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Virat Kohli is, arguably, one of the best cricketers of our generation. His record-breaking stints in the past couple of years have not only earned him a loyal legion of fans but also sponsorship from some of the biggest names in the world. He is not a big fashion icon though, and his hairstyles have more or less been an evolution of what they were 2-3 years back. Nonetheless, the man knows how to present himself and a bad look from him is virtually non-existent. Thadi style.

Like most Delhi guys, Virat loves the Fade. He has worn it for most part of his senior professional career and even now, shows no signs of stopping. Also, since he has a round face, Virat picks short, chin and jaw- oriented beard styles (like circle beard and extended goatee) to compliment his hair.

Here are some of Virat’s best Hair + beard combinations that you can try out:

High fade with prominent circle beard

High fade was trending throughout 2017 but lately, the low and medium styles have taken the centre stage. However, that doesn’t mean it is out of vogue and you can still try this slick look which Virat Kohli donned last year. He paired it perfectly with a prominent circle beard with short trimmed hairs running on the sides.

Modern Pompadour and Van Dyke

Modern Pompadour is another great hairstyle that gained a lot of attention in 2017. This year, Virat sported it with a short Van Dyke and looked really good!

Types of beard trims

Such kind of experiments make us expect more from him in the future, and he probably will deliver.

Ivy League

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Virat with full hair. However, he pulled off this Ivy league look with perfection. The hair is neatly cut and brings us back to his younger days as the captain of India’s under-19 side.

Crew cut with front triangle slit and full beard

After a long stint with the fades, Virat shifted to a not-so-simple crew cut. He opted to go with a full-beard to compliment the shorter hair at the top and even paired a quirky triangular slit at the front. I like to think that this is ‘A’ for Anushka!

Undercut with strong-boxed beard

This style includes a skin-level undercut complemented by a strong boxed beard. The tuft of hair at the top is kept short and smooth.

Top beard look

Messy Medium length with Extended Goatee

This messy medium length hair with extended Goatee might be an one-time look for Kohli, but it is worth a try if you are feeling experimental.

Quiff with prominent Chin Curtain and moustache

Here Kohli is sporting a messy Quiff with long chin curtains and moustache

High and Tight

Popularised by Military personnel, the High and Tight is one of the more masculine haircuts you will find. Kohli sported it for a recent Ad shoot and we were blown away by how good it looked on him.

Should definitely go back in future!

Best beard cuts

Short quiff + Medium fade with full beard

A perfect combination of tone-distinct medium fade, short quiff and full-beard

Low fade with short hair and Ducktail

In 2018, low fade hairstyles are garnering more attention than high and medium fades. Virat Kohli in one of his most recent photos was seen with a low fade and a slightly different (than usual) Ducktail beard.
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