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I bet you didn’t know that there are some classic facial hair styles that seem to always been in fashion, and I’m not just talking about the standard beard and moustache. Now that you have joined the other men who appreciate the art of shaving, maybe you want to start branching out and trying some of these classic and timeless styles. Here are some of the top styles of facial hair that never seem to lose their popularity. Best facial hair styles.

Top Facial Hair Styles You Might Want to Try

Short Beard

Sometimes referred to as “scruff” this short, well trimmed beard is masculine and sexy. It gives your appearance a slight edge, while still being presentable. A short, thinner beard is also the perfect way to hide an occasional breakout, and can make pointed chins appear softer.

Handle Bar Moustache

We’re not sure if this fun and masculine facial hair style ever completely went out of fashion, and there is no denying that is definitely making a comeback. Whether you frequently wear a suit or dress more casually, this fun and exaggerated moustache will certainly get you plenty of positive attention.


There are so many different ways you can wear a goatee, and it is e xtremely easy to keep it neat and trimmed with a safety razor. Whether you like a small patch or one that covers your entire chine, a goatee is masculine and the perfect way to have a little facial hair without going for a full beard. You can also choose to wear a moustache with your goatee, or keep your upper lip clean shaven.

New men's facial hair styles

Chin Patch

This is the perfect style for younger guys who want to look respectable and clean shaven, but still retain a little personality. Easy to keep neat and trimmed, there are also several other ways you can style your chin patch. Add a thin or thick strap of hair along your jaw line for a different look, and it is also an excellent way to hide embarrassing pimples.

Soul Patch

Do you remember when soul patches were popular? Well this fun and sexy style is back, and women love how men look with just a little bit of facial hair. Whether you choose to keep a little scruff or go clean shaven, you will love the attention you get with a small, neatly trimmed soul patch.

The Balbo

This sexy facial hair style combines the best aspects of the popular trends, into one that is extremely easy to maintain. The slight scruff on the cheeks gives you a sexy, masculine appearance, while also helping the chin and upper lip to stand out. Perfect for any busy man and easy to keep neat and trim, this might be one of the best facial hair styles that never seems to go out of fashion.

Mens latest beard style

These are only a few of the facial hair styles that never seem to go out of style. We encourage you to share this page with family and friends, and for more information on how to achieve this classic facial hair styles please visit the supplied link below.
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