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Trending long hair and beard style combinations: Guys having long hair sports a beard or mustache to look handsome and manly. That’s why many men carve for a compatible beard style for their long hair to sport the beauty of long hair and beard. A guy with a short hair can have any beard without thinking much about the future output. But, guys with long hairs need not only to be extra cautious with their beard style but also have to be patient till they grow it. This article enlightens about the best beard styles for men with long hair. New dadhi style.

#1: High taper fade spiky hair with a long beard

This is a Mohawk style type wherein the hair at the back of the head increases gradually from top to bottom. The hairs of the crown tend to remain longer than those at the back head. To wear this hairstyle, one need not seek the help of a professional hairdresser and can wear by themselves. To do so, one needs a pomade of deluxe quality. Apply it thoroughly all over your hair and lift them in to form spikes.

#2: Balbo with long hair

This beard style consists of three sections: mustache, chin bears, and a soul patch in the lower lips. The mustache and the beard do not tend to twain and hence it is not only easier to maintain but also cleanse this beard style. This style is seen to perfectly match with long hair. Balbo is seen to enhance the facial beauty in a guy with a long face and long hair.

#3: Handlebar mustache and an Amish beard

Amish beard is a beard style wherein the facial hair is encouraged to grow without a mustache. Whereas a handlebar mustache is one which very closely resembles a bicycle handlebar with twisted ends. Many men do not want to mix up this styles. One can blend both of these trends together if they have a long and voluminous hair.

#4: Thin lines beard

The thin line beard is very similar to the circle beard. The circle beard look is one of the neatest beard styles that are in trend today. This beard style is a combination of a bearded and cleaned shave style. The only variation in a thin line beard is that the beard liners are thinner. A thin line beard with long hair is quite trendy and stylish if trimmed appropriately.

#5: Wavy long hair with a bushy beard

A long hair without a beard is just like a soundless beautiful movie. Only long hair creates an emptiness on the look hence stylist recommend growing the beard when you are growing a long wavy hair. The beard style can be based on an individual’s taste.

Different shaving styles for men

#6: Patchy Beard

Many men have a patchy beard. one needs to can take the necessary steps to get rid of the patches or can utilize the patches to create a unique style. It only depends on how well one sports and carries the style.

#8: Goatee Beard

Goatee beard is the trendsetter today. It is mostly sported by a man who wants doesn’t prefer to have a clean shaved face. This style best suits round face long hair guys as it is seen to show the face longer.

#8: Full beard with long hair

A full beard is seen to suit any man with long hair. Let the beard grow full and trim it to get rid of split and straggling facial hair.

#9: A stubble

If a man wants to look and classy, stubble is the style that he needs to choose. No extra effort is needed to sport this look. Let the beard grow to a short length or trim the long beard to a length shorter than 2 cm. Men with long hair will look gorgeous with a stubble.

#10: Handlebar and stubble

The handlebar is the trendiest mustache style in recent times. The handlebar mustache is seen to suits the stubble full beard well.

#11: Mutton chops with long hair

Mutton chop beards resemble a piece of chopped mutton when shaped correctly. They are characterized by sideburns that are chopped, along with the lower jawline and extend to the chin. One needs to be extremely careful when they shave the mutton chops as precision is critical. This style is seen to perfectly suit bold and expressive men.

In beard styles

#12: Dreadlocks and stubble

Long dreadlocks themselves produce an extreme look. One can add extra style to that by getting an undercut that connects the sideburns along with the stubble beard.

#13: Man-bun with a dense beard

Many men have a dense beard whereas some other struggle to get a regular one. If a guy has a dense beard and the growth rate of the hair is good, then this style will aptly suit them. Applying a hair bun to the long hair with a full dense beard provides a trendy look.

#14: Medium beard with long Jheri curls

Jheri curls is a prominent hairstyle sported but the blacks. But as time progressed this style is being experimented by all men around the world. A distinct long hairstyle look is seen to be enhanced with a short or medium beard.

#15: Brushed back hair with a long beard

A brushback hair with a long beard is seen to give a neat and classy look. Though can be a hassle at times if maintained well will help in seeking the attention of the opposite gender.

#16: Ombre hairstyle with a beard

One can add a new dimension to his hairstyle by having a nice transition from deeper to liter shade by applying two colors. This type of ombre hairstyle will look great when associated with a beard.

#17: Thor inspired beard

Thor is a popular name among many fans of Marvel Studios. The Hollywood star in it sports a medium stubble with a long hair that goes past the shoulder. One can follow his style to express his love for his favorite star as well as the Marvel movie.

Why are beards in style

#18: Van Dyke beard

Van Dyke is a famous Hollywood star who sports a nice and extended mustache with a goatee, this creates the most desirable Van Dyke beard style. Long hair with this look will be the icing on the cake.

#19: A soul patch

A soul patch can be the lone warrior for a guy who wants his beard to go noticed. Even though this beard style is less noticeable in terms of the volume of the beard, but the distinctive presence of a small beard can make heads turn.

#20: Mixed women hairstyles pixie cuts with a beard

The popular asymmetrical bob medium length easy way to do finger waves with a beard is the latest trend in the that many men with a long hair are sporting today.
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