Short hair and beard styles 2016. 27 Beard Styles for Men (Illustrated Chart)

Welcome to our epic beard styles article. Above I feature one of my favorite actors, Jeff Bridges who is sporting a great beard. Different beard styles for men.

Beards are in. Interestingly, there’s no one single type of beard that is most popular right now. In the 1990’s, the goatee reigned supreme, but these days you see all types of beards which is super cool.

If you want to grow a beard but aren’t sure which kind, check out all the different types below. We have a full beard styles chart followed by descriptions of each.

1. Ducktail

This sophisticated beard is a relative newcomer to popular beard types, but due to the great look that it offers and it’s professionalism along with a bit of rebelliousness, it’s likely to be a popular style for a long time to come. This is great for the man who is unable to grow a lot of hair below their lips or on their upper cheeks but still is a full look that many people find attractive. This style is best for round, inverted triangle, diamond, and rectangular face shapes, and starts out as a full beard that you will then trim regularly to keep it looking neat. It’s important to spend time combing this beard, as otherwise it can tend to get a little unruly. Because this beard can be kept long or short, it’s a great style for many men and is versatile enough to wear trimmed and neat to the office or out on the town with friends.

2. A la Souvarov

This moustache and sideburns combination is becoming more and more obscure. Named after the famous Alexander Suvorov, a Russian general, this beard takes regular maintenance in order for it to continue to look its best. It looks great on men who have large features and who aren’t timid, as it is sure to attract a fair amount of attention. To ensure a thick beard, it’s best to start out growing a full beard and then carefully shave away the hair on your upper cheeks, as well as on your chin and along your jawline. To keep it from looking scruffy, it will need to be touched up on a regular basis.

3. French Fork

This distinctive beard is sometimes confused with “the Sparrow,” but the hair on the chin is not generally braided. It’s a full beard with plenty of volume all throughout the beard, but when it extends from the face and the chin it splits into two defined parts. This is a romantic beard with a murky background that looks great on artists and vintage lovers. While it can be left to grow wild, it generally looks best when it has been groomed and maintained. Make sure the neck is clean to better showcase the interesting lines of this beard. It generally takes about four months for a man to grow a respectable French Fork beard before it can be trimmed into an easily distinguished shape. This beard does a great job of strengthening the jaw and making the face look more rectangular while also hiding pointed chins.

4. Anchor

While this type of beard may take a little longer to grow and style, the end result is generally worth it and looks great on men who have square, round, or oblong faces. This is a type of daring facial hair that is not so wild that it is unwelcome in board meetings. As long as it is kept neatly trimmed, it will improve your overall appearance. Begin this process by trimming your whole beard and then cleaning your neck and the edge of your chin. Create a goatee three inches out from your chin on each side and trim the edges of the goatee. The facial hair under the lips should be in a rectangular shape and attached to the goatee. Mustaches can vary with this style, so choose one that you enjoy and which suits your face.

5. Soul Patch

Not so much a beard as just a small patch of hair below the chin, this facial hair option is very polarizing. If you are a fan of the soul patch, then you will want to make sure that yours is cleanly shaven so that it looks its best. It’s very popular among jazz musicians, but you are unlikely to see it very often due to its controversial appearance. Most men can easily wear the soul patch, although men with round faces will need to be careful to make sure that it is improving their appearance. Make sure that all of your face and neck are neatly shaven, leaving just a triangle of facial hair under your chin. It needs to be kept trimmed at all times and there should be a defined space between the soul patch and your chin. By keeping it shorter and trimmer you can keep this style looking its best without it looking like a failed attempt at growing a full beard.

6. Handlebar and Chin Puff

Most people already know what a handlebar mustache is, but they may not have ever considered combining it with a chin puff. A thick, full moustache that is turned up at the edges is distinctive and sets the men that have one apart from all other men in a room. While this moustache doesn’t work on everyone, if you want to make a statement with your facial hair, have a longer face, and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, then a combination handlebar moustache and chin puff may be perfect for you. You will need to grow out both your moustache and your beard to be able to perfect this style. Your moustache will have to be regularly waxed or you will not be able to get it to stay in the desired style with the edges curled up. The chin puff is very similar to a goatee but only covers the very inside of the chin. You can grow out the chin puff as long as you want, but be sure not to let it look too thin at the end or it will detract from the moustache. It’s important that you take care to consider how thick your moustache and chin puff are, as you want them to appear equally full and kept. This will improve the appearance of your entire look.

