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Beard styles have been in and out with new styles like the hip-hop, Van Dyke, and Soul Patch becoming some of the popular beard styles. Men from various communities have brought diversity to the beard styles and professionals are no exception. Professional beard styles.

Men are flaunting amazing facial hairstyles that are stand out ones within a professional environment. These styles have demonstrated that you can look attractive and sexy even in office, sporting some of the best professional beard styles.

If you want to style your beard in a professional way, never ever go for the long beard styles, instead, it would be better to opt for the medium or shorter versions. Short beard styles can make you look professional yet masculine if the facial hair is well trimmed. Bearded men are considered to be experienced and self-confident, and that is why the professional beard styles can help you earn benefits from your boss.

We have compiled 15 beard styles that look thoroughly professional and the right ones for an office environment.

The Van Dyke Business Beard Style

You will need thick facial hair to sport the Van Dyke beard style which will not only help you to hide your short chin but also to make your face look oblong.

Goatee Professional Beard Style

The professional goatee style is a popular style which can be matched with a professional environment. This goatee style resembles a combination of a very thin chinstrap and a circle beard, which is trimmed neatly.

French Beard Style for CEO’s

This is a David Beckham French beard style, ideal for CEO’s, which can look awesome with short hairstyles. Easy to maintain, this professional beard style provides a classic example.

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The Businessmen Soul Patch Beard Style

The chin can look awe inspiring when styled with a soul patch. This is a popular professional goatee style for men with round face. This style is like the chin puff,where the hair under the lips goes below the line of the chin.

The Full Closure Business Beard Style

The entire face is covered by the facial hair and trimmed to perfection to give a professional look. The mustache and the sideburns join the beard and the short hair style complements well.

Petit Goatee Beard Style

This is a professional goatee style and the shorter variation of the standard goatee. The thickness of the facial hair is less and the edges are trimmed neat and short. Skilled grooming is required to flaunt a professional Petit Goatee like this.

The Professional Beard with Tuxedo Style

The thin stubble makes this beard style look more professional and very stylish. A gentleman’s beard style truly for the office environment.

The Iconic Beard Style

The Iconic beard style is for those having bushy facial hair, where the hair is neatly clipped and matches with the haircut which is brushed back. This is one of the modern beard styles for professional men, which can match any shape of the face.

Short and Trimmed Beard Style

This is one of the popular and simple beard styles, where the facial hair is cut short and covers the chin, extending to the sideburns but disjointed with the mustache. The hairstyle which has the sides and back cut short perfectly matches the beard style.

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Managers Beard Style

This is a beard style for managers which gives a celeb look and the French beard style can never go out of fashion. It gives a look of confidence and true professionalism.

Dapper Look Stylish Professional Beard Style

The French beard style and a longer hair cut combines pretty well to make this dapper beard style look professional. Perfectly groomed style.

The Full Beard with Handlebar Mustache

Professionals who want to take a risk can flaunt this full beard with handlebar mustache style. Look at the grooming and the final touches with the clipper.

M edium Stubble Beard Style for Bosses

You will really look like a boss when sporting this medium stubble beard style. The medium length facial hair is trimmed nicely and joins the sideburns and the short hairstyle compliments well.

The Full Beard with Slicked Hair

The full beard is blonde and covers the face, chin and the sideburns. The slicked back hairstyle adds to the professional look. Regular maintenance is required.

Professional Beard Style for Angular Face

Men with an angular face and a prominent jaw line can find this beard style a professional one. A pomp hairstyle could definitely give you a lift.

Man dadhi style

To get a professional look you should always go for the shorter or fuller beard styles matched with shorter hairstyles. Properly trimmed beard styles can look great on any face shape.
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