearance and correct the shape of the face.
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