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Best Mens Beard Styles Pictures

Now, men are also competitive in being fashionable. For this, men do lots of efforts on their dressing, shoes, beards and hairstyles also. For a man, his manliness is a very unique thing. It is unique because women are not supposed to copy it completely. In this age, manliness refers to being bold, tall, dark and handsome. The way a man gets dressed up, it matters a lot. It matters because currently the first impression is calculated on the basis of good dressing sense and facial looks. In the office, on an informal place, everywhere these basic points are noted. You already know that now men are also conscious about their looks, about their weight, about their height. Not only this, attention is also paid on mens beard styles. Men can get ideas for a new facial style by following a mens celebrity hairstyles. A complete personality of a man should be rocking and effective. In this personality, including all the things mentioned above, the styles of beards of men is also considered. The styles of a man’s beard are available in a large variety. The shapes, colors, shades all are different. For an idea, you can check the photos here of mens haircuts 2018. These all are latest and taken up by celebs. Some black facial hair and chin facial hair are looking extremely good on celebrities. The men celebs also focus on choosing the styles of their beards and hairstyles. Some new and innovative ideas can be taken from mens celebrity hairstyles. This is because celebs usually take up the best from the list. In this post, many mens beard styles are shown in pictures. From there also, you can choose a good mens haircut 2018 and beards also. Doing a black facial hair like Vector is good for you, if you have such facial hairs. For chin facial hair, Johnny Depp’s beard style in good. In this modern age, some like trimmed beards and hairstyles and some like bushy kind of beards. The mens celebrity hairstyles can be seen in both shades, trimmed and bushy. JON Hamm Hugh Jackman beard is a perfect example for bushy beard styles. If you have thick chin hair then you can try this mens beard styles. No one likes the same hairstyle for the whole life. Every man wants a change in his hairstyle after some time. And repetition in this fashion world is avoided a lot. So for new hairstyles, mens haircuts 2018 is the perfect destination to reach. The black facial hair style beards are in trend from a long time. It suits all face cuts and all complexions. It is a standard type of beard. Apart from this, the chin facial hair is the invention of upcoming trends in fashion. The styles of beards and hairstyles, started changing and it came into existence. You must have noticed a changing pattern in many mens celebrity hairstyles. Some men get their beards done by themselves. But some prefer to go to the salon and get the beards done. Along with this, mens beard styles are also not same all the time. The styles vary in the form of classic, cool, royal, etc. ideas. That’s why mens haircuts 2018 and latest style of beards are visible. To get a black facial hair, first of all do not clean shave your facial hairs. Let them grow a little. Now, if you want trimmed beard and make the beard when it grew a little. If you want a thick pattern of beard, let let it grow for few more days. And then get your beard style done. One thing that is common in beards and hairstyles is that both of them take time during starting. For a particular hairstyle, you need a particular length of your hair. In the same way, for a beard style, you need a pattern of facial hairs. The mens celebrity hairstyles are so large in variety because they keep on changing the length of their hairs and beards. The French cut beard style of Amitabh Bachchan is a very popular mens beard styles. The hairstyles and beards of David Beckham and Harrison Ford some most popular mens haircuts 2018. The advantage of black facial hair is that you don’t need to dye them. In the case of chin facial hair, the coloring and trimming is necessary. All the men have some difference in their beards. Some have thick hair, some have thin. The color also varies in the form of dark and light. There is no argument that beards and moustache have always been a symbol of bold and ironic man. In modern age also, these symbols are carried in a very sleek and elegant form. Whether it is a celebrity or a normal person, beards are a part of every man’s life. Thadi style.

