Beard styles for long beards. Which Beard Style Is Best For Your Face Shape

It has been said that a beard is what gives a man character and it’s such a good feeling to be able to grow one. Beard styles for oval face.

When it comes to men’s grooming however, it takes more than a beard to look great and stylish. Believe it or not, for that perfect beard trimming experience the shape of your face should determine the kind of beard that you grow.

Types Of Face Shapes

All men were created equal, but all men don’t look the same. As such, you shouldn’t be handling your grooming like every other man.

When you have a round face, your jawline and cheekbones are wide with a short chin.

Oval faces tend to be round at the top as well as the bottom but just slightly longer.

With an oval face, there isn’t a lot of jawline definition and the cheeks are not that long, ending up with a slightly extended round face.

Basically, if you have a square face, you have a square jawline as well as the hairline.

As such, square faces are not exactly slim since the jawline forms hard angles and the broader hairline ends up creating a wider shape.

With a rectangular face, the forehead, the cheekbones and jawline are all of the same sizes and you end up with a long face, with the jawbones sitting just above the mouth with a deep and square chin.

The length of the face is the greatest measurement with a diamond face. The cheekbones are the widest and the forehead and jawline are narrow forming a diamond kind of shape.

The forehead is wider than the jawline and cheekbones. The chin in this kind of face tends to be pointed.

Best hairstyle with beard

With this kind of shape, you will have a prominent chin and jawline that measures greater than your cheekbones.

Perfect Beard Styles For Different Face Shapes

If you have a round face, when you are trimming your beard, you need a beard style that creates that illusion of an angular face. As such, you need a beard that emphasizes on your chin.

Consider a beard style that is longer on the chin and shorter on the cheekbones. Try and avoid thick as well as long beards as they only make your face look even rounder.

Basically, if you have an oval shape, you should count yourself lucky because you can easily get away with any kind of beard style.

However, for the perfect beard trimming experience, consider a short beard that has clean lines for definition.

If you have a square face, what you need is a beard that highlights your strong jawline rather than exaggerate it.

Instead of going for a beard that has sharp right angles, try to round up your chin with a softer narrower beard such as the circle beard that will accentuate the jaw and lengthen your chin.

You might also want to try a beard without sideburns but with a trimmed and floating mustache.

With this kind of face, you need a beard that makes the face appear a bit fuller like mutton chops or a chinstrap beard.

You might also want to consider a mustache style that tends to vertically break up your face like the horseshoe or chevron mustache.

Short beard long mustache

You can also combine two like a circle beard with a horseshoe mustache for additional volume to the lower part of your face.

Try to reduce the prominence of your cheekbones by keeping hair on the chin and going wider on the sides of the face and cheeks.

You can try beard styles such as the chin strap, a full beard, Balbo or even a mustache combo or a goatee.

You need to create the illusion of a full and square jawline. As such, consider a long and thick beard, a chin curtain, mutton chops or an extended goatee.

If you have this kind of face, the goal is to draw attention away from the chin by having hair higher up on your face.

Try and avoid having hair on your cheeks so that the jawline is not emphasized.

Keep short hair on the chin instead. You can try a beardstache or a heavy beard with a full mustache.

How to Achieve and Maintain That Beard Style

First of all, the most important thing when it comes to maintaining your beard style is patience. It will take some time to achieve that perfect beard look that brings out the best in you but it will happen.

Also always ensure that you match your beard style to your face shape. If you have an oval face, you know that you can get away with anything.

Other shapes, on the other hand, are a bit tricky and you need a beard that highlights some features while at the same time toning down on others.

Best beard styles for men

Always know how and most importantly when to trim your beard to maintain that its style. Wash the beard regularly and always use beard oil for a softer and shiner beard and there are so many beard oil varieties you can choose from.

Learn how to train your beard with a beard comb or brush because while regular trimming will maintain the shape, a rubdown daily will help wrangle the stubborn hairs and help them grow downward.

Take care of the mustache also by trimming it regularly around the philtrum to keep it naturally sculpted and finally, eat the right foods like nuts, egg yolks, lean meat, milk, and greens.

Most Common Face Shape and Beard Style

The most common face shapes for men is the rectangular, square and round face. As such, the most common beard styles are the full beard, chin strap, chin curtain, Balbo and the goatee and mustache.

Some men will go for these styles even when their face shapes are not for them which is wrong. When it comes to bead styles, it takes more than just a few trimmings here and there. You need to consider your face shape and trim your beard to fit it. Your beard tells a lot about you and defines your character as a man at the end of the day.

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