Corporate beard styles. 45 Popular Shaved Hairstyles for Men,

For a few years now, shaved hairstyles for men have been back in style. They provide a bold, statement look, that speaks volumes about the wearer. However, they are extremely versatile as well, allowing you to be just as creative as you want in length, volume, and texture. In this article, we have gathered 45 ideas that can inspire you in case you want to jump on this trend as well and are planning a visit to your stylist. Here they are! Different shaving styles for men.

1. Classic Shaved Hairstyles for Men

We begin our list of ideas with the classic side under shave complete with beard. This is the typical or basic haircut which you can build on in a creative way. Talk to your stylist about which haircut would suit you best according to what type of face you have.

2. Military Shaved Hairstyles for Men

The serving forces have given us quite a few haircuts that we have lovingly embraced, such as the now extremely popular buzz cut. You can use this inspiration and combine it with a modern trend, such as the shaved one.

3. Shaved Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines

Apart from being highly fashionable, a hairstyle such as the shaved one can actually help you if you happen to have thin hair or even a receding hairline, since it can mask it really well. Here is an entire article on hairstyles for receding hairlines.

4. Hair Tattoos

Hair tattoos are not exactly what the name suggests. In fact, they are hair designs. But, over time, they got so intricate thanks to many skilled barbers that they became known as tattoos. You can literally get any design you can imagine.

5. The Long Slick Back

When it comes to shaved hairstyles for men, it’s difficult to beat the slick back. It has been the uncrowned king of haircuts in the past few years. It seems as though every single man on the planet has sported this hairstyle, including all the Hollywood celebrities.

6. Shaved Hairstyles for Men with Beard

If you really want to complete your shaved hairstyle, then you really need to get a beard as well. There’s just something about the disconnection between the fade and the sides of the beard that makes it look absolutely fabulous.

7. The Glamorous Gray

We absolutely fell in love with this hair color and the way it is styled. It’s a light, matte, gun metal gray with a very architectural and angular haircut that has been teased and brushed up into a pompadour.

8. The Merman Hair Trend

You might have heard by now about the merman hair trend, which has guys dye their hair and, sometimes, their beard as well, in a shocking unconventional color. Evidently, all has to be paired with shaved hairstyles for men.

9. Salt and Pepper Shaved Hairstyles for Men

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, that’s what we always say. And when you’ve got this type of natural salt and pepper hair and beard you know you simply have to flaunt it all day long. Slick your hair back and keep the beard very well-groomed.

10. Curly Shaved Hairstyles for Men

One way to show off your superb curls as a guy is to create a fake mohawk out of them. In other words, shave the sides of your head to a one, and create the hawk out of your lovely curls. You can even add some long bangs to that.

11. The Modern Office

Gone are the days of Don Draper when office style meant very short hair, a side part, and a lot of hair gel. Nowadays it’s all about shaved hairstyles for men, slick backs, and, of course, the beard of a lifetime. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

12. The Jazz Man

Speaking of Don Draper and long forgotten ages, here is another time period that you can draw inspiration from. The American Jazz Age. To get that magnificent comb over that looks as if you should be on the cover of a magazine, use a large comb.

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13. Mature Shaved Hairstyles for Men

It’s amazing just how versatile this haircut is. It works perfectly well for all ages, from little school boys that look adorable with it to mature white-haired men that know all about style, elegance, and fashion.

14. Platinum Curls

This idea for a shaved hairstyle is simply amazing. Your natural color goes underneath with the undercut and fade while on top you get a mass of platinum curls. The haircut also comes with a double V design at the nape of the neck.

15. The Daniel Day Lewis

Shaved hairstyles for men can also mean shaving it all off. Take actor Daniel Day Lewis, for example. The fact that he has a receding hairline and that he decided to shave off his hair did not lessen his charm one bit.

16. Hipster Shaved Hairstyles for Men

The hipster look is quite simple to obtain. They might even have a handbook for it. Just kidding. All you need is a partially shaved, partially long haircut, as many colorful tattoos as you can fit on yourself and big earrings.

17. The Justin Bieber

Yes, not even the Biebs could resist the allure of shaved hairstyles for men. This is a toned-down version with long bangs and a bottle blonde shade that accentuates his eyes. The haircut exposes his neck tattoo, that says ‘Patience.’

18. Perfect Geometry

This is what happens when you find the perfect stylist. He gives you haircuts like you never even dreamed were possible. The geometry of this hairstyle is impeccable and we cannot help but feel impressed by it.

19. The Slick Off-Center Part

You can also get creative with your shaved hairstyles for men. This one has a hard part which is a bit off-center as well as different degrees of shaving. We also love the comb marks left in the hair which go in different directions.

20. The Modern Bowl

Yes, believe it or not, bowl haircuts are back. But now they have been cut in half since they are a branch of shaved hairstyles for men. For a touch of cool, take some hair wax and ruffle your hair to make it look all tousled.

21. Cartoon Inspired

Since the 90s are back in a way that nobody predicted was possible, this particular hair trend among shaved hairstyles for men is back as well. We’re talking about blonde tips, of course. This example has a cartoonish vibe to it but you can tone it down if you want.

22. The Modern Mohawk

Even though people nowadays don’t really wear mohawks anymore but rather fauxhawks, we still see a few originals here and there. This is a short and brushy mohawk that passes as shaved hairstyles for men.