Fashion is climbing to the next level presently and lots of efforts are done to reach that level. New and innovative way of dressing, make up looks, hairs, shoes, everything is leading towards perfection. Just like women, men’s fashion has also improved. The casual, bold and tough looks for men are trending fast. Mens beard styles are in high vogue now. Fashion and grooming has reached the new heights. As it comes to grooming, hygiene, nails, tidiness etc. are considered. But except all these, maintaining the facial hair is a big deal. It grows naturally on men’s face but managing it in a stylish way is quite difficult. If the chin facial hair is left unshaved, it will result into a rough look. Just before a few days, the “clean shaved” look was in craze. For that lean look, men need to shave their facial hair properly and clearly. Those men who have pure black facial hair, they need to pay more attention on their shaving. This is because even some few hairs can spoil their clean look. As the category of beards and hairstyles is expanding swiftly, the facial hair looks also expanded into many options. Now if you follow some mens celebrity hairstyles and beard styles then you will notice that it’s not only about the clean shaved look. Apart from this, many other beard looks are in trend which provide you multiple new looks to try for yourself. Now the mens beard styles include goatee, pea sized, undercut and so on. These facial hair looks are very good. You can just have an idea about how they look by going through the pictures given here in this blog. These are some of the popular beard and popular hairstyles for 2015. This year, these looks are rocking all around the modeling shows, in movies and obviously in mens celebrity hairstyles and beards. Your black facial hair can help you in trying these different beard styles. If you are trying to have a thick chin facial hair look, then black hairs help you a lot. This is because even a few hairs can make it look darker and thicker. There are so many different beards and hairstyles and you have lots of things to try. You can try the bushy look because it is probably the easiest one. For this you have to do nothing but let your facial hair grow and that’s it. Within few weeks, this look will be ready. Although, you have to do little shaving and trimming of your beard to make this look even better and neat. In the list of popular beard and popular hairstyles for 2015, this is on hit. There are so many mens beard styles with which you can do lots of try outs. The black facial hair are favorable for some of the beard styles and for others, it’s quite not suitable. All it depends on the quality and type of chin facial hair you have. The style of your beards depends on whether you have thick or thin facial hair, dark or light colored facial hair, quick or gradually growing beards. To get perfection in beards and hairstyles, you need to keep trying different looks. Then only you will be able to know which one suits you better according to your face cut. For more reference, you can check out some mens celebrity hairstyles and beards. For more ideas about different beard styles and their appearance, you can go through the images of popular beards and popular hairstyles for 2018 presented here. So try out your new look and see how it changes your fashion and styling statement. And as we always say, do that makes you feel comfortable. Going and thinking out of the box is good, but it should not be awkward.

Men and beards, both are very good friends from a very long time. Presently so many beard styles are in trend and the trend is changing rapidly. One trend comes and another goes. Some styles stay for a long time and other just anis within a very short span of time. So the need of the hour for you is to keep yourself updated according to the latest vogue. Among a basket full of Mens beard styles, we are presenting here some of the very popular and good-looking styles.. This is necessary because when you step out of your house, there are so many people who notice you, may be admires you and that’s why your impression is needed to be great. So here are some different and versatile Beards and hairstyles to make you look even more dashing.

Types Of Beard Styles

So here we are starting with the medium sized hair and beard. Medium sized hairs are preferred a lot as they are very common and it is one of the safest sides. Here, you don’t have the fear that it will look good on your face or not. For beards, you need to grow facial hair. If you are planning for a small beard, then you need to grow chin facial hair. And there’s nothing like you have to grow it, mostly and usually, it grows for itself, naturally. If you want beard of a small size, then goatee would be a good suggestion. It is a pea-sized or al little larger than this amount of hair below your lips or on the chin. You can choose its density according to your choice or depending upon the thickness of your hair. Here you have the liberty to choose the color of your facial hair; it can be your original, blonde, brown or black facial hair. For a formal occasion, go for black. For other occasions, you can choose the color of your choice, but black fits in all situations. For the first time, you can go to a salon or you can take reference from the mens celebrity hairstyles pictures given here. Visual demonstration (here images) makes it very much clear that you want to carry that style or not.

