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Virat Kohli is a spunky, passionate and chubby teenager who is leading India towards new glories in the history of cricket. Virat Kohli is a top order batsman in Indian cricket team. He plays his game with full of passion and expresses his emotions loudly in public. There are millions of fans of Virat Kohli hairstyles in all over the world. They don’t love his cricket only but the way he styles his hair and the way he dresses up, people love it. New dadhi style.

Virat Kohli is one of the best, smartest and hottest Indian cricket team player. At present, he is very charming and enjoying his life with Anushka Sharma his wife (Bollywood Actress). Virat Kohli carries a very good taste of his hairstyles and his beard style as well. Due to Virat Kohli haircut, he always looks fresh and well groomed, that is why he has millions of social media fans who are crazy towards Virat Kohli hairstyles 2018.

In this page, we listed some best Virat Kohli new hairstyles. Visit the whole page and enjoy the fashion you need.

#1 Virat Kohli Latest Hairstyle

Virat is very happy after his marriage with Bollywood queen star Anushka Sharma. Their fans do not follow the way Virat play and Anushka act, but the style of their hair and clothes too. Virat Kohli latest hairstyle and beard style motivate his fans with the spunky look.

#2 Virat Kohli Hairstyle Side Cut

Hairstyle with side cut and short hair always boost every young man’s personality. Just like this Virat Kohli haircut side cut adds value to his appearance. For this hairstyle, Virat uses gel to make his hair strong to shape the hairstyles.

#3 Spiky Hairstyle

Men spiky hairstyles have always been in vogue for the youngsters. For the modern style men, hair is a mandatory entity to reveal your lifestyle. Spiky hairstyles are perfect for the men with the willing power to look professional in their office time. Virat looks so nice and young with the spiky hairstyle.

Mens trimmed beard styles

#4 Virat Kohli New Haircut From Alim Hakeem

Recently Virat Kohli revealed his new look for the upcoming Indian Premier League, He stated this statement on Twitter “Great cut from the style master @aalimhakim” Alim Hakim is a celebrity stylist, Virat is looking very happy after his haircut from Alim Hakim.

#5 Virat Kohli New Hairstyle 2019

Virat has always been a stylish celebrity since his cricket carrier started. If you are looking for Virat Kohli new hairstyle 2018 here you can see. In this hairstyle, Virat has long hair on top and sort length hair at sides. No dought Virat’s beard always adds positive value to his personality and of course the tattoo on his left arm.

#6 Virat Kohli Hairstyle After Marriage

THere is no doubt that the wedding event of Virat Kohli with Anushka Sharma was the biggest event of the year 2016 in Bollywood. The wedding ceremony was held in Italy and the reception was in Delhi on December 26. In the private wedding ceremony, Virat has a charming hairstyle with a thick beard. In this Virat Kohli hairstyle, top hair are longer than side hair, this makes a new and classy hairstyle. Both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are stars not in India only but all over the world especially in Asian regions like Indian the home country of both celebrities and Pakistan. Virat Kohli is cricket star whereas Anushka Sharma is queen star of Bollywood. Virat Kohli was born in Dehli India and Anushka Sharma was born in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.

#7 Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is sitting next to Hardik Pandya with a classy hairstyle. In this hairstyle, Virat has long hair at top and sides are shaved. Virat used to have this hairstyle for a short term only, but many of his fans liked this hairstyle.

#8 Virat Kohli Haircut with Smily Face

Virat Kohli is among the highest paid cricketers in the world. Virat earned 7.1 million dollars from his cricket carrier including, $3.1 million Endorsements: $4 million National Team: Team from IPL: Royal Challengers Bangalore Major Sponsors: PepsiCo, Nike and Toyota. In this picture, Virat Kohli haircut is looking amazing with short hair at the top and little more short hair at sides.

Facial hair beard styles

#9 Virat Kohli in Cape Town

Virat Kohli and Anushka Shara both are enjoying there newly marriage in Cape Town, Soth Africa. Hout Bay is a town in South Africa. Huot Bay is a very beautiful place to visit in Africa region. People visit this place priorly in Soth Africa. In this picture, Virat has short hair at the top and little fade at sides, Virat is looking very nice in this haircut.

#10 High Fade with A Line

Virat Kohli is not setting records in Indian cricket history only but also creating fashion statements beyond the boundaries. From a classy youngster to become a professional cricketer and fashion celebrity Virat worked too hard in his cricket career and of course in fashion like setting up his hair and beard.

#11 Virat Kohli New Haircut with Tattoos Design

A dominating hairstyle of Virat Kohli looks very nice with a dragon tattoo on his forearm. Dragon tattoo makes a good looking arm as per tattoo art and Fengshui. In this picture, Virat has short hair at the top and more short hair at sides as compared to top hair. This is the amazing look he has.

#12 Virat Kohli Long Spike Hairstyles

For the perfect spike you need strong hair, otherwise, you have to use some gel to make your hair straight. In this picture, Virat has long hair at the top that is being used to make a long top spike, and sides hair are shorter moving down with fade. You must have analyzed that the overall color of Virat’s hair is brown which gives his hairstyle a dominant look.

Due to the dynamic personality and casual style of Virat Kohli fans love him a lot. For the celebrities, it is not an easy task to look nice when everyone has an eye on you, your hairstyle and your overall appearance. But Virat Kohli managed to pull off the messy and easy to maintain hairstyle.

Facial hair styles for oval faces

One side fade hairstyle does not suit everyone, this has to match your personality, and Virat has a vibrant personality that accepts every type of hairstyles, if you are looking for young boys hairstyles go for Virat Kohli hairstyles and one side fade hairstyle always makes a positive impact in Virat’s personality.

Here are some more images of Virat Kohli with the hairstyle

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