Hair beard styles 2016. The Right Beard Styles for Round Face Shape,

Beards have been highly popular among decent and professional men since the past year. There is no question that women around the world are naturally inclined to men with beards. But is extremely important to wear the right beard style that goes with your facial structure. Below are some of the best beard styles for round faces. Take a look! Short beard styles 2016.

The sexy hipster

Big beards are one of the best options for men with round faces. Heavy beard compliments the natural bulkiness of the face and makes your personality attractive and smart.

Long and groomed beard

If you are looking for an appealing, strong look – go for long beards. The only thing to take care about long beards is that you should regularly get it trimmed and keep it groomed.

Short and groomed beard with long moustache

This is one of the best short beard styles of all time. Long and fine moustache make a perfect duo with short beard. Just make sure you regularly trim your beard and keep it groomed.

Types of men's facial hair

Classic Leonardo DiCaprio beard

Last year Leonardo DiCaprio came up with this amazing short and groomed beard style that literally sweep cleaned all other beard styles. The Classic Leonardo DiCaprio beard style has never been out fashion ever since. A perfect beard style for men with round faces!

Groomed and short

Handsome and sensitive; this is a beautiful beard style that shows off the sensitive side of a man. Men with round faces can truly pull off this adorable look with light shaded hair and a short beard.

Rough and short beard

Even with rough beard styles, you need to make sure that you keep your beard neat. This is a stylish beard style that goes amazingly well with Mohawk hairstyles. The best part about this style is that it is very low-maintenance.

Dadhi style

Big, A-line beard

This is a unique beard style for men with naturally heavy hair. For this style, you need to grow your beard as close as you can with your facial hair line and at the same time keep the beard groomed and neat.

Short and heavy beard

This is a short but heavy beard style that shows off pure sassiness and style among men with round faces. Heavy and long moustache goes great with this one.

Long and groomed

If you have naturally wavy hair and a round face, this might be the perfect beard style for you. You will only need to make sure that your beard is always groomed. Pro-tip: Use a little styling gel on your beard whenever you go out.

Long hair and beard styles

Long shave

One of the sexiest and an all-time favorite beard style is a simple long shave. Even though the long shave suits all face types, it looks exceptionally attractive on round faces. It creates the super sexy and smug effect, which is enough for any woman to uncontrollably fall in love with the man wearing it.
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