Awesome facial hair styles. How to choose your facial hair according to your face shape

Distinct face shapes call for different styles of facial fuzz so if you’re bewildered by symmetry, consult our guide for some handy tips on hair growth. Beard styles for oval face.

Those with rounder profiles who are yearning for a fuller beard should be wary, for a large quantity of hair around a circular face makes the head resemble a fully pumped soccer ball with turf attached. Consider reigning it in with a finely trimmed goatee instead, this thinner style paired alongside a fuller snot mop slenderises and flatters the face while still proving that you can grow some.

Recognisable by its strongly defined jawline and even, angular proportions, the square is probably the most easily spotted face shape. At risk of looking like a hard-edged Johnny Bravo, square faces should not sport square beards. Instead, opt for a shorter on the sides, longer on the chin look — shaping and softening it as it grows into a more oval, rounded shape for elongation.

Those lucky buggers who are gifted with an oval face can attempt almost any beard style going. Touted as the most symmetrically pleasing shape, the even features of the face mean that there’s no balancing out necessary. From a simple crumb catcher to a full Forrest Gump, you can switch your style up as often as you like, perfect for those in an identity crisis.

Beard styles for short beard

Like an upside down triangle, those sporting this kind of face shape are broader at the temples, declining downwards into a tapered end. To draw attention away from the fact that your chins sharper than the tip of Madonna’s bra cone it pays to divert with a full and thick moustachio, take cues from OITNB’s ‘pornstache’ or Super Mario for exceptional distraction tactics.

Why the long face? There’s plenty you can work with if you sport a rectangular shape, just be sure not to elongate it further unless you’re coveting the BoJack Horseman aesthetic. Growing a fuller beard around the cheek area will give the impression of a slightly wider jawline while simultaneously distracting from the length of the face.

With wide cheeks paired alongside a narrow forehead and jawline, it’s best to keep the sides short so as not to accentuate the face’s diamond shape. Growing thicker whiskers on the edge of the jawbone help to soften and even out the hard edges face shape, while a lighter nose neighbour will further emphasise the cheeks and jawline.

New beard style

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