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When the facial hair starts to grow soon, even within a couple of days after shaving, it is known as stubble beard. Not only it is tough, but also can be itchy, causing irritation of the skin. Stubble beard.

Stubble beard looks stubbly and scruffy growing all around the face within a day or two after shaving. A stubble beard can be a medium, or short length, depending upon the trimming.

The first and foremost thing you will need to grow a stubble beard is to moisturize your skin well. Exfoliating masks can be the best, which will help to open the hair follicles, allowing faster growth of hair. Allow the hair to grow for a week or so before you decide how to shape it. You can also have a full beard and then style according to your preference.

There are many who like to grow a thicker stubble beard to look more masculine and dominating. You have to let the beard grow for at least two weeks without trimming. Watch the growth and then start trimming the edges, stopping the growth of the hair out of shape. The beard becomes thicker and that is when you can go for thicker stubble beard styles.

Here are 15 stubble beard styles that you will find fascinating and the hottest trends.

15 Best Stubble Beard Styles for Men

The Properly Shaped Stubble Beard

Proper use of a hair oil and trimming make this stubble beard style look gorgeous. The beard is well groomed and maintained on a daily basis.

Simple Stubble Beard

You need not always wear a professional beard style to look outstanding, Simple stubble beards like this mid-length one can make you look awesome.

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The Traditional Stubble Beard Style

David Beckham is at his best with this traditional stubble beard. The facial hair is well trimmed and groomed at all the stages and maintained properly.

Long and Professional Stubble Beard

If you want a full beard style, let the facial hair grow till you find it easier or styling. Together with a planner stubble and a box style short whiskers, you can achieve the look what Tom Hardy did in Mad Max.

The Four Day Stubble Beard

You can work pretty well when styling a four-day-old stubble beard. Notice how the edges are trimmed in this beard style and highlight the jaw as well as the cheekbones. This boxed shaped short beard is for round, heart and oval-shaped faces.

Stubble Beard V Shaped Style

You have to be careful not to let your stubble beard grow a full beard. Trim every 2 to 3 days to prevent any uneven or scruffy hair to grow. Take into consideration the growth of your hair and style in a V-shaped appearance.

Full Neck Stubble Beard

To style a stubble beard, normally it takes 4 to 6 days interval for trimming. This beard style has the right trimming but is not trimmed below the neck to style the full neck stubble beard.

The Professional Stubble Beard

While grooming a professional stubble beard you have to shave the neckline so that the line under the jaw is characterized. The hair stops halfway towards the cheek and the connection of the whiskers and the mustache is well characterized. A cream can help the hair follicles to remain solid and a beard oil helps the skin to be saturated

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Chin Curtain Stubble Beard

You can style the chin curtain while growing a stubble beard. Just allow the beard to grow, trim it neat and style the chin curtain which will need a little bit of work, Finish off with a stubble mustache.

The Eastern Wide Chin Strap Stubble Beard

If you have a natural black and thick hair, nothing like it, because you can style the Eastern wide chin strap. The length of the beard is a little longer but not enough to be a full beard. The neat trimming is the feature of this beard style.

Slight Neck Stubble Beard

This stubble beard style highlights the contrast between the short beard and dark whiskers. You can have the full beard style or stop halfway to flaunt a style of your own.

The Slow Motion Stubble Beard

The beard is in full flow from the whiskers to the chin, but suddenly slows down and when at the chin, the flow picks up again. This messy stubble beard style will require a hard work.

Complex Stubble Beard Style

Although it is easier to style a stubble beard by just letting the facial grow and trim accordingly, you can also make it complex like this one. This style is unique and no doubt makes a statement.

The Perfect and Neat Stubble

Keeping the rest of the beard shaved you can achieve a stubble beard that would look like an oxymoron. Those with dark and thick hair will find it easier to achieve this beard style.

Beard cut style

The Connected Stubble Beard

A stubble beard can look stylish and unique when connected to the sideburns, mustache and the soul patch. Create the lines in such way so that there is no unnecessary hair on the face.

Now you can very well understand how you can style a stubble beard in a range of styles and that too in an easy fashion.
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