23. Artistic Boys

If you were looking for popular hairstyles for men, little men that is, look no further. This blonde, geometric cut is perfect both for school and the playground. In both places, your little dude will be the coolest kid there.

24. Cool Shaved Hairstyles for Men

Speaking of cool, the right accessories and touches of style can create a sense of what we call being cool. In this case, it’s a simple and minimalist hair design in the shape of a cross. You can get something that has significance to you.

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25. Architectural Shaved Hairstyles for Men

We are positively in love with this architectural hairstyle. The amazing thing about it is that, the more you look at it, the more details and angles you discover. That means it was done by a true hair artist.

26. The Blonde Macho

Who says that blonde doesn’t equal macho? When styled in the correct way it can be just as manly and fearsome as any other shade. Not to mention manly. Pair it with a beautiful beard and the right attitude and you’re there.

27. Long Hair and Undercut

Here is another hipster staple when it comes to popular shaved hairstyles for men. You start off with a hard part. Then one side of the head gets a shave while the other supports your long and well-manicured locks.

28. Retro Shaved Hairstyles for Men

The hipster subculture continues to school us all on what it means to shave our heads with this simple yet astonishing retro look. There’s nothing that we don’t like about this: the fresh cut, the handle bar moustache or the denim jacket.

29. The Limp Mohawk

As previously mentioned, the age of the classic mohawk is long gone. Nowadays, men wear different variations on what used to be a punk staple, such as this limp mohawk, that is actually a slick back mixed with a pompadour and a good, old shave.

30. Man Braids

The latest trend as far as men and their hair are concerned are man braids. If you like this trend and want to jump aboard, you can simply braid your hair or you can also get a slick back and undercut and then braid it.

31. Surface Level

Here’s an interesting way to showcase your curls, if you have them. You can use the fade on half of your head while the other is covered in curls. In this way, you get the best of both worlds!

32. Short Twists

This is what we love about shaved hairstyles for men. You can literally mix them up with any other hair trend in existence. These, for example, are short twists that have been tied back in a small top knot.

33. The Medium Length Disconnect

Even though the shave and disconnect are done flawlessly in this case, what we love the most here is the color. It’s a beige blonde combined with a bit of sand. You can see the sun-kissed tones coming through the strands.

34. The Shave and the Beard

Even though it sounds like an old British pub name, the shave and the beard is actually the name of this style. It’s the small undercut with minimalist pompadour, complete with an amazingly bushy yet well-groomed beard.

35. The Number One Buzz Cut

Borrowed from the military, this hairstyle slowly made its way toward the civilian lifestyle as well. Now it’s sported by celebrities and regular Joes alike, with great success, seeing as it’s such a low-maintenance haircut.

36. The Brad Pitt

When actor Brad Pitt wore this haircut in ‘Fury,’ the whole world went insane. Everybody copied it and it quickly become one of the most beloved haircuts ever. It’s a slicked back pompadour with the sides completely shaved off.

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37. The Justin Timberlake

Gone are the days when Justin was in a boy band, and, subsequently, used to wear that blonde curly hair that greatly resembled ramen. Now he’s all grown up and a proud supporter of shaved hairstyles for men.

38. The Zac Efron

Another cutie who has grown up right in front of our eyes is none other than Zac Efron. He too used to have that light boy band look. Now, he’s a fully-grown man with chestnut brown hair that highlights his gorgeous blue eyes.

39. The Alexander Ludwig

We know him since he was a teenager as well, but we really got to love him as a blood thirsty Viking in the hit TV series with the same name. He started sporting shaved hairstyles for men because his character required it but we have to say he looks absolutely unbelievable.

40. Oxford Shaved Hairstyles for Men

The shave is such a versatile cut that it can even instill some new life into a century old cut such the Oxford. It began as the hairstyle worn by Oxford students but it soon broke its college barriers. And now you can wear it too.

41. The Cristiano Ronaldo

Here is a man who is as famous for his soccer skills as he is for his haircuts. In fact, he is now notorious because, during a game, he went off pitch at half time and actually got a haircut while he was resting.

42. The Ragnar Lothbrook

If we talked about Alexander Ludwig or Bjorn Ironside, his son on the show, it was only befitting that we talk about the Viking himself, Ragnar Lothbrook. Played by actor Travis Fimmel, he wears a very specific shaved style with a long braid and lots of scalp tattoos.

43. The Robbie Williams

Whimsical British pop singer Robbie Williams could not resist the lure of shaved hairstyles for men either. After he exited his own boy band, Take That, he became a lot edgier and eccentric, his haircuts being just a part of all that.

44. The Tom Hardy

Shaved hairstyles for men fit baddie Tom Hardy like a glove. It’s possible that this type of a cut fits him better than anyone else that we’ve named on the list so far. Which goes to prove, guys, that it’s all about the attitude. Wear with confidence and you cannot go wrong!

45. The David Beckham

Before Cristiano Ronaldo and his plethora of famous haircuts, there was David Beckham. He was a guru on the pitch and as far as hair styling goes. There, probably, isn’t a haircut known to man or beast that this guy hasn’t tried. And he has rocked them all. Way to go Becks!


How about you? Have you tried any of these shaved hairstyles for men yet? You can go for the classic version, you can get a design while you’re at it, a handlebar mustache and be a hipster about it, go really vintage and get an Oxford or copy your favorite celebrity’s look. What are you planning on doing? Let us know in the comment section below.
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