Beard designs and styles. Beard Styles For Men:Top 7 Celeb Beard Looks To Inspire Your Next

For a man who loves his beard and moustache, this can be a tricky thing a day before the big day. ”How will l look in the pictures?” ”Will she like it?” ”Will her parents approve of it?” Your brain just does not let you rest at all. But hey! Your lady has seen you with your beard before she even agreed to marry you. And if she ever complimented you on your beard styles, she will love you even on your big day. We have short-listed seven epic beard styles for men that will make all the women drool and turn green watching you become another woman’s man for life. Thadi style.

1. The Mountain Man Beard Look

The mountain man is one of the most famous beard styles for men. Just let your beard fully grow, trim a little if required, comb it nicely, and you are good to go. It is best suited for men with square face and those who grow a full beard. Although proper cropping is much needed on the big day, this beard style looks very elegant, sophisticated and chic.

2. Moustache And Goatee

This beard style suits grooms with a slim jaw line and lean face. With light beard growth on the jaw line, this is just about perfect for those who cannot grow a full beard and like their cheeks squeaky clean. The moustache looks very classy, and the goatee just makes the overall look very stylish and contemporary. This style offers a very sophisticated, yet chic look to men with wheatish or dark complexion.

3. Barely-There-Beard Styles For Men

This beard style for men will make every woman go wild. If you have a symmetrical or an oval face, this beard is just perfect for you. Not over the top. Not too light. Trim a little if the beard over grows. But it is one of the best beard styles for casual and formal events or parties. And as a groom, you will look absolutely dashing and charming in the pictures. Don’t forget to flash that billion dollar smile.

New beards style 2016

4. The Chin Curtain

This mens beard style is more like the short boxed beard style. Keep the moustache or the goatee, this style demands maintenance. If you want, you can make it appear thicker by growing your beard, and trimming properly. If you have a lean face, and aren’t too chubby, this beard style makes your jaw line look sharper. If you can carry it with confidence and grace, the chin curtain style is the way to go.

5. The Stubble: Beard Styles For Men

This is one of the hottest beard styles for men and will never go out of fashion. It is all about keeping your beard short and trimming it daily to keep it clean. Over trimming or under trimming the beard can absolutely mess up the perfect look. Hence, professional help is much needed on your big day. And if you have the attitude and the charm to carry it off, there’s no way you won’t look hotter than the hottest dudes around you.

6. French Style Moustache And Beard

The different french beard styles for men makes every man with a chiselled face look absolutely charming. But one must take care and maintain to get that perfect fresh and clean look. As a groom, if you want a beard, but not a fully or partially grown beard, then this one is a good option. But if you are on a chubbier side, skip this style of beard.

Short beard style 2016

7. The Rajputana

Every Indian man’s pride, this mens beard style will not only make you look like royalty, but will also make you feel like a king. A fully grown beard that has been properly trimmed and a full moustache to twirl on the sides complete the look. You will have to start working on this look at least a month or two before your big day, depending upon how quickly your facial hair grows. And to make sure you can rock this look, grow it once and ask somebody to take your pictures. Pictures never lie.
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