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From special occasions to selfies, these are the events that make guys groom their facial hair Different shaving styles for men.

Facial hair is en vogue at the moment, and it’s easier than ever before to style your own in any way you like. But as much as you might harbour a deep desire to go entirely natural and grow the biggest, most unwieldy beard possible, it’s not always the right decision.

Finding the best style isn’t just about how your beard looks on you; it’s about growing the facial hair that fits your lifestyle, from a sharp, clean shave, or a smartly-trimmed moustache, to something a bit more extravagant.

A recent study from Braun Styling reveals the most popular reasons why men have shaved or restyled their facial hair - and the results show that growing the right style is about finding something that not only works for you, but also those around you.

So what reasons do men say they would style their facial hair for?

Shawing style

A job interview (44%)

If there’s a situation that’s all about making a good first impression, it’s a job interview – 44 per cent of participants said they’d spruced themselves up when meeting a prospective employer. More than half of the responders with stubble or sculpted beards said they’d shaved or re-styled on the job hunt.

A special occasion (42%)

Weddings, birthdays, Christmas: you name it - some events demand a bit of smartening up. The survey showed 42 per cent of men had shaved or styled for a special occasion, particularly guys with sculpted beards (53 per cent), stubble (49 per cent), and short beards (41 per cent).

Work (39%)

It’s one thing getting a job in the first place - once you’re in your working environment, some styles of facial hair are more appropriate than others. A total of 56 per cent of men with sculpted beards, 44 per cent of men with stubble, and 41 per cent of clean shaven men said they had shaved for work.

Their partner (35%)

Finding a style that suits you is the most important thing - but if your partner really isn’t into it, it might be time to try something different. Around 35 per cent of participants said they’d shaved for their other half, though only 22 per cent said they’d shaved while on the dating scene.

Male shaving style

A holiday (30%)

Whether it’s the heat and awkward tanning patches, or just a good time to try out a new look away from home, 30 per cent said they’d shaved for a holiday. The big holiday shave isn’t necessarily about looking good in photos, though. Only 22 per cent of responders said they’d restyled for those all-important photos and selfies – that’s half as many who said they’d shaved for a job.

Whatever your reason for perfecting your look, it’s time to set your style free.

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Short beard designs
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