And the next one is a full beard with a man bun. If you are going with simple beards and hairstyles and you need a transformation then this is the thing you need to try. It will completely turn your looks into a new angle. It has complete essence of manliness and a fresh gaze. For this you need to crow your hair including your chin facial hair. Here, to enhance this look, you also need a mustache. Now this is something very masculine, right. It gives you a bold and strong appearance. You can maintain it according to your fondness. You can have your own simple natural hair or you can color blonde or black facial hair. You can also improve this style by taking ideas from pictures of mens celebrity hairstyles given here. After this, we have the stubble look. This is true that every guy cannot look great in long chin facial hair and that’s why this is the alternate for such guys. In such beard styles, there is no long beard and there is a very cleanly trimmed and properly shaved beard. For formal occasions, this looks is perfect. It looks professional kind of. Here, along with beard, you can also keep mustache to compliment your appearance. There are so many references for this style in mens celebrity hairstyles gallery. Let us tell you something according to face shapes also. For a round face, you need a highly circled beard with lots of style. For a square face, you need such beard styles that are spread all over including a corresponding hairstyle. After this, the next variety here is the winter beard. As the name suggests, it is better it you try this in winter. The reason is because of its thick black facial hair or any other color of your choice. It is a bushy style and very manly too. You don’t need to do anything for it. Just let your hairs grow and then a little trimming and you are ready to rock in this look. You can decide the length according to your choice. This is just opposite of goatee, in other words you can say that. After this, just to wrap up we have a smart idea- the business world. Just like its name, it is suitable for business occasions. Yeah it’s true that clean-shaved looks are preferred for business meetings but this one is trending currently, even for business activities. Such mens beard styles are one of the latest one very easy to do as well. In this look, you have an opportunity to use the style and vogue of business suit as well. In this look, you need to pay special attention on your mustache. This is because a rough and unmaintained one will create a negative impression. And no one wants that, especially on business occasions. So you must maintain your beards and hairstyles properly so that appears in a neat and tidy manner. Goatee is not allowed (in most of the cases) it is better for informal occasions as compared to business one.

At the ending note, as we always say, choose such styles that suit on you and you feel comfortable with them. So, this was all about mens beard styles in this post, for more keep visiting.

Growing a beard is the best choice to look different. now a days without mustache beard is cool design able. if you will not cut your beard in proper way that’s not mean you will not be a man. Try many times to get the better look. Here you will get many type of beard design style without mustache. you can try 23 best beard styles without mustache

Meaning of Beard without Mustache

A man grow a beard and cut their mustache with sharp blade with edges. Any one can make several of dozen designs. This is not the truth that only the young people can make this beard style. Any age people can do this in perfect manner by cutting mustache and trim or cut beard

The Chinstrap,Chin Curtain,Mutton Chops,Neat Chinstrap,Chinstrap & Goatee,Lincoln Beard,Long Goatee,Chin Puff,Long Beard Without Mustache

Medium Beard Without Mustache, Both Sides Shaved, The Amish Beard,The Islamic Beard,Retro Sideburns,Stubble,Neck Beard without mustache

Types of beard

those people want to change their face look they have to try mutton chops. Some of the people fear to try this because they afraid to loose their better face look but if they will trim their beard and mustache properly that will suit your face and you will get a different and better look. To make a thick mutton chops cut upper side beard by following a jaw line. Sideburn also make a role to get better look in mutton chops

If you are finding a beard style without mustache chin straps is an better idea. Thin straps is for those who hold their face without mustache. This is an better ideas for patchy beard guys because you can make sculpture by cutting in problem areas. The chin straps is basically on side face down to the chin it will permit to grow hairs at the bottom of the chin to

Lincoln beard is famous by the president of USA (America). This beard famous after 1861 by elected Lincoln as president. His full name is Abraham Lincoln. this beard gives him power and suit him very well. To get in perfect Lincoln beard style have to try some serious efforts. Chin curtain have to be cut properly beard will be in same length. No hairs under the nose under the lips or cheeks

long goatee is the better idea to go as long you want By shaving hair of mustache,cheeks and jaw line. you have to shave the goatee at the side face of the mouth. The goatee can be shave straight. If you want to stay long your long goatee will have to negligible trimming by time to time. by trying this long goatee you will look different in crowd

Beard without mustache Chin puff is one the most easiest beard style. Chin puff size will matter as you want. medium trimming is required to get the exact length. Leave some hairs under your chin and Cut all the remaining hairs of your face. you can select long chin puff if it will suits you

long beard without mustache will make different men’s from guys. Grow long beard without mustache. If you want to imagine how will you look in long beard? Close your eyes and think about Dynasty at that time every people beard hairs was long. Trimming in mustache in cheeks area and regular use of beard oil helps you to grow better long beard without mustache.

