Different mens beard styles. The Anchor Beard Style: How to Shave, Guide, Examples, and More!

Creating the anchor beard takes some effort and expertise, but it’s time well-spent. After all, it’s a distinguished beard style that will set you apart from other bearded gents without being ostentatious. Dadi style.

The anchor gets its name from the fact that it looks like the nautical ship equipment. It consists of a chin strap beard, a pencil mustache, and a soul patch that extends to the chin. No, that doesn’t sound overly complicated, but the trick is to keep each part as well-groomed as possible. The result is a great blend of styles that looks neat and clean.

What the Anchor Beard Says About You

An anchor beard says that you love a variety of beard styles but aren’t necessarily content with wearing just one particular, standard style. You have confidence, you’re daring, and you take joy in how your facial hair looks. You love the sharp, trimmed lines of the anchor beard and you don’t mind taking the time to keep them that way. While this style has nautical connotations, it’s probably not as popular with the rank and file sailor.w

What Face Shape Best Fits the Anchor Beard?

The anchor beard suits beardsmen who have rounded, oblong, or square faces. It’s not a style that works with every face shape, however.

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How to Shave the Anchor Beard

Your first step in the anchor beard process is to give yourself an even trim with a full-size, quality beard trimmer. Use a longer setting to trim the beard hairs around your mouth and on your chin. You’ll need to keep your checks and neck cleanly-shaven.

Next, trim the area where your neck meets your chin to create a clean border. Then, still using your trimmer, draw the border of your goatee at three inches from either side of your chin. Once you’ve done that, define the upper edges of your goatee and shape the whiskers between your bottom lip and chin into a rectangular shape.

The next step is to define your beard style. You can do this by shaving the whiskers from the corner of your lips down to your chin hairs – without touching the hairs that run from the center of your lip to the chin. Finally, use your trimmer to shape your goatee into a rounded point.

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It’s your call on your mustache, i.e., whether you want to curl and wax its edges upward. In any case, the mustache should extend just beyond the corners of your mouth, and use your trimmer to create a part in the middle.

Maintaining the anchor beard style requires regular trimming, cutting, and shaping so that you don’t lose the “look.” But if you don’t mind a little extra work, you’ll be pleased with how you look in an anchor beard.

What Famous People Wear the Anchor Beard?

Actor Hugh Jackman has donned the anchor beard, as has fellow thespian Robert Downey Jr.

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