Short beard styles. Prestige Barbers NYC, What Is Your "Optimal" Beard Style?

Not many men know that they can’t just pick a beard. In fact, there is a science behind picking a beard style, much like picking a men's hairstyle. Which beard style will you look best boasting? Read on to find out how your facial hair should measure up based on your facial features! Shaving style 2016.

Your Beard Style If You Have a Round Face…

If you have a round face, your cheeks are the same width as your forehead and jaw. Make sure you grow your facial hair longer on the bottom and keep it shorter on the sides. Celebrities like Jack Black, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Zac Efron all have fuller faces so take a cue from the way they are wearing their facial hair these days.

If You Have a Square Face…

If you have a square face, your cheeks, jaw, and forehead are the same width, but your jawline is strong and you have angular features. Make sure your hair is fuller on your chin and shorter on the sides. Some celebrities that also have a square face shape are Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Channing Tatum so be sure to view how they are currently wearing theirs.

Different beard trimming styles

If You Have an Oblong Face...

If you have an oblong face (also called rectangular), your face is longer than it is wide. Make sure your hair is fuller on the sides with a shorter bottom. Celebrities like Ben Affleck, Brody Jenner, and George Clooney can all teach us a thing or two because when they rock beards, they always adhere to this rule for their long faces.

If You Have an Oval Face…

If you have an oval face, the length and width of your face are proportionate. Lucky for you, any kind of beard style you sport will look complimentary on your face! Johnny Depp and Will Smith are among some of the male celebrities that are able to pull off any kind of facial hair with ease! Be sure to check out what they are doing with theirs today.

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Regardless of your facial shape, the one key thing to keep in your back pocket is that your beard style should always work with whatever kind of jaw you have to achieve a gradual, oval shape. If your jaw is square shaped or round, you should grow a fuller beard on the bottom to help lengthen your face. If your face is oblong shaped or rectangular, be sure to have more hair on the sides of your face to avoid adding more length beneath your chin.

Hopefully, you are currently boasting the right beard style. If not, ask your barber at Prestige Barbershop NYC to help create one of these complimentary styles for you today!

Different kinds of beard styles
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