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Beards are a huge trend in men’s fashion world and the stats prove it too. The upcoming generation has boosted the beard game, and we can see amazing styles in beards. The beard style and size variation are growing immensely, which shows that it’s being loved more and more. Also, the clean shave is not much supported either. And let’s just agree to the fact that there are some really impressive beard styles out there, and men are carrying them in a very decent and stylish manner too. A properly groomed beard is unbeatable and portrays the best outlook for men. Beard styles for oval face.

If you are interested in keeping a beard too, then we have summed up some really trendy, stylish and amazing beard styles for all of you, right here. All the beard enthusiasts will certainly adore these styles, as they make you look extremely well-groomed and chic. Also, the fashion influencers, models and celebrities have a huge influence on men when it comes to opting for the best beard style. There is no exception that grooming your beard can make you look like a model. However, you must have an aesthetic dressing sense too. If celebrities can rock the best beard styles, then why can’t you?


We have enlisted the top 10 beard styles for all of you, along with the face types they are accurate for. We also mention some quick tips as to how you keep achieving them and also keep them amazingly iconic and grow them the right way. Most of these are usually seen by famous athletes, models and celebrities as they flaunt their perfect beards around town. Some of these styles will also help you in adding the last touch to your attire and appearance and will help you in boosting your confidence too. It all depends upon you and how you decide to look at your beard and carry it as well. Here are the top 10 beard styles to opt for in 2018 and make a style statement.


This is one of the most common beard styles that men opt for, and let’s admit the fact that this does appear to be one of the most decent, yet sexiest beard styles out there. We have seen Keanu Reeves flaunt the all-natural beard in the best manner. He is a massively successful celebrity, and his charming looks are famous around the industry. One of the best things that all men can learn from him is how to keep an all-natural beard trimmed and natural. He has made an exemplary style of his all-natural beard by keeping it extremely well groomed.

An all-natural beard is not the thickest or the fullest beard that you get, but if you carry it right, it’s one of the best beard styles to pick. This is a scruffier kind of beard, and you need to let your facial hair come out naturally. However, you need to keep it trimmed into a short length and make sure that you don’t let it grow out massively. The presentation of the beard needs to be kept natural so that your style looks intentional and not lazy or ugly. As this is an all-natural beard, it fits in to every face shape. You need to trim it according to your face type and keep your facial hair according to your cut.


The king of the full beard style is definitely Brad Pitt for us as we think he has maintained and groomed his beard style in the best way. The full beard, from brad Pitt’s point of view, is a little decent and maintained. You need to trim your upper cheeks and not aim for the dirty, fully grown (out grown = vokst ifra, blitt for stor) facial hair look. Trim the sides and let the beard come out longer from the chin alone. You can always keep tidying it and keep the length of your chin hair according to whatever you like the best.

However, this style of beard doesn’t suit everyone. It’s best for men who have a wider cheekbone. Why is this so? This is because the depth of the beard aids in hiding off the prominence of the cheeks. People with long or oval faces won’t enjoy this beard style a lot as this won’t suit them well enough.


A simple mustache holds a lot of power, no matter what you do. And we have James Franco as our ultimate example of the best man with the best mustache. If you are one of those guys who wouldn’t want to grow a lot of their facial hair, then this simple mustache is definitely your style. YOU BET!

You can see the simple mustache in different ways and you can opt for whatever mustache style that you want with this one. However, you need to keep the rest of your style completely tidy and in a clean shave manner to stick to the simple mustache type. There are a lot of mustache styles which are meant for different face types. However, the simple mustache works with any face shape and there is no strickt and fixed rule for them.

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If you are looking for the finest inspiration for the Balbo beard style, then there is no one better than Christian Bale. He carries the Balbo beard in the finest manner and looks handsome and decent as ever. There are various transformations in Christian Bale’s beards, but he has carried the Balbo style in the best way.

For the perfect Balbo look, you need to shave off the side burns totally. You need to leave the rest of your face completely blank. The space between your hair and your bear needs to be very properly clean. Moreover, your mustache should be a floating one for this beard style. This means that the mustache does not connect with the beard in any way. Keep it disconnected. The lower neck remains cleanly shaved too, and the cheeks are also supposed to be super tidy and shaved. This is why this beard style remains very tidy and makes you appear super decent too.

The Balbo beard style is appropriate for people with an oval, round, diamond and heart shaped face. It is not meant for the triangle shaped face at all. In the triangle face is highlights the jawline in a very weird manner. So, if you have that wide jawline, this one is a NO for you.


Our all-time favorite singer Drake shows off this beard style in the best way and we can’t help but just drool over it. It’s definitely one of the best beard styles that can be attained and maintained in the easiest way. Drake keeps his lined-up beard very tidy and crisp and neat which makes him appear more confident and decent. Thus, if you love the way Drake looks, guys, then it is time to opt for his beard style too because it will definitely make you look trendy.

Lined-up beard style is not everybody’s cup of tea, and not everyone is able to grow it either. For people who are willing to grow a lined-up beard, make sure that you keep the lines of this beard impeccably perfect as they define the entire beard. This is why it is known as the lined-up beard, because at the end, it’s all about the lines, isn’t it? A barber will do the task better to make the perfect lines of this beard. You just need to show Drake’s photo with a lined-up beard to your barber and leave it up to him. Make sure that you pick the best barber in the town so that your beard is done perfectly well.