In this beard style is curve shape. Shaved that’s will look like mutton chops. You have to trim the beard at the very short Length. Cut the Beard hairs of mustache,chin, neck and cheeks.

To look better have to trim daily from side face and mutton chops.

Long Amish beard is for those who don’t want to trim daily. Amish beard will be on named of Pennsylvania communities there men will have full long beard without mustache. Beard have to be grow in between sideburns to the chin in between areas. There is no any length issue in amish beard. It looks good as long as you grow

Islamic beard is also look likes Amish beard. Islamic beard have some different features.

As like to Amish beard Islamic beard have to be grown to the chin And between all areas. The get the beard in shape. The beard have to turn like U shape like round shape.

SideBurn is facial hair beard style which is grow on men Side face in front of the ears. Sideburn can be grown with facial hairs like Mustache or Goatee. It is the easiest way to grow facial hair. Because these facial hair starts in front of the ears and grows down how much you want. It is easy to handle and not to much costly. For biggeners they start with the basic styles. It is difficult to choose short sideburn or long sideburn with heavy hairs so you can try with short hair and after that try long sideburn

Circle Beard

If you are going to try Circle beard. First you have to Fix length of Comb for TRIMMING. Second You Have to trim your facial hairs in same length properly from both sides to give best facial design. Wash your face with warm water for softening hairs of the face. Now we have to cut the hairs with razor. To get sharp edges you have to cut your goatee in proper way With blade. After doing all these things you will get proper Circle Beard.


There are many facial hair styles.This is a very easy type of french beard style any one can make it easily at home. Its simple and classy. Trimming Of Royal beard Is not So Complex. By following some steps you will get nice Royal Beard

First of all you have to select your Trimmer Comb Blade (like 0 mm 2mm or 4 mm). Second you have to Trim your Both sides Of facial hairs with the help of Trimmer to reduce hardness of hairs

Third you have to mark your goatee shape. then trim your beard to get complete Royal beard. for good royal beard you have to cut neck and cheeks hairs properly with sharp blade

Fourth you have to clean your face with lukewarm water. Wipe your face with soft towel. Apply aftershave lotion or gel on non beard parts of the face specially on neck and cheeks

Shave styles 2016

Fifth you have to cut your Goatee Edges with sharp Blade Or Trimmer. Wash your face with lukewarm water and towel off


Boxed Beard Style

Box Beard style is neat and clean beard style. Boxed beard style as like classic beard style all excessive hairs will remove. Edges are neat and clean every hair will be in same size. most of the young guys are choosing this beard style to look younger then he is. Neat and clean finish edges looks so attractive it will fits on every work place environment.

Growing a box beard is not to difficult. just you have to wait for two to three weeks of beard. when facial hairs growth maximise overall. if you are going to cut Boxed beard at home you have full knowledge about cheek and necklines.There are two type of boxed beard style 1. Short Boxed beard style 2. High boxed beard styles.

In short boxed beard style sideburn to chin line 1 to 2 inches wide

In high boxed beard style sideburn to chin line in wide 2.5 to 4 inches

Boxed beard will suites on every face type like Diamond Face Shape,Heart Face Shape,Oblong Face Shape,Oval Face Shape,Round Face Shape,Square Face Shape,Triangle Face Shape

It needs practice don’t expect perfect results in first time however your skills will improve you will be master in boxed beard style

Anchor Beard

Anchor beard style is an bold and trending beard style that increase Confidence and personality. Anchor beard is a part of balbo beard. if you want to try anchor beard you have to grow your beard hair for 4 weeks. Regular stubbing is required. Celebrity like hugh jackman and Robert Downey Jr’s (Tony Stark) trying this from long time ago it’s suites him very well

