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You can never become a real man without experimenting different types of beard styles. We all know that different men have different facial shapes hence the emergence of different types of beard styles. Fashion and designers have been working around the clock to ensure that every year men can enjoy the modern trends of beard styles. Latest beard style 2016.

The Elegantly Wasted

This is one of the latest beard styles that has attracted not only several celebrities but also many other men around the world. Never be fooled by the name, since it may sound ironical. This style involves keeping your beard short, at the same length all around your face, trimming it depending on the shape of your face. Actually, it fits different types of facial shapes skin tones. Women have confessed that they like men who keep their beards according to this style. Recently, several Hollywood celebrities were seen with this type of beard style, making it one of the most adopted styles of the year.

Why would any man choose elegantly wasted? First, it is cheap to maintain and you do not need to seek any beard expert to help you maintain it since you do home-based maintenance. You can use a beard trimmer or an electric razor such as the Philips Norelco 1280XCC SensoTouch 3D, that comes with many features that will ease your maintenance routine. Secondly, it is associated with celebrities. This has made many men adopt this beard style, just to match the celebrity standards.

Cool and Carved

Many people like cool and carved due to its simplicity in maintenance as well as its look, popular among modern men. It works perfectly with mid-length, shorter hairstyles and even packs maximum impact. Through the beard style, you will get that great style which will not only make you look amazing but also take you to a celebrity status. This beard style recently received positive reviews by men especially on how it matches perfectly with different types of faces.

What attracts people to this beard style? First, it is simple to maintain since you only need regular trimming of 1 -2 times per week using a straight razor or an electric razor. This will make it look much more attractive, at the same time enhancing your general look.

Beard styal

Buddy Christ Style

This allows you to trim your beard depending on the shape of your mouth and chin. Whether you have a slimmer mouth or chin, this 2013 beard style perfectly matches your standards. The beard style is mostly common among soccer and football superstars. This has also influenced the fans of these stars to shave their beards according to the Buddy Christ style. This beard style is simple to maintain since it only needs a shampoo to keep it clean; while applying any natural oil which will make it smooth, at the same time giving you that “buddy look” or just a superstar look. It does not need regular trimming when compared to other styles.

There are several types of facial shapes and each one of them matches to a number of facial hairstyles, but usually there’s a perfect match for any face.

1. Oblong face: This needs a facial hairstyle that matches facial oblong-ness to give you an attractive look such as “Van Dyke” beard styles.

2. Rectangle face: You have to match your rectangular face to a facial hairstyle that matches at a right angle like “The Zappa” or “Sparrow” styles. This will definitely make you look attractive.

Cool mens facial hair styles

3. Round face: This matches numerous hairstyles whether “Chin Puff”, “Soul Patch” or any other. All will make you look amazing.

4. Oval face: This is the perfect face to have since it fits most of the beard styles. Whatever you try, be it “Old Dutch” or any other beard style will look great.

5. Square face: This is also another perfect facial shape for several types of beards. Avoid full beards with square face. This will solve your square-ness.

6.Diamond face: Diamond face matches several beard styles, provided you avoid the long hair.

Top ten beard styles

In conclusion, for a man to look attractive he must be cautious on the beard styles. The above information will definitely help you achieve that perfect look.
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