Men's short hair and beard styles. 11 Stylish Beard And Facial Hair Options For Men Because Everyone's A Pogonophile These Days

These days it seems like nearly everyone knows a pogonophile. Even if you're not a beard lover, it's hard to deny how creative and stylish beards for men have become in the past few years. Whether we have hipsters, alt culture, or general male swagger to thank for this decade's beard resurgence, one thing's for sure: If you can grow a beard, there are plenty or reasons to enjoy the #noshavelife. Latest beard style 2016.

But, my friends, be wary. This is not the time to simply allow your extended stubble to dangle aimlessly. Nay, I say, today is the day for trimming, training, and sculpting! With Yuccie culture on the rise, keeping a beard means you'll have to do so with swagger. Only then will you realize your stylishly bearded dreams.

Guys, if you relish the idea of no longer chasing away your five o'clock shadow, or are ready to trim your existing facial hair into something new and glorious, but need a little inspiration, you've come to the right place. I've compiled a fairly hefty list of facial hair options (including a few beardless styles, for those of you who can't muster a beard, or simply don't want to), all for your planning pleasure.

And ladies, if you're fostering a secret case of beard love, don't worry; this is a safe place. Just keep in mind, showing these sweet styles to your partner may just result in a future full of their facial hair, because whether or not beards are still in fashion, they're bound to want to try one or two of 'em out.

1. Sweet Fade

For some men, the interim between beard and bare can be a tricky time. Spice up your stubble with a sweet fade.

2. Short Boxed Beard

Tightly trimmed and all sorts of suave, this beard is kind of a heart breaker. For gents who have to stay coiffed for their professional lives, but don't want to give up the beard, a short boxed beard is the perfect compromise.

3. The Full Beard

Not only is this a really respectable full beard, it's so sharp and cleanly cut, I'm personally in awe. If you're going to adopt a full beard, get to know your razor and trimmer or build a solid bond with your barber so that your beard game stays on point.

Men's hair beard styles

4. The Bandholz

When a full beard simply isn't enough, and you want to prove your facial hair prowess, the Bandholz is an excellent choice. Characterized by luscious length and fully flared mustache whiskers, Bandholz beards took hipster culture by storm, but their roots run much deeper. The Bandholz is a bold, courageous way to wear your facial hair.

And, check out this Bandholz (right) and Full Beard (left) combo.

5. The French Fork

Looking for a unique expression of your manliness? Try a French Fork. It takes styling prowess and a whole lot of beard growing dedication.

6. The Garibaldi

Hailing back to a time when men wore their facial hair in a bit more of a rugged fashion, the Garibaldi is right on the edge of being considered a natural beard. The style still incorporates trimming, however, especially in the upkeep of the mustache area, and the beard proper isn't meant to exceed 20 centimeters in length.

7. Ducktail Beard

Pointed and proud, wearers of the Ducktail display a classic sense of style and grooming when it comes to their beards. This beard pairs well with formalwear, as long as it's well trimmed and meticulously maintained.

8. The Handlebar

Whether paired with a beard, or kept as a stand alone, the handlebar mustache is a classic facial hair pattern that adds all sorts of attitude to your style.

Goatee styles

9. The Verdi

Technically speaking, the Verdi is a bit different than a simple Handlebar 'stache paired with a beard, although they look quite similar. The Verdi wearer maintains a close, albeit full beard, which doesn't extend far below the neck line.

10. Imperial

A little bit pomp and circumstance, the Imperial is both playful and poised, combining the style of the Handlebar with the subtlety of a traditional Goatee or Soul Patch.

11. Pro Styles


Of course, images of these competitors have flooded the Internet for years. But how can I cover superb beard style without making mention of them?


Look at that styling prowess!

Trendy beard styles 2016

Johannes Simon/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I'm not sure what wax or pomade these gentleman are using, but it clearly boasts some impressive holding power.

For further styles, check out this list of beards.

Oh, and if you're going to embark on a bearded adventure, please, for the sake of your face and those who like to snuggle with it, practice good beard hygiene. For every dedicated beard lover in the world, there's an equally passionate beard hater (usually because they've experienced the trauma of having to endure proximity to an unclean and unkempt patch of facial hair). Don't give beards a bad name, keep your styling suave, bushy, or imaginative, and you'll be on your way to facial hair glory.
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