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Trending Handsome Beard Grooming Styles Facial hair styles 2016.

For a man who wants to look handsome, growing facial way is one of the best ways to achieve good looks. However, you still need to have decent beard grooming skills to achieve good looks. Once you learn decent beard grooming skills, it is one of the best ways to achieve good looks for your face. Why is it one of the best? Well, you can easily change your looks without having to spend a lot of money. Catchy accessories and fashionable clothes may cost you lots of money, but changing your beard style doesn’t have to. Beards are still a major trend among guys and they only get better as time goes on. Plus, women find men with beards attractive!

Choosing the ideal beard grooming style differs from one guy to the other. Making the best choice is primarily based on two main factors: the length of facial hair and the shape of the face. For you to enhance your elegance and improve your looks, it’s imperative to check on the latest beard styles that come up every year. That being said, here are some of the most common trending beard grooming styles:

Beard shape ups styles

The Stubble Beard

This is arguably one of the most popular beard styles presented so far this year. If you want to grow your beard and achieve a new look without waiting for long, then is the style to settle for. The stubble beard style is an excellent choice for men who are lazy or have busy schedules and cannot afford to waste to much time on their facial hair. While this style cannot be classed as an actual beard as it refers to short hairs that grow on the face, it is perfect for people who don’t like the full beard styles. To achieve this style, all you need to do is stop shaving your facial hair for at least two days.

The Business Beard

Also referred to as the office beard, the business beard is the perfect style for businessmen who are looking for a style that suits their workplace, without too much maintenance as they obviously don’t have enough time. What really makes this beard style attractive is the fact that it it short and it’s a bit longer than the stubble one. If you are a businessman and want to improve your looks with facial hair, then this is the style for you.

Different beard trimming styles

Beard With Man Bun And Top Knot

You will come across various hairstyles that need long hair like the top knot hairstyle, the ponytail hairstyle and man bun hairstyle. All these hairstyles are ideally worn by ladies which makes it rather hard for men to wear them. Wearing such long hairstyles tend to give a feminine look to men, but who said there is no way to overcome it? If you wish to wear one of the long hairstyles popular with women, then growing your beard is a necessity and pairing the long hairstyle with a beard of any style will give you a great look and still remain masculine.

There are other various beard styles popular this year such as the thick beard, full beard, beard with medium hair and much more. All these can quickly change your looks and make you even more handsome. Most ladies find men with beards catchier, so why not up your game with these trending beard styles?

Goatee cuts

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