Short beard. Trending Beard Styles For Indians

Patience and maintenance are key to create a perfect and stylish beard. Let’s face it — big bushy and unkempt beards were cool for a while, but every trend slows down or dies to make way for another. Latest beard style 2016.

So bye, bye big bushy beards — Hello, new, stylish, funky whiskers and facial hair!

Every man from a celebrity on the red carpet to wannabe actors to to your next door neighbour to your dog — wants a stylish beard.

So we decided to help you chuck those Nana Patekar or Haider type beards and grow something sophisticated and big boyish. Here’s the list:

The 5-O is a short beard that usually grows in a week. It bestows a rough-hewn and edgy appearance.

Not just that, it also slims down the lower half of your face and highlights cheekbones (meaning: goodbye chubby cheeks).

It looks great on men with square and angular face shapes.

How-To: The 5-O is very easy to maintain. Allow the beard to grow on its own for the first two days. On the third day, trim the hair to a uniform length. For trimming the edges, lower the trimmer’s setting two notches to blend in the edges. Keep the neckline minimal. Why? Oh boy! Good shadow is dapper– shabby is not.

The Professional’s or CEO Beard

Clean beard styles

This beard is apt for most of the CEOs sitting in their corner offices shouting at people, getting work done while playing solitaire or Grand Theft Auto. It depicts a well-groomed, edgy and crisp element to your appearance.

The edges are defined and tighter. Face shape is important to consider while deciding hair growth. For example, if you have an oval face, choose wider growth because it adds weight to your cheeks. And you can easily hide a pointed with this style.

How-To: Let the beard grow for about a month. On the 31st day, trim halfway up to the cheeks and then softly match the beard’s hair with your mustache line (if you have one). Place a finger under your chin and trim all the hair beneath the finger.

Acid Test: When you look in the mirror at an eye level, you should see no hair on your neck.

Somebody was asking for a universal beard? A full beard is your answer, fella!

This beard takes some dedication to grow. It includes growing a beard, moustache and whiskers (and other types of facial hair such as ear hair if you are one crazy mammal) all together, which cover your cheeks, chin and neck and generally make you look like a caveman.

This beard can either be unkempt and well-groomed. This style pulls off both looks. Just grow your hair to as much as you like and trim as much as you want. You can choose to trim to create a particular cheek line shape — natural, low or defined.

It is a combo of moustache, soul patch and goatee, something close to what the Three Musketeers sported. But all three are disconnected. This particular style is difficult to grow and high maintenance, but is very stylish and swashbuckling.

Men shaving style

The moustache has to be kept thin and only a little larger than the width of mouth. Only a long thin stroke of beard is maintained along the chin which is wider at the center when compared to the outer edges. Hair along the cheekbones and neckline should be trimmed regularly.

Perfecting this style is a matter of practice and time. It works best on long and square shaped faces because it balances the lower and upper portions of the face nicely.

This style has hair playing only around the chin and jawline. No moustache required! The style has been in existence since Abe Lincoln’s time but caught on during the mid 70s. The beard imparts a stylish and refined look.

Allow your beard to grow for three to four weeks. When it’s all grown up, start from lower jawline and trim all the hair below it. Remove all the patchy hair from the cheeks and come down as 2- 3 cm and leave only a uniform thick stripe running from ear to ear.

The Chin Curtain beard conceals the areas around the chin and hence is best suited for diamond and oval shaped faces. You got nothing to hide with this beard on.

If it is too high maintenance for you, go for a chin strap style. A chin strap is only a thin strip along the lower jaw line running from ear to ear. It’s a more refined version of chin curtain.

The origin of goatee style beard traces back to ancient Greece where the God Pan was depicted with the goat whiskers. Today this style is considered “cool and easy” by most men.

The style slims down the facial features by narrowing down the jaw and is best worn by round and triangular shaped faces.

Mustache styles with beard

How-To: Grow a beard for as many days as you feel like. Shave most of the hair on your chin and create a shape similar to the one in the picture above. Place a finger below your chin and shave all the hair below it. Do not allow moustaches to be wider than your mouth. Make sharp and defined vertical edges below your lips.

This is a variant of the chin curtain and goatee beard styles. The short boxed is an edgy and robust style and is perfect for folks with a pointy chin. It highlights the cheekbones and draws attention with its striking jaw lines. It is best worn by heart shaped and angular shaped faces.

How-To: Grow a nice beard and trim the hair below the lower jawline. Starting from the outer edges of cheeks, shave off the area down to 2-3 mm from jaw line. For the area below the lower lip create sharp defined vertical edges that meet and blend in nicely with the chin curtain.

Choosing a beard style depends on your facial structure, dedication, lifestyle and grooming habits. A beard makes a solid expression of the man you are and reflects a high degree of discipline when properly maintained.

So go on, experiment with your whiskers and flaunt them!

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