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Well you can’t win them all they say! You’ve been thrown the vertically challenged card in world where everybody one wants to be 6 feet or taller … boo hoo what can you do! Maybe in the future you’ll be able to get a leg extensions but those times still aren’t here, what can you do? Accept what genetics your parents blessed you with and be-aware of a few tactics to help you stand tall in your short frame body. Short beard styles 2016.

One easy tip is to plan ahead, if you have an event in three weeks DON’T leave it to a day before the event to look for clothes. I would often do this in my younger years, leave shopping to the last minute. I would show up to events in clothes not built for my frame, shirts that we’re built for 6"5 men with tree trunk arms that were trying to fit my short skinny arms “trust me this doesn’t look good”. Take the time to plan your outfit, and if the outfit doesn’t fit as planned you still have lots of time to take it to your local tailor to fix it up.

1. Stay Away from Wearing Baggy Clothes

It does not mean that baggy clothes will look good only on taller people rather the reality is that baggy clothes make you look pretty careless, sloppy and sluggish. It really does not belong to your body. If shorter men are wearing baggy clothes, viewers will automatically get to focus their shorter frame in their baggy clothes and you really don’t want that to happen. Rather you need to dress yourself wisely and need to ensure that you’re wearing clothes that can fit you well. For this purpose, you need to focus on your clothes’ designs and cuts carefully.

2. Avoid Pleats and Cuffs

Shorter men should be focusing on getting long and lean lines instead of getting pleats and cuffs which can make them look even shorter.

Beard face shape

3. Avoid Off the Shelf

As you’re trying your best to look taller and slimmer, it’s not a good idea to go for readymade clothing. For this purpose, you need to get your clothes custom made by an expert tailor, who knows your size and design your clothes accordingly. For instance, you can let him make your sport coats, suits and jackets that can fit you well. It can take some time but it’s gonna be worth waiting for shorter men.

4. Avoid Focusing only on Dark or Light Colors

You need to mix and match the colors as shorter men have to depict their upper body in a better manner. For this purpose, you can get yourself darker colors for your bottom and lighter colors for your upper body wear. It won’t only make your upper body more visible but you will also have the opportunity to experiment with different colors and combinations.

5. Avoid Horizontal or Broad Patterns

For shorter men, vertical patterns such as vertical stripes would be perfect to make them look taller rather than going for horizontal or broad patterns which can make you look shorter.

Different long beard styles

6. Carrying Extra Weight

If you have a relatively short height, you should be extra careful about your body weight as a little extra weight can make you look extra fat in any dress. You have to maintain your body fat not only in terms of your waist size but also in terms of your height as shorter people look fat even after a little weight gain.

7. DON’T wear shoes with thick soles to look taller

A Thick sole is in fact a marketing gimmick for shorter people to think that they would look taller in them. However, the reality is that thick soles are out of fashion, so you need to make your choices carefully. For instance, you can use a little stylish heel to look taller but you should get an appropriate posture in these shoes. Similarly, you can also try different kinds of clothing combinations with your shoes to make your small stature a little bigger. For instance, if you’re wearing black jeans with skinny jeans, it will make you look better and a little taller than you actually are.

Wearing a narrow pointed shoe can help to elongate visually the length of your body, making a person appearing taller.

Beard with short mustache
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