1. Grow your beard at least 4 week

2. Wash your beard on daily basis

3. Always comb your beard hair to reduce the chances of curling

1. Start trimming hair from ears to downwards.Shear your beards inwards.

2. Make same balance on both sides

3. Give your cheeks and neck a close shave

3.Leave a gap between mustache and goatee 2 to 4 inches

Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard name Comes from Italo Balbo was an Blackshirt leader, Italy’s Marshal of the Air Force and Commander-in-Chief of Italian North Africa. He was born in 6 June 1896 To 28 June 1940. Balbo beard is a beard Style without sideburns. Beard hairs are not connected with head hairs which shows combining afloat mustache and high chin hair growth. This beard is closely related to the circle beard style. BALBO Beard have the break between the chin and the mustache. is is similar to boxed beard style. It shapes like inverted T. So many Celebrity tried this in their life like David Beckham,Johnny Depp,Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Grow your beard at least 4 week

2. Wash your beard on daily basis

3. Always comb your beard hair to reduce the chances of curling

1.Start trimming hair from ears to downwards.Shear your beards inwards.

2. Make same balance on both sides

3. Give your cheeks and neck a close shave

3.Leave a gap between mustache and goatee (1/4 or 1/2)

you have to shave regularly with precision shaver to balbo beard for long time

VAN DYKE Beard style

is same as french beard style. Van Dyke Beard style is easy to maintain. There is no need to go at hair saloon to get Van Dyke Beard look. It is same as Goatee beard with mustache hairs. Van Dyke Looks Better on every face type. The Famous Star Johnny Depp is having this Beard style from long time ago. This beard style gave him different look from others. if you want to try this at home own so you have follow GOATEE cutting schedule. But one thing to remember is not to cut mustache. Its looks good on short hairs

Mens face style

Stubble beard style

Stubble is a kind of beard hair style that is beard grown back a little bit after a few days. This beard facial hair is short and beard feels roughly. 70% of women likes this beard hair style. According to body language three days old beard increases testosterone level act as strong visual strong indicate of masculinity to the opposite sex. Skin care knows no gender. Maintain personal hygiene of skin for to prevent infection or inflammation. It prevent skin diseases like psoriasis or acne problems. It gives you a gorgeous look. It gives you attraction to apposite sex.

A Horseshoe Mustache style

is same as biker Mustache. It’s shape upside down Inverted U. You need to do is to grow a thick mustache the way of beard down to your jaw and keep the chin. We have to make two columns outside of beard and inside the column should be shave. This type of Mustache look stylish but it needs regular care and maintenance.

There are many type of horseshoe Mustache style

the third column,the trident,Good angles,the classics,Bushy Horseshoe,Long Horseshoe,Stubble Horseshoe,Asymmetrical horseshoe,short horseshoe etc.

Original Stache

is an simple beard style have short mustache looks very classy. its grows on the upper lips

Start trimming hair from ears to downwards

2. Closely Cut all, the hair from your cheeks,neck and chin

3. Use 4mm trimmer cut upper lips hair called mustache

Gunslinger beard

have thin sideburn and thin mustache slots down to the chin. Other facial hair are removed with sharp blade.Mustache have inverted U shape


is on the name of piece of chopped mutton. It has long sideburn to till chin. Some person like’s to grow mutton chops with beard, some likes thin straps which 4 cm line start from sideburn and end’s to mustache in round shape.

Boomerang mutton chops has sharp edges start from sideburn end to chin. Its an good idea for teenagers

Chevron facial hair style

means covers your whole top lips and mouth. This Beard style as like mahatma gandhi’s. The chevron facial hair style is very simple to get but very high in demand. If you want get beauty of beard style you can apply chevron facial hair style for good looking. Many people likes this beard hair style but david beckham is one of them who like this most.A best reason for its favour aside from handsome.This beard style give you a unique personality so any men can grow this beard hair style.

how to shave a chevron mustache

1. you have to select three comb attachments ( 2mm, 4mm, 6mm ).

