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Short beard styles are the new looks circulating the fashion magazines of 2016. A variety of simple yet sophisticated beard styles have become the center of gossip in many magazines and trend watch shows recently, with short beard styles for men being the highlight of many. With the changing trends, every one of you must also be on the watch for the new and the best styles to adopt, of course. We know the winds have changed and it’s time your style game does too! That is why we have compiled this fresh lineup comprising the 12 most eye pleasing beard styles, which have the potential to be your next dashing look, this year! Short beard styles 2016.

Short Beard Styles For Men

This style has become hot among many TV shows and movies, where actors here and actors there have chosen to appear on screen carrying this look. Defying the usual gradient look that most beards of the past had in common, this look embraces an entirely different approach to achieving the short beard styles. Neckline; shaved, cheeks; sharply sculpted, and a mustache paired with a precisely cut goatee that leaves a soul patch and some hair beneath the chin, this style is all-rounder! The lank of hair on the sides brings out the masculinity of the jawline and makes this look, the charmer, for women.

Who better than Jake Gyllenhaal to take facial hairstyle lessons from? The star has proven his versatility in beard styles having pulled off a number of looks from full beards to short ones, with elegance. Recently he has chosen to support the fuzzy look, and we can’t express how very becoming it looks on him. The carefree short beard gives off a very cheerful and effortless vibe that can really bring out your inner person into the open. If you are having second thoughts about how to trim a beard, this look is your savior as it requires the minimum most maintenance with only slight general trimmings, now and then. Read short beard styles round face by clicking best beard styles for round face .

This look is one of the most drop dead gorgeous styles, featuring a short beard. Short beard grooming to suit your personality is not easy, but those men that have mastered this style deserve a round of applause. A little difficult to create, the look does require some time investment and effort to maintain. What sets this look apart are the highs and lows which give your face contours. It has thick sideburns, a dense center in the middle of the mustache and a thick soul patch. This with the shallow trimmed beard gives your face a really stylish dimension. Find few best beard styles for teenagers.

Gaining popularity from Hugh Jackman, the wolverine star has made yet another signature look for the world to envy. After his signature mutton chops, the star has been spotted carrying this elegant style. Needless to say, we are quite the fan. The look may not suit every face shape, but when it does, it is sure to do wonders for your personality. The style, combining thick sideburns with a standard stubble look, gives the impression of an overall decreased length. All those people dreaming of a shorter face, this is your go ahead!

Different beard hair types

This look has been the most common look among the actors of the younger and old year’s alike, both on TV and the silver screen. From Zayn Malik to Ian Somerhalder, the beard style doesn’t fail to turn heads. Seemingly, it is an all face shape contender and one of the easier short beard styles. Round face, square, oval or any other face cut appears to go well with this subtle yet elegant look. Try it out! It may be a bit tiring to maintain, but if you get the knack of it, the beard style has the potential to last. short beard styles neckline.

The ladies love themselves a masculine beard style and a chin curtain has been the hot favorite this year. Drawing eyes for its unique texture and cut, the long chin curtain aims to have a tapering beard, with extremely thin sideburns. The beard is connected to an extended soul patch and the long mustache also serves to add texture to the overall beard style. More suited for the round face, this look can give your personality an 180-degree twist. You can be a completely different person, no one would even realize what hit them!

This beard style aims to combine the curly, coarse look of your natural facial hair with a short beard cut. As the state of your hair becomes important, the style is more suited for men who have thick facial here. Also being one of the in demand, short beard styles for black men, this look serves to satisfy many aspects. The style incorporates a moderately grown beard with an unbrushed curly look and a long mustache with a hint of curl at the end. A real head turner, if done right!

On the rise among this year’s trend roundup, the patchy goatee has had its fair share of the limelight. The football hunk, David Beckham has made this look his style, and with this star fame, the style has made it to the very top of beard style charts all around the world. If your beard grows in patches, as it most commonly does in our younger years, it can be an added advantage. The look involves a patchy grown beard on the cheeks with a chin that is mostly shaved clean and a very slim soul patch that extends to the beard. A short mustache goes with this look to complete its score in elegance.

Long hair and beard styles

Also one of the many facial hairstyles that the master beard craftsman, Jake Gyllenhaal has chosen to portray, this look adds modernism to the standard short beard. The beard is thicker in the chin area and extends upwards to gently taper off into the sideburns. It also includes a thick linked soul patch and a long, sharply cut mustache that joins the beard at the sides. This look is one of the select few short beard styles for round face that completely transform the basic structure of the face.

This look has long been one of the evergreen facial hairstyles and as expected has made it to the 2016 fashion roundup as well. Big names of Bollywood like Abhishek Bachchan have taken to the red carpet with this look and needless to say, rocked it. Comprising of a goatee, thick with hair than the average short hair, beard styles and a thick soul patch barely connected with the beard, the style is one of the best examples of elegance. However, the mustache and the rest of the beard remain a standard style.

Style and age should go hand in hand, this is why the thinner goatee attempts to target the younger generation. A short, extremely thin goatee is paired with an equally thin soul patch that is barely linked to the underlying hair, with sharp lined cheek hair and sideburns. The look is bound to astonish and if you pull it off with confidence, it can become an eye candy to the spectators.

A sophisticated facial hairstyle, this look is not for the faint of heart. It may be a bit off the grid for you, but if you manage to tame it, this style can completely change your outlook. Favoring the more ‘gangsta’ personalities, this short beard style for men can be your opted look if you have the courage to try it out! The red carpet favorite, Brad Pitt, has often chosen this look to settle himself into a role on a number of occasions in his acting career. One thing is for sure, if it fits, it really hits!

New shaving style for man

All in all, this concludes our list of the top 12 simple yet elegant, short beard styles for men. Evidently, the past trends have seen a shift. Some are completely replaced, whereas others have had alterations to make them look trendier. Needless to say, these fashion changes are bound to rotate and keep on changing, but until then the latest short beard styles have been laid down in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your scissors and your razors, and carve out the trendiest facial hairstyle, that you like!

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