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7. Friendly Mutton Chops

This beard style is almost exactly like the traditional mutton chops style except for one major difference – the friendly mutton chops includes a moustache. This means that your sideburns/chops will connect over your mouth with your moustache. If you are trying to grow your traditional mutton chops into a friendly version, then you will want to shave off the bottom of your chops as soon as you connect them with your moustache. Shave them equal with the corners of your mouth for the best look. Again, like traditional mutton chops, this beard style looks great on men who have round or oval faces, but if you have a pointy chin, you will want to avoid this style. Make sure that there is a straight line from your mouth to your chin, and ensure that your neck is kept clear all the way up to your jaw. Using a high quality trimmer designed for beards is a much better choice than using a razor.

8. Van Dyke

This beard is in the middle of a revival thanks to popular musicians loving and wearing the style. A pointed moustache combined with a short, pointy beard will make you stand out from the crowd, and will showcase your style and your confidence. It’s optional whether or not to wax the moustache, and it looks great either way. Don’t shave for about ten days, then clean your cheeks and neck, leaving your moustache and facial hair on the chin. It’s important to stay on top of trimming your beard to keep it in the correct shape, but you will want to be careful to allow it to grow into a point, as it will look its best that way. Also be careful that you do not make your chin beard too skinny, as you want it to have some thickness to it.

9. Rap Industry Standard

The problem that some men run into when they try to shave their facial hair into this type of beard is that if they don’t make the beard thin enough, it simply won’t look right. It’s a ring around the mouth that also outlines the jawline and connects to the sideburns. When done well, it will frame the face, make features pop, and look amazing, but when left too thick, it is not very attractive. The hair will be kept short, and this beard requires a fair amount of maintenance to keep it looking great.

10. Old Dutch

This beard is slowly growing in popularity but is still associated with the Amish or with lumberjacks and has yet to hit the mainstream. It consists of a thick, full beard and no moustache. The Old Dutch never has a moustache. It is connected to the sideburns, but the cheeks are clean shaven and the beard itself is allowed to flare out or be squared off. This beard looks best on men with oval faces, although anyone can grow out this impressive facial hair.

11. Franz Josef

This beard style is what happens when Mutton Chops aren’t kept trimmed and neat. Due to its large appearance and bushy style, it works best on men who are incredibly confident as well as patient, as you will have to grow out both the beard and the moustache for a long time before you can trim it into this style. The end goal of this beard is to have a solid line that extends from the sideburns down to cover the lower cheeks, and then up to cover the upper lip. Everything below the lip needs to be clean, and there needs to be a defined line along the neck for this style to look its absolute best. Make sure that the upper cheeks are clean shaven, and don’t be afraid to use a beard comb to get as much volume as possible into your style. It will take time to grow out this style, and most men begin by growing full, thick facial hair and then shaving off the upper checks, neckline, and chin to achieve this distinctive look.

12. Mutton Chops

This beard is multi-generational and looks great on men of all ages. This is a great vintage beard that won’t go out of style any time soon. It looks best on men who have oval or round faces, and men who have particularly pointy chins should avoid them. Men with long or thin faces will need to make sure that their mutton chops are nice and bushy so that they look their best, and starting out by growing a full beard is a great way to start this style with confidence. Some mutton chops have hair growing all the way to the line of the chin, while other men prefer to have a slight flare in their beard. Whatever you choose, it’s imperative that your beard is symmetrical, or it will not look even or equal. The first time that you shave your beard into mutton chops, you will want to make sure to leave them larger than you intend your final style to be so you have room to correct any mistakes that you make.

13. Goatee

There are a number of different goatee styles, but the classic has been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be losing popularity. While a full goatee does have a moustache, the classic version does not, and this is the main difference between the two. Neatly trimmed hair is key to keeping this style looking its best, and the men who wear it are generally casual and go-with-the-flow people who aren’t too terribly worried about their facial hair. While men with all face shapes can wear a goatee and pull it off, it usually looks its best when the man has a rounder face. In addition, it looks great on men who are bald or thinning, as long as the hair is kept neat and not grown out. Goatees will instantly add a few years to your face, helping you shed your “baby face” appearance and command more respect from those you interact with. The goatee shouldn’t grow longer than about an inch and should never extend out past the mouth, as this will venture into more of a full beard. While it’s a relatively easy style to maintain, without regular trims it will look scruffy and will lose its visual appeal.