2. Trim your selected portion

3. With the help of sharp blades remove excess hairs on your cheeks and side burns

4. make same balance on both side

5. Wash you face with lukewarm water

6. Apply lather foam on face and cut hairs of your face that you you want

after all this procedure apply shave gel or after shave lotion to prevent from irritation

Goatee is the fastest and quick men beard style to do. If you are new then you have to grow proper hairs under your lips. you have to choose one of the beard style that will suitable on your face. there is so many goatee style first one is small goatee with little beard. this is one of the professional goatee beard style. you can adopt this while you are working in the office and this will also suitable in parties. goatee is quick and easy to maintain. in this you have to grow your facial hairs little bit longer. this will suites on every face types. Mostly round v-shaped or square goatee style will suites on every face type only a little facial hairs are suitable for this style. there is no need of Maintenance because of less amount of hairs. it is easy to make at home so you dont need to visit saloon. you can maintain this beard style very easily at your home

If you are ready to do this at home firstly you have to trim your facial hairs according to your selected goatee beard style Remove the mustache shape for proper goatee results. Properly cut the hairs of neck and cheeks. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Now You can see perfect Goatee face in the mirror.

It is a most popular facial hair style for business,professional,college student. Goatee beard has many style for different face look. But one most important thing of goatee beard is its maintenance.

Men suffer from a great problem in choosing which style of goatee beard suits their face. Man should have little difficulty in maintaining their first look of goatee beard style.

Goatee beard style has many types

chin strap

beard is done by Paul Kruger president of Switzerland in 19th century. it is suitable for those persons who have oval shape face. Chin strap beard start from sideburn which connected to the chin. Some of the persons likes to have mustache with chin strap which makes different from the others

Mustache and beard

Petite Goatee

As you know goatee is easy to maintain at home. so there is no need to visit saloon you can make this Petite Goatee style easily at home. firstly you have to select the area in which you have to trim or cut facial hairs after you have to trim your facial hairs. Define your Goatee shape cut your mustache,neck And cheeks hairs properly. See you face in mirror that you cut your petite goatee in perfect manner and wash your face with lukewarm water. cut edges with sharp blade or Precision Trimmer. Apply After shave lotion or gel. Now your Petite Goatee face is ready

2. Full goatee beard style

3.pretty boy goatee beard style

Pure goatee doesn’t include a mustache.Pure goatee is a small chined beard under the lip without mustache.

Full goatee beard style involves a circle-like beard; and it require a long facial hair. The sides of mustache connect with chin hair. called full goatee beard types of goatee beard style is most popular in all goatee beard and this type of goatee beard will favor your looks. only commitment will be on main tenance and trimming, to make the look neat and smart.

Pretty boy goatee beard style is same as the real goat. It does not require a thick facial types of goatee beard is trimmed around all areas to form a thin lines mustache and pretty boy goatee beard style. The pretty boy combines the moustache and the lower beard to create a rectangular or circular shape, to make a perfect goatee beard style

How to style goatee beard

1. Make sure that skin and beard are dry.

2. Remove the rest of the beard and mustaches care fully to make a perfect goatee style.

3. Use precise trimmer to create nicely shaped goatee beard style.

4. Maintain goatee beard style every few days. That means it should keep the rest of the beard short and trim goatee to look nice and tidy.

Maintaining goatee is very important. As a matter of fact, you need to water as well as comb your beard daily.

So this was all about the goatees, mustache and facial hair styles. Here are 30 Different Goatee Beard style Pictures. And as we always say, choose the one that compliments you.

1. Amitab Bachchan French Cut Beard Style

2. Batman Actor Christian Beards Facial Hairs

3. Famous Footballer David Beckham Bread And Hairstyles 2018

4. Harrison Ford Bread Facial And Hairstyles

5. Joaquin Trendy beard And Moustache Syles.

7. Josh Brolin Chin Beard Styles For Round Face

16. Famous Footballer Baggio From China Beard Chin Style

17. Xavier Footballer From France Beard Styles

21. Isomer Halder Beard Hairstyles 2018

25. Transformers Star Shia Labeouf Facial Hair 2018

27. Wwe Star Chuck LiddellmFrench Cut Beard

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