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Yes, I’ve been around and even carry some of the scars from my journey, both emotionally and physically. But I want to be honest with you. I am a caring, intelligent, and dedicated individual; that no matter how hard I try – I can not accomplish my goals. Most of the time I can’t even break-the-ice with people. It’s almost like I scare them away. Best hair and beard style.

But, let’s forget the “Emotional” part. I mean you can’t see what’s in my heart or soul and If people don’t get to know me, shy away from me, it doesn’t make a difference.

It has to be something else!

Now, I am sharing this because I think I have found the problem and its solution. Like I said. I am caring, intelligent, lovable, dedicated and blah, blah, blah … All those things you can’t see!

Well I did a little checking about ones “Physical” appearance (something I seem to lack). Wow! What an eye opener.

Did you know that physically attractive kids are more popular with their classmates and even their teachers?

That 72% of men are not “Extremely Satisfied” with their appearance? And 74% of women feel the same way.

Attractive people applying for jobs have a better chance of being hired and even get bigger salaries.

Beard cut style

Hang on for this one. Physically attractive people in court are found guilty less often and even get lower fines or sentences.

There are other examples but I know you are getting the picture. You need to look your best. You need to experiment with easy and affordable changes that enhance your good qualities, maybe mask the poorer ones, but in any event – make you more physically attractive. In turn you will be more confident, secure, and able to accomplish things you only dreamed of.

Okay, so who am I? Well I’d like to say I am Dr. So-And-So but I’m not. I am that dude that:

Didn’t have a lot of friends in school and the teachers didn’t like me.

Not at all satisfied with my appearance. Mainly due to some facial scars and associated distortions.

Even though I did my job well I always lost out on promotions and good pay increases.

Always got tickets for little things and paid the maximum fine.

Best looking beards

Look, I want to change the simple things that I can and you probably do too. Like growing a beard! I know it would help and I’ve tried. Oh yah! I tried. After weeks of uncontrolled growing it was time to shape it up. Snip, snip … a little off here and a little off there. Oops! You get the picture and I got a couple of weeks of growing to do – again. Well after several attempts of cutting and trimming – searching for that style, for that look – I was about ready to give up. I’m not kidding.

I actually went to my barber and asked him to trim it. He asked what style I wanted and I didn’t know how to respond. I mean how the heck am I suppose to know. I want the scars covered and to look distinguished. You know sort of like James Bond with a cool beard. He tried his best but I left a left a little disappointed. The scars were masked but the look just wasn’t me.

Then I discovered FaceApp.com and their easy to use phone app that accomplished everything I wanted to do. It is so simple, so easy, and so effective. Imagine my delight in being able to instantly see my appearance with a beard and select what style brought out the “Real Me”. It’s fantastic!

All I had to do was download the app, take a portrait picture, apply the styles, and select the new and improved “Me”.

Now that I know the look I want; that look that gives me a physically attractive persona, that 007 with a cool beard look, I can go to the barber and show him what I want. And I can come out a new man.

You can be like me and do it for real or you can do it for fun. And ladies. If you’re thinking about making “that change” check out how you’d look in a beard.

Oh and that’s not all. FaceApp.com (the number 1 FREE phone app in 95 countries) has some really awesome filters that let you see yourself in ways you never dreamed of.

Short beard styles 2016

Want to see what you’d look like as a different gender? How about a Hollywood Star?

But before you color your hair, get it cut, or grow that beard – do it with FaceApp first.

Now it’s time to check out that Hollywood look.

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