14. Balbo

This popular beard style is a very special combination of chin hair, a moustache, and clean shaven cheeks. There’s also a soul patch in this beard style, and it connects to the hair on the chin. It’s a very bold style that requires a confident man to pull it off, and while it looks good on any kind of face, men who have diamond or square faces tend to look the best. It’s fairly easy to get this style, and men need to start by allowing their whole beard to grow out for one and a half to two months to ensure that they have enough hair to work with. The trimming is what’s difficult, as you want to make sure that you don’t take off too much hair, or else you will need to shave the whole thing and start fresh. It’s also important that you achieve perfect symmetry when shaving the cheeks, and if you have problems with this then you will need to go to a barber who can help, as this style relies on the beard being symmetrical.

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15. Short Boxed Beard

It seems like most men who can grow a beard have worn this style at some point in their life. It provides a great way to outline the jaw and emphasize a strong jawline while also showcasing the cheekbones and making them look great. Because it’s kept shorter and more trimmed than a full and bushy beard, it’s more acceptable than other longer styles, and many men can easily and happily wear this beard to work. When you keep it well defined you can even grow it out a little more than may be acceptable with other beard styles, but it’s important to keep it clean and neatly trimmed or it can easily begin look a little out of control. Round, heart, oval, and angular faces all carry this beard well, but its strong outline can be a little heavy on a square face, so men with such faces need to be careful not to let it become too full-looking. It is imperative to keep the cheeks clean and then let the beard grow about two inches longer than the jaw. If you prefer a more natural look then trim the hair a little shorter. Of course, this beard requires regular upkeep, but the end result is worth it.

16. Hulihee

Men who wear this style of beard are few and far between, as it’s not a particularly popular style anymore. That’s not to say it can’t look great, but it’s important that it is taken care of and trimmed or it can begin to look a little out of control. Men who have oval-shaped faces look best with this style of beard, although it is so avant garde that any man who wants to wear it can. It certainly is a statement beard, and it consists of very long mutton chops that border on the length of wings. The chin is clean shaven but the chops are connected by a moustache. The style of moustache varies, but it’s important that it balances the weight of the mutton chops or the style can look a little strange. While you’ll be hard pressed to find many men who enjoy this style on a regular basis, the right personality can pull it off. It’s important that they have a supportive job, however, as it’s not a style that fits in easily in a corporate office.

17. Handlebar and Goatee

Similar to a handlebar and a chin puff, this style looks great on men who have longer faces and who aren’t afraid of facial hair that makes a statement. While the handlebar and the goatee can both be worn separately, they look great together. It is important that the handlebar moustache is quite full so that it can be waxed and the ends twisted up and in or it will simply look like a full moustache that does not have any style. Because the moustache will be so well taken care of, the goatee will need to be regularly trimmed and have straight lines, or else the look can begin to feel a little unbalanced. When kept neat, this beard and moustache combination is usually welcome in most offices, but tends to have more a Western feel to it.

18. Garibaldi

This is a bold, in-your-face, full, and wild beard that says a lot about your affinity for your facial hair and makes a statement wherever you go. This macho beard is perfect for the man who has spent a lot of time in the gym and has a large, hard body to show for it. Men with all face shapes can easily wear this beard, although it tends to look its best when on a square or rectangular face. Because it is a full beard, you will have to be patient when letting your facial hair grow out so you have a full foundation with which to start. This beard is a little longer than most men are comfortable wearing, and is rounded at the bottom to keep it in check. When your beard grows out and begins to taper to a point, you will want to make sure that you trim it regularly to keep it in this style. It looks best with a neatly groomed moustache that is no longer than the beard.

19. Klingon

Watch out, Star Trek fans, this may be the beard for you. Ideal on rectangular faces due to the strong lines that it creates and the outlining of the chin and jawbone, this beard will draw a lot of visual interest to your chin and your cheekbones, so it’s a great way to show off chiseled facial features if you have them. Even if you don’t, you can still wear this style, but you will want to make sure that the hair on your chin is full enough to carry the look. While it’s almost a short or medium beard without a moustache, the detail that sets this beard apart is the hair on the chin. A small soul patch connects to the hair on the chin and then there is some space before more chin hair curves up towards the outsides of the mouth. Like most beards, symmetry is key and will make this beard look designed and purposeful and less like you are simply unable to grow a lot of hair on your chin and below your lower lip.