The lined-up beard can work just fine for almost every face type as the lines are well trimmed and neat, and it can adapt to any face shape. You need to make sure that you keep it well-groomed and tidy so that you can make the best out of this look. Also, don’t look further than DJ Khaled and Drake for this look, as they both carry it in the most spectacular manner.


Nothing can look better than this beard style. It is one of the most commonly chosen beard styles by men, and it looks super amazing on guys too. A man with a perfectly extended goatee never fails to impress the people around him. And guys, you don’t want to look further than David Beckham for this perfect beard style. He has just set the perfect example for carrying this beard style as nobody can set the definition of the extended goatee so well.

Extended goatee is all about the mustache being connected to the beard. However, there are no sideburns in this one, which gives it the clean look. It might seem a bit similar to the Balbo but it isn’t. The major and huge difference is the connection of the mustache and the beard. The best way to attain an extended goatee is to grow a full beard and trim it to attain the perfect style. Once you grow a full beard, you can ask your barber to style it up in an extended goatee. You can always take a photo along with you for reference as this clarifies your style perfectly. The extended goatee is really amazing for people with an oblong shaped face. If you love experimenting, you can definitely try to grow this on your face type too, because if you carry it well, you are the winner anyhow.

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Scruffy beards usually seem complicated and a lot of hard work, but you can achieve the 3-day subtle scruffy beard too. A lot of people do’t feel comfortable with a full beard, and that is totally fine. You can get the 3-day subtle beard and look absolutely handsome in it too. Remember that beard always comes down to your preference and personal choice, because you are the one who has to carry it. So, if you don’t really appreciate it, you won’t really adore it either.

To achieve a 3-day subtle beard, you need to trim your already grown beard with a lot of care. You can also ask your barber to do it for you. If you are doing it yourself, you need to make sure that you shave your beard with extremely gentle and light strokes. You don’t want a complete shave; you are just looking forward to a look that looks close to a complete shave, but seems as if you haven’t shaved in 3 days. Also, make sure that your mustache remains completely great too. Don’t trim too much and then regret it.

This one is perfect for guys who have the perfect jawline, to be honest, because it will showcase it in the best manner. You won’t have any facial hair to hide it off or the jawline won’t be hidden behind the grown hair at all.


Salt and pepper is the short beard style, and is impeccable for any face shape. You don’t have to be finicky about our face type when opting for this beard style. Ben Affleck had the best salt and pepper beard style in his career’s early years.

As this is a short beard, it will look great if you can keep it thicker too. You have no scope of an extra length for this beard, so thickness is the only key to success. This beard style is completely based and attained on the basis of thickness. You need to let your facial hair grow, but make sure that it is adding to the thickness and not the length. Also, it will suit you more if you keep your hair short as well. This makes your complete outlook amazingly decent and confident. So, keep it short, prim and neat, and you will be rocking this beard style like no other men.


Yeard is not everybody’s cup of tea, and not everyone can flaunt it in the best way either. But we have an incredible example for that too. Jim Carrey, guys, is the best man in the industry that has actually achieved the Yeard style beard and has managed to keep the look very neat, decent and confident. If you are interested in achieving a Yeard style, then you can certainly look to Jim Carrey, because we think no one has ever done this style better than him.

With Yeard, there is literally no “right” way of making it happen. You need to just start the journey of growing it and see what happens next. The basic rule with this beard style is to let it grow all wild and see what happens. Minimal care is needed for this beard style, but it’s still important, so don’t overlook the idea of maintenance at all. At the end of the year, whatever you have attained it through, the Yeard style is your ultimate beard style. This beard definitely requires a lot of effort and commitment, but once you decide for it, you will definitely make it too. Also, you can always give up if you don’t like it or the length is enough for you. There is no rule stating that you can’t shape it before a year has gone by; you certainly can.

Yeard is very unique, and it’s usually referred as the beast of beard styles. But there is literally no face type recommendation for this one. You need to let your hair grow and see what happens, and almost everyone can do it. But there is obviously a huge ugly phase too that is hard for a lot of people to overcome or carry during one year.

Long hair beard style


We all know George Clooney, don’t we? Well, he has the perfect touch of scruff beard type and it’s by all means a great and decent beard style to keep with not a lot of maintenance required. This beard style is thick and short but at the same time, well-maintained and neat as well. You don’t have to actively maintain it or trim it all the time or every second day. You are allowed to have your own tough days and breathe and be easy on yourself. Also, keep your hair a bit short with it and you are ready to rock and roll this look like no other men.

This beard style will go with literally any face type, but it really depends on how well you carry it. Georgy Clooney won the best face award with this beard style as he was able to carry the scruffy look really well. So just carry it with confidence and you are extremely good to go.


So Wohoo guys! Here are the top 10 beard styles of 2018 that are the best and promise to give you the perfectly stylish outlook. Stop digging into your wardrobe and stop seeking for change elsewhere. Look at yourself in the mirror and decide whether you need a beard change or not. And if you do, then pick one of these amazing beard styles and get into the trend right away. There is nothing better than these beard styles as they are going to make you look handsome and trendy in every way. It’s time to gear up your beard game guys. Be a man and let your beard speak for you.

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