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Learn about short beard styles for men

Have you ever seen a muscle dude sporting a short beard or goatee style that looks totally amazing, making you think – that’s wicked! Short beard styles 2016.

A lot of guys who work out like to keep some type of facial hair. I certainly do.

Let’s face it, short beards, including goatees, give off an edgy vibe. But here is the deal – that beard style you are eyeing didn’t happen through magic.

Chances are, the guy you saw wearing it did some advance work that you never knew about.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to create a short beard goatee style that others will notice. I’m also going to help you get that cool look without spending a fortune.

If you have some gray hairs coming in don’t worry about it. I’ve got you covered! Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Grow out your facial hair

Obviously, you are going to need to have facial hair before you can do anything else. There are plenty of articles on the Internet on how to grow facial hair fast. Most people who are looking to create an “instant beard” are hoping to have more than a five o’clock shadow after their last shave on Friday morning for a weekend date on Saturday.

I will give you the straight deal on this – it doesn’t work that way! If you want to grow a real beard and later shape it into a stylish goatee, the best thing you can do is leave your facial hair alone.

Modern men's beard styles

Everyone has different grow patterns and different rates of growth. How much your facial hair grows and at what speed will in large part depend on good old fashioned genetics. That might not be the answer you want to hear but it’s the truth.

Generally speaking, give yourself a minimum of 3-4 days of growth without shaving. This will give you more than “scruff” and will also create a basis to shape that beard into the goatee you want to show off.

Step 2: Look for patches

This step is straight forward. While you are growing your facial hair out, check yourself in the mirror from time to time and look for patches.

If you notice there are a few spots that are not growing in, don’t be alarmed. Most guys do not have a perfect growth pattern. To deal with this problem, see step #3.

Step 3: Get some coloring

If you notice patches, I am going to let you in on a secret that will help you blend in those patches in a way that looks natural. You need to get some beard coloring or get your hands on some mascara. Yep, you read that last part right – mascara.

Think you are too much of a man to use these kind of products? That’s fine but if you can get over this psychological hump, you can move about the business of creating the goatee you want.

FYI – if you think celebrities like Tim McGraw and Brad Pitt don’t take care of their patches or gray hairs, think again! Mega-watt stars have a vested interest in looking their best.

Short beard designs

Why shouldn’t you? You can buy beard coloring and/or mascara at most drug stores however, for muscle dudes that want to be discreet, you can also buy these products online from the privacy of your home. Generally speaking, beard coloring will last 3-4 days.

Beard coloring touch up products can be used for a “quick fix” when the dye starts to wear off (and it will!).

I personally recommend beard coloring products like Just for Men Beard Coloring. If you are looking for the quick fix-option as well, I recommend Black Beard Instant Brush On ( See Amazon for pricing)

4. Get a beard trimmer

You probably already knew you needed a razor but you are also going to need a good beard trimmer (clipper). Notice I did not say expensive trimmer.

There are lots of products out on the market however, there are only a few that I would recommend to readers. An excellent one to help you shape your goatee in the style you want is the Phillip’s Norelco QT400 Beard Trimmer ( See Amazon ).

I like this product because it is easy to operate, adjustable and battery operated (no chords to get in your way). The other nice thing about this trimmer is that it doesn’t have a bunch of pieces to mess around with.

There is a dummy-proof dial on the face of the trimmer that allows you to “dial” with your thumb the right number for your desired trim length. The Phillip’s Norelco trimmer is very guy friendly and easy to use.

New dadhi style

You can get a combo type, beard, nose and eye brow trimmer from Wahl that stores everything in one central place as a kit. See Amazon.

If you are like most dudes, you want something simple and not complicated.

5. Shape your Short Beard or Goatee

You have final reached step five – the point in which you will shape all of that facial hair into a Goatee.

I have included a video below that gives you the basics of how to easily accomplish your desired goal using the Phillip’s Norelco trimmer that I suggested before.

Make sure you have the coloring tools handy that I mentioned, just in case you need to fill in any patches. I hope you found the information shared here on hot to grow and shape a short beard or goatee useful!

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