20. Chin Curtain

This beard is very popular among the Amish and consists of facial hair on the jawline connected to a full and bushy beard that can be quite long, depending on personal preference. There is no moustache with this beard. Men who have oval faces or larger faces in general will look great with this style of beard. You need to start with a full beard, minus the moustache, and make sure that you trim it regularly to keep it shaped and looking its best. The only limit as to how long you want your beard to be is how long you are willing to grow it.

21. Hollywoodian

This is one of the most popular beard types and it generally feels a little vintage just the way that mutton chops do, which isn’t surprising considering all of the older actors who have worn this style of beard both on and off the big screen. It’s basically a connected moustache and goatee, which works great to define and chisel your jawline and keep you a lot cooler in the summer than a full beard does. This beard was practically made for men who have high, defined cheekbones and want to show them off. You also want your chin to be obvious, and square faces are perfect for this style. Start clean, then grow your beard for a month before shaving your upper cheeks. Make sure to leave a thin line of beard from your chin, along the jawbone, to your b'[[eard. Do not connect your sideburns and beard, and make sure that your neck is clean. Your soul patch should be rectangular, and your chin needs to be connected to the moustache.

22. Napoleon III Imperial

This beard and o combination is sure to make a huge impression on anyone who sees it. The moustache is wider than the average moustache because it is actually connected to some of the hairs on the cheeks. The edges do not generally curve up very much, but you can use some wax and coax them into a curled appearance if you so desire. On the chin, it’s important to grow a slim goatee and then allow it to reach a fair length. Part of the interest in this beard is the shaping at the top, as it is generally very round, covering the center of the chin. While you want full and thick hair for this look, the beard or goatee will end in more of a point, so don’t snip off the triangular bottom to keep the hair looking as thick as possible. Depending on how clean you keep this look, you may be able to wear it in offices, but it has to be kept trimmed and neat to look its best.

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23. Petit Goatee

Perfect for the man who has a square face and wants to emphasize his chin, the petit goatee is simply a smaller, more subdued version of a regular goatee. It starts under the mouth and does not get much longer than the chin. It is generally kept shorter and closer to the face, so you will never see one that is very long or out of control. It’s great if you want to wear a goatee but need to be able to dress a little more conservatively. The best way to get this facial hair is to grow out a normal goatee and then carefully trim it into the petit version. This ensures that the goatee is nice and full and won’t look scraggly or unkempt.

24. The Mighty El Insecto

This beard is the perfect choice for men who really want facial hair but have problems growing out a full, thick beard. It relies on only a little hair off of the chin and is almost like a dual goatee or a very paired down sparrow. What is important is that you wear this style with complete confidence and take care to keep it trimmed regularly so that it looks neat and not just like stray hairs growing on your chin.

25. Sparrow

Made popular by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, this beard is a statement to everyone who sees it. It combines a number of different styles that all need to be perfect in order for this type of beard to work well. It’s perfect for a rebel or someone who just likes to have fun, and looks best on round, oval, or rectangular faces. Begin growing this beard by shaving your neck and cheeks, growing out your moustache, and turning the soul patch into a downward triangle. After the hair on your chin grows out a few inches, you will be able to braid two braids and even add beads to them if you’d like. Braiding can take a bit of practice, and it’s important that your two braids are the same length to keep this beard from coming off a little too wild.

26. The Zappa

Perfect for men with square faces who have trouble growing more than just stubble on their cheeks, the Zappa is a combination of a rectangular soul patch, a thick and full moustache gently curving down, and slight stubble left on the cheeks. It’s important that the moustache is very bushy and full, as one that is too thin will not look right with the soul patch and will create a different beard type entirely. Begin by trimming all of your facial hair and then outlining your moustache, letting it extend down about two inches towards your chin, and keeping it around one inch wide. Leave only a little space in between the moustache and the soul patch, and then clearly shape it so that it looks neat. Now you can shave the stubble on your cheeks to your desire length.
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