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The 6 Most Attractive Beard Styles Women Love

There was a study done in 2016, where women were shown different men with different levels of facial hair. These women found the short stubble the most attractive, and the grown-out beard to be a key sign to a guy who is ready to hold down a relationship. This study got me thinking. Women love facial hair, but what styles are the best? Here are the six most attractive beard styles that women love! The best beard style.


Any guy can rock the stubble. This is perfect for the guys that have patchy beards. When you keep your facial hair low, it actually makes it look like you have a lot more hair then you actually do. This is one of the reasons why women tend to find this look the most attractable. Also, the women that were surveyed within the study previously mentioned, said the guys with stubble beards were thought to be more into flings rather than a full-blown relationship. I just thought that was pretty interesting to note. Maybe because you look so attractive, women tend to think you’re a player. Who knows. But what we do know, is that this look is guaranteed to get you the ladies!

This is for the guy who wants to show off his hair growing abilities with that lumberjack look, but either your work or your girl doesn’t allow you to grow it any further. Out of the women surveyed, they saw guys with full grown beards to be better at full time relationships than any other look. This is due to the fact that a full beard showcases status, age, and overall dominance. The thing is that to achieve good looking facial hair you need to properly take care of it. But don’t worry, I have you covered. Our sponsor, Dollar Shave Club, is the best way to do this.

How to trim a beard

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Full beards are very interesting. Women see full beards as the manliest and most masculine. So, the fuller the beard, the more masculine you are in women’s eyes. This makes sense, because in order to fulfill this long of a beard you need to be jacked up on testosterone. Out of all the beards on the survey mentioned, this style was rated the highest for being mature and parenting ability. Kind of interesting.

Beard styles for businessmen

Out of all the beard styles, I like this one the best. This style consists of a full mustache with a nicely trimmed, short beard. It’s simply a style that showcases the mustache and gives it the spotlight it deserves. This a great look to rock if you want to stand out from the norm and just rock something different. Women love this and I think it’s a very under rated look that many guys should give a try.

Goatee Beard

This look was made popular by the legend, Leonardo DiCaprio. The truth to this style is, if you get patchy cheeks when you choose to grow out your beard, this look will work for you. However, in my opinion, if you’re under 20 years old or so, id avoid this look. This style is more for the middle-aged male who wants to rock something different from everyone else. Not only will you look sophisticated with this look, but you’ll also “wow” the ladies. Not to mention, you’re going to look like a mature stud.

Types of beard styles
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