Top 5 beard styles. Short Beard Styles that Practically Every Man can Gro

Not every guy who sports a short beard signifies his inability to grow a long and thick one. More often than not, he enjoys a little bit of facial coverage, but not the amount of maintenance required by a full facial beard. Short beard styles 2016.

Short beards are as attractive and masculine as full beards. With the right kind of beard style and the right facial shape, short beards can be the best decision you will ever make when it comes to your looks. There are a lot of short beard styles that you can choose to wear, depending on your facial hair growth and facial hair texture. Here are some great-looking short beard style inspirations that you can wear with no hassle.

Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 1

It’s short as short can get, but it’s also not a flimsy kind of beard. If anything, it provides just enough coverage on just the right places. You can get this kind of beard, or short stubble, just by not shaving for an entire week or so. It’s a short and thick beard, that’s also high on style and low on upkeep. If you’re just starting to grow a beard, this can be a beard that you can wear to see how comfortable you’ll be wearing one. Start short and stylish, and then you can make your way to the fuller and longer kinds.

Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 2

If you’re not blessed with a lot of facial hair, don’t fret. Short beard styles such as this allows you to wear facial hair no matter how sparse. It doesn’t look awkward, or trying too hard, or unnatural. It looks like it’s supposed to look this short and sparse. It’s just the kind of short beard that looks sexy and seductive without even trying. Some women find this type of short beard really attractive. However, the downside is that because of its short length, it can feel scratchy and itchy. But what’s a little itch if you have such a seductive-looking beard like this?

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Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 3

When you have just the right amount of hair to get a good beard going, you should definitely get this short beard hairstyle. It’s thicker and longer than a stubble, but it’s not as thick and long as a full beard. You can still enjoy the ease of wearing a beard without too much hassle of maintaining one. And since this a beard is a little longer than a stubble, you can rest easy that it won’t prick, itch, or scratch as much as a short stubble. Get started on a beard care regimen as early as possible. This will help keep your beard soft and smooth the longer and thicker it grows.

Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 4

Not all guys will have the exact same kind of beard or beard pattern. You can have a beard that even when short can pretty much cover the entire jawline area. You can also get a full-length beard that will still look thin and sparse despite its length. Either way, you have to work with what facial hair you’ve been blessed with and choose a beard style that will enhance its appearance. You can grow your hair long and shaggy to create the illusion of more hair, or you can get a fuller mustache (plus soul patch) to nicely balance out the look. Or you can just be a little more patient until you get the thickness that you desire.

Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 5

This is a short beard style that looks great with any kind of hairstyle, but more so with a buzz haircut. Any kind of beard actually looks great with a buzz haircut, but because there’s a specific length and a certain look that you’re trying to achieve, it’s best to go for uniformity for a good balance.

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It looks clean and well-groomed, and doesn’t give you the full lumberjack or mountain man look. It’s the perfect short beard style for the office or the classroom, and will definitely support you in your goal to look sexier and more masculine.

Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 6

It’s another short beard style that will appeal to guys who dig hipster fashion. It’s not the long and scraggly hipster beard that’s all the rage nowadays, but a short and well-groomed gentleman’s beard that both men and women will appreciate, no matter how much you don’t like beards. If you enjoy a fairly healthy facial hair growth, you too can achieve this nice and thick beard style. You can truly get a more attractive and mature look just by wearing your beard this way. Make sure that you apply beard oil and beard balm regularly to keep it looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Short Beard Styles Inspiration # 7

This is the perfect kind of short beard style that’s just the right amount of thick and the right kind of long. It looks soft and full, and not itchy or scraggly at all. Men and women will definitely approve. It’s the kind of beard style that will look flattering on most face shapes and most facial hair textures. It can go with long hair, medium length hair, or even no hair. If you want a short beard style with the most impact, we highly recommend this for the manliest of men. It’s the beard that you can wear anytime and anywhere, and can make you look stylish and sexy no matter what you’re wearing. Yes, even without wearing anything!

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Almost every guy can wear a beard, but not everyone can truly look great wearing it. The key is to find a beard style that best suits your face, your lifestyle, and your commitment to maintaining it. Regular trimming is key to keep its natural and nice shape. Do it once a week, or every other week, depending on the hair situation. Keep it soft, smooth, and most importantly, clean. Soon you can wear and care for a beard like